Open Thread | So Much in that Alito Brief….if you think they will stop at ROE, you are DELUSIONAL

But, we were hysterical in 2016, when we told you that the Court was on the line. That they were after Roe, and we also told you that they wouldn’t stop at Roe.
All you need to do is to took at Alito’s ‘leaked’ brief and see where things are going.

If there is no right to privacy, then not only Roe is on the line, but, also contraception, gay marriage, interracial marriage. All up to be done away with by this right-wing Court.

The brief has been a treasure trove of information. Information that the GOP doesn’t want you to pay attention to, thus their desperation to focus on the ‘ leak’. The ‘ leak’ is what’s important, not the destruction of women’s reproductive rights. Then, you have the clowns in the MSM, who are trying to downplay what’s happening, because they can’t ‘both sides’ it, and because they don’t want the Republicans to be held accountable for what they are doing and trying to do in the states.


For the Green Lantern folks, who want an easy fix, there is no easy fix, but, the best way to begin to fix it is to VOTE FOR ALL DEMOCRATS IN NOVEMBER 2022.



The easy fix people are the same people who couldn’t be bothered to vote for Hillary in 2016. We couldn’t scare you with the Court in 2016. I remember all of it.

Phuck Outta Here, Roberts

Dr. Virgo, The Overeducated (@DrVirgo1981) tweeted at 9:51 AM on Sat, May 07, 2022:
When they first came up with this plot back in the 70s they never anticipated that their white daughters would be having brown babies. This is why they’re also focusing on segregation in schools because they’re attempting to try to reverse interracial relationships

It’s a bracing thing being lectured by Justice Thomas about declining respect for the rule of law so soon after he and his wife were part of a plot to overthrow the government.
— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) May 7, 2022

The nerve

This 😡😡😡😡

Pepper MaShay (@PepperMaShay) tweeted at 10:35 PM on Fri, May 06, 2022:
When Supreme Court Justices Alito & Barrett use language like “domestic supply of infants” for adoption, it’s a red flag that they are getting paid off or rewarded by players in the multibillion dollar US adoption industry.



No lie told

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8 Responses to Open Thread | So Much in that Alito Brief….if you think they will stop at ROE, you are DELUSIONAL

  1. rikyrah says:

    Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) tweeted at 11:36 AM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    Weird how Kavanaugh didn’t call for civility when his supporters harassed and threatened Dr. Ford so intensely that she was forced to move FOUR times.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Nick Martin (@nickmartin) tweeted at 4:17 PM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    Racist livestreamer Dalton Clodfelter interviewed a man he claims was seen in a blue “America First” hat guarding an NYC cathedral during a recent pro-choice protest. The man in the interview calls protesters “animals” and says one Black protester should be “enslaved.”

    CW: Slurs

  3. rikyrah says:

    Salome Strangelove (@salstrange) tweeted at 0:19 PM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    The gaslighting going on right now from all sides is exhausting.

    We’ve been screaming about the Supreme Court since 2000. Every time we were scoffed at & called hysterical. Every time we were smugly lectured about how ridiculous it was to believe the GOP would burn it all down.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Portia Vaxxed and Boosted McGonagal (@PortiaMcGonagal) tweeted at 2:15 PM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    White women must always be coddled and infantilized. And the history of doing that crap keeps them voting for politicians who put Justices on SCOTUS who vote to take away women’s rights.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Lecia Michelle: Author & Anti-Racism Activist 🐝 (@LeciaMichelle11) tweeted at 9:49 AM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    I hate when wh.ite people do this. It’s not slavery. Read up on the history of slavery in this country and come back to me when you’re bought and sold like chattel.

  6. rikyrah says:

    🇺🇦🌻THEE Side-Eye Pinkie Pie 🌻🇺🇦 (@NYPoliticalMom) tweeted at 3:17 PM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    I’m tired of wh.ite men coming into conversations about those of us with a uterus and downplay our rights being stripped away from us. Student loans are not a human right. I will not be lectured about my uterus by someone who can’t identify the g-spot or clitoris.

  7. rikyrah says:

    ⚖️ 💛🐝THEE Most Passionate Twist🇱🇨🇺🇸 (@Ms_MMMJ) tweeted at 3:37 PM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
    Republicans are coming right out and saying their plan is to make this a Christian Nationalist country based on the teachings of white republican Jesus and y’all are yelling at Democrats.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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