Open Thread | Politics Is Life…to ignore that…

Peanut says to me,

” You are always about politics.”

I responded

“Politics is all about your life. What quality of life you have.”

We have had quiet conversations about abortion and gay rights.
The right wing thinks that, what, they are going to shove people back in the closet?
Peanut asked me if it was bad to be gay back when I was growing up. I told her, it wasn’t as accepted. I told her that the LGBTQ community, couldn’t marry. Couldn’t have kids. Could be fired, thrown out of their homes. That homosexuals were routinely beaten, and violence was brought down on lesbians, especially those who looked more butch. She let that go for a few minutes, then came back and quietly asked,

“Cause they thought it would get rid of the gay?”

I said yes, and she sadly went away.

Does the right wing really think that young people, like my Peanut, who have lived their lives knowing openly gay people; who are respectful of proper pronouns; who have family members who are openly gay; who go to school with kids that have gay parents, are going to be okay with the “don’t say gay”, and ” gay marriage is wrong” bullshyt?

About abortion, I told her this was about her body autonomy. Period. I asked her if she understood that I was the first woman in our family to grow up and mature in an America where I had body autonomy from the moment when I started menstruating. Not my older sisters, certainly not my mother, Aunts, Grandmother.

Me. I am the first woman in our family.
And, now, the right wing expects me to accept FEWER RIGHTS for Peanut.

I don’t think so.😠😠😠

And, no, I am not going to be polite about it.

This is who the GOP is


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4 Responses to Open Thread | Politics Is Life…to ignore that…

  1. rikyrah says:

    Do we REALLY think that the 1/6 Committee is going to have a PRIMETIME HEARING, and all they’ve got is ONE text message from the Secret Service?
    Does that make ANY sense to anybody?


  2. rikyrah says:

    John Della Volpe (@dellavolpe) tweeted at 6:20 PM on Tue, Jul 19, 2022:
    News from @cnn poll isn’t more of same re Biden, it’s erosion of Republican support in generic ballot IN THIS ENVIRONMENT.

    May 42D – 49R
    July 46D – 46R

    May 46D – 44R
    July 51D – 40R

    May 33D – 41R
    July 36D – 39R

    May 37D – 62R
    July 49D – 47R

  3. rikyrah says:

    The Audacity of Caucasity strikes again.
    The side eye is forever ready to go.
    Those muthaphuckas at the Secret Service are really on one.
    Mike Phucking Pence refused to go with your azzes on 1/6.
    But, you should be trusted about what happened to the text messages, ‘ just cause’?
    If you compromised muthaphuckas don’t get THE ENTIRE PHUCK OUTTA HERE!
    The committee gave them the chance to do right.
    They refused.
    They don’t think that fat meat is greasy.
    Just a reminder…MAJOR KNEW!

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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