Open Thread | The November 2022 Elections

It’s not an understatement how important the November 2022 Elections are.

If the Democrats lose the House, then the 1/6 Committee is DONE. There will be no more investigations into the coup to overthrow this country. In addition, we lose all the positive legislation that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has shepherded through the House. Remember, a lot of good legislation came out of Nancy Pelosi’s House, only to die in the Senate because of Manchin and Sinema.

If the Democrats lose the Senate, then there’s no more judges, and that’s the PERMANENT THING that President Biden has been doing.

Everything that you want President Biden to do that couldn’t be done because of Manchin and Sinema, could get done IF YOU MAKE THEM IRRELEVANT BY ELECTING MORE DEMOCRATS.

The Republicans have told you who they are and what they want to do
Make the overturning of Roe NATION-WIDE.
Gut Social Security and Medicare.
Nothing for Voting Rights, except for Voter Suppression.
Destroying the Public Schools.
All the Culture Wars garbage.

Every vote counts. You need to get people registered and ready to vote.

The MSM is madder than a muthaphucka. They have spent months denigrating this President and trying to dismiss his accomplishments, but, he still gets those accomplishments. They are also mad because the socially media- savvy supporters of President Biden continue to find ways to push forth his accomplishments like this :)

Please note – they are still targeting African-Americans, trying to suppress the vote come November.

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