Open Thread | The Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

If you are like me, you have been glued to the television, trying to follow the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. I do not think that this is going the way that Putin thought it would. I honestly believe that he thought that the Ukrainian Army would fold the same way that the Afghan Army did when we pulled out. No other explanation as to his actions. Pulling the NUCLEAR CARD three days in?
Da phuq!😲😠🤔

The people of Ukraine and their President have stood up to the Russian menace with such bravery. I am in awe.

I am also in awe of the partnership of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. The leadership that they have shown. Their ability to get the European Union united in a response. That the reply to Putin and his aggression have been swift and harsh. I am stunned. Countries that have never stepped up are doing so.

Putin is literally on his own. Nobody is supporting this invasion.

Not even in Russia.

Pray for the people of Ukraine.

Solidarity with Ukraine


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2 Responses to Open Thread | The Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

  1. rikyrah says:

    About Ukraine, Putin just read the room wrong.
    He definitely read 46 wrong. He didn’t grasp who Biden is. That Biden believes in soft power, and the power of relationships. That the 40 years he spent in government actually meant something. Maybe he didn’t know all the leaders of the EU, but, I believe that someone on their top staff- multiple people – have known Biden for decades. The thing is…that level of bureaucrats….it’s like the permanent government class. There are political appointees, and those who keep it running, no matter who is in charge. Sometimes, the two are the same, and THOSE PEOPLE?
    They know Joe Biden. And, had no apprehension in telling their bosses what Biden was all about.

    Biden outflanked Putin. By telling all the business of Putin and his actions, he removed Putin the chance to create his ‘ Wag the Dog’ scenario.

    That Joe phucked his money ALL THE WAY UP.
    I sit in awe over that.
    He got the phucking SWISS to go along.

    Putin also underestimated the Ukrainian people. They have had almost a decade and a half of selecting their own leaders. That they would accept some phucking puppet picked by him. …

    He also underestimated the number people throughout the world who are just SICK OF HIS SHYT. They have been waiting in the cuff, for the time to take out their dagger. Alone, no, they had no courage, but, everyone else standing up to Putin….they would too.

    I’m not mad at the weasel countries that won’t stand up for Ukraine. I am more fascinated by those unwilling to jump in and help Putin. Those that he thought he had bought and paid for already. These are two totally different things, and very important things.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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