U.S. Government Approval | 10 Outrageous Reasons Black People Were Lynched in America

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black people lynchedFor years the U.S. government allowed racist white lynch mobs to murder Black men, women and children for practically nothing. The lynchings were so absurd one could argue that Black people’s lives were little to no value at all. In fact, between 1882 and 1930 in just the 10 southern U.S. states of Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina, 2,500 black people were lynched. That is an average of nearly one hanging every week.

Below are 10 unbelievable reasons Black people were lynched in American history, according to Jana Evans Braziel, Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. Some of them are so startling they are similar to the modern-day killings of Black children by white men, like in the recent cases of Trayvon Martin, wearing his hooded sweatshirt, Jordan Davis, playing loud music at a gas station, or Oscar Grant, simply hanging out at the train station on New Year’s Eve.

SG2 here: Keep in the mind folks, the US Government approved of the brutal savagery and rape against African American citizens of this country. Don’t even think about asking me to move on. This stain can never be washed away. We will NEVER forget.

Source: History of Lynching in the United States

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  1. Jeffery E. Mizell Sr says:

    I am a critical thinker and it is unequivocally clear that America allowed and encouraged white supremacist to kill black citizens. Every entity in America was used to perpetuate hate against blacks citizens. All the major newspapers informed the masses of crimes committed against blacks citizens. Law enforcement either initially apprehended blacks and surrendered them to the vigilantes or they closed their eyes to murderous individuals victimizing black citizens. Black citizens still today suffer from the new age lynch mobs (KKK), which is somewhat covert, and they are the police, executives of the state, or zealous white supremacist. It is very sad that America permit this type of indescretions on black citizens.

  2. Peter says:

    To torture and kill the undefended is a crime against us all ,but these hillbillies run the planet now

  3. It enrages the racist bigots when we tell the truth about the history of this country. Well boo hoo, mofos. We’re not going to stop. America was built on 2 monumental tragedies. The genocide of Natives and the enslavement of Black people. And there you have it!

  4. Yofajo says:

    Why? So much hatred because of the color of a person’s skin? Why?.
    I pray that when I enter the kingdom of heaven, our Lord will answer that question.

  5. Earl Rogers Jr says:

    I wish there were someway I could post this on Facebook . It part of the history of the United States that they do not wish to talk about which the Russians or more than glad to let the world know about Americans pass
    It’s seems Since Donald Trump became president because he caters to the same kind of people’s that were doing these horrible things to people soft colla since Donald Trump became president because he caters to the same kind of peoples that were doing these horrible things to people of color in the so call land of the free and home of the brave.

  6. Ed Delgado says:

    Look at those white folks. You can tell that God had left their souls and for ßure, they now burn in hell…

  7. Say WHAT? says:

    You’re right of course. We can never forget. Sometimes even forgiving seems impossible.

  8. Tony D says:

    Guess we had Isis here long before we knew who they were

  9. Black people have to fight for their rights everyday ALL day b/c some insecure bastard can’t handle Liberty and Justice for ALL.

    We survived the long hard brutality of Slavery, Black Codes & Jim Crow. Our ancestors paid the price w/ blood, sweat & tears. WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE

  10. Pay Attention, People!

    After Slavery was abolished, then came Black Codes & Jim Crow laws & now we have SYG. Pray tell, WHO were/are the target of these laws? TYVM!

    • Ametia says:

      Tell it. Writing RACIST laws and enforcing them under the guise of keeping citizens safe.

      Safe from whom? BLACKS!

      CITIZENS= White men, just remember this is what the old American white guard has, still, and ALWAYS will believe.

  11. BBC’s Racism: History- A lynching in Texas in 1916

  12. Lynching Statistics


    Throughout the late 19th century racial tension grew throughout the United States. More of this tension was noticeable in the Southern parts of the United States. In the south, people were blaming their financial problems on the newly freed slaves that lived around them. Lynchings were becoming a popular way of resolving some of the anger that whites had in relation to the free blacks.

    From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were black. The blacks lynched accounted for 72.7% of the people lynched. These numbers seem large, but it is known that not all of the lynchings were ever recorded. Out of the 4,743 people lynched only 1,297 white people were lynched. That is only 27.3%. Many of the whites lynched were lynched for helping the black or being anti lynching and even for domestic crimes.

    Was lynching necessary? To many people it was not, but to the whites in the late 19th century it served a purpose. Whites started lynching because they felt it was necessary to protect white women. Rape though was not a great factor in reasoning behind the lynching. It was the third greatest cause of lynchings behind homicides and ‘all other causes’.

    Most of the lynchings that took place happened in the South. A big reason for this was the end of the Civil War. Once black were given their freedom, many people felt that the freed blacks were getting away with too much freedom and felt they needed to be controlled. Mississippi had the highest lynchings from 1882-1968 with 581. Georgia was second with 531, and Texas was third with 493. 79% of lynching happened in the South.

  13. Ametia says:

    Any one else notice the running theme here? These are all acts of INTIMIDATION & TERRORISM.
    They are HATE CRIMES

    1. The Phillipsburg wrestling team lynching photo:

    2. The William Sewell INTIMIDATION lynching story

    3. Fraternity expels 3 linked to statue noose, suspends Ole Miss chapter

    University of Mississippi police said earlier Friday that they were pushing for criminal charges to be filed against the three freshmen suspected of placing a noose and a flag with a Confederate battle emblem on a life-size bronze statue of Meredith.

    But authorities appeared to be struggling to find a crime that matched the act.


  14. Ametia says:

    Some of the reasons for lynching blacks

    -Race hatred; Race troubles
    -Being disrespectful

    Just stop the madness! Blacks were lynched for BEING BLACK & BREATHING. THE END

  15. Ametia says:

    TRUTH! Tell.the.TRUTH SG2. And what we have being played out now in cities and towns around America are white boys simulating lynchings and defacing black historical statues as if they are commemorating the ugly, barbaric crimes of LYNCHING Black people!

    And what do they say? We didn’t mean to cause any trouble. We didn’t know this was such an insensitive subject! No, I guess they don’t sense the UNITED STATES has never OWNED up to the brutality and criminality of lynching BLACK PEOPLE.

  16. ‘t see MURDER

  17. These are exactly the conversations we need to be having so that convicting men like George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn of cold-blooded murder is not such a hard thing to do. It’s a harsh reality nobody wants to face so Black boys are sacrificed in public view and still, juries can

  18. CarolMaeWY says:

    Yes, I agree. I don’t know how we can, that’s for the black community to decide, but we should make amends.

  19. CarolMaeWY says:

    I will never understand this. . .
    Terrorism isn’t new to the USA. We’ve had it from the very beginning of settlement. :'(

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