Open Thread | The Enemy of My Enemy is STILL the Enemy…but, They Can Provide Useful Insight

Now, I don’t give money to The Lincoln Project.

Don’t support The Lincoln Project.

But, since he is one of the snakes, he knows the other snakes, and I read his feed to get the pulse on the snakes from the other side. 

This is his take on the current GOP Presidential Campaign.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:21 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
1/ Given the new NYT/Sienna poll, I’d just like to remind you one more time that spending money to defeat Trump in the primary is burning through donor resources that will be desperately needed in the general election.

In this, there are three schools of thought, all wrong.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:23 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
2/ The first school of thought is that Ron DeSantis can be magically elevated to surpass Trump. There’s a LOT of Republican (and some Dem-leaning) donor money trying to make this point.

If DeSantis wasn’t in the lower quartile of warmth, connection, personality, humanity..

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:25 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
3/ …you might almost squint and see the case. However, we learned in 2016 that “being a conservative governor” vs Trump is worth exactly nothing. As we speak, the ocean of donor money DeSantis took in is now Jeff Roe’s slush fund.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:26 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
4/ This money will go to Youngkin next, and Roe is already planning it. Sorry, Ron. You knew Jeff was a snake before you took him in.

This Establishment lane strategy vs Trump died in 2016. Trust me, I was there to call TOD.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:29 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
5/ The next futile track is “But X is a bold truth-teller.”

OK, I can’t say I’m not happy to see Asa, Christie, and Will Hurd flensing Trump. I’m delighted. any flicker of light in the chthonic gloom of the GOP’s moral midnight is better than nothing.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:34 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
6/ But add up all the people telling the truth about the criminal master mind who runs the GOP and you get to 1/2 of a DeSantis.

They’re rounding error. Put a billion behind them, and they’re still rounding error. Will future generations remember them? I hope so…

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:35 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
7/ …Will Hurd particularly. Christie will never wash the stink of Trump off him.

The GOP base in our polling, and literally every public and private poll I’ve seen does not give a damn about the truth viz Trump. At. All.

Zero. Nada.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:38 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
8/ The final group of people are trying to weaken Trump by calling him a loser (he is), political poison (he is), a criminal (QED, everything), and a weak man who will lose to Joe Biden are hoping against hope that moral or political suasion will reform the GOP base.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:42 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
9/ The base is irredeemable. They can only be changed by destroying the GOP as it exists today. No ad strategy, alternate candidate, impassioned op-ed, or heartfelt speech will reclaim them from the spell of Trump, Fox, and Facebook.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:44 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
10/ They’re not economically anxious. They’re not the Forgotten Workin’ Man. They’re not Ordinary Folks Who Just Don’t Like All These Progressives Ideas.

They’re willing members of an authoritarian personality cult. They’ve bent and sworn.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:46 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
11/ The approach we’re taking is to keep splitting off the parts of the base (a narrow path, to be sure, but one we’ve walked in 2020 and 2022) is to make Trump morally, politically, aesthetically, and socially poison.

It’s not a secret how we do it.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:48 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
12/ It worked in 2020 and in 2022.

LP is an antibody in the traditional system. Trump hates us passionately, and so do our former friends in the GOP who still desperately want to be put back in the Matrix and have their old world back.

So do some gentry Never Trumpers.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) tweeted at 7:51 AM on Mon, Jul 31, 2023:
13/ Hoping to either create a new movement to steal the GOP away from Trump, or praying for some improbably exogenous event to take him out are theories disproven by 2016 and beyond.

We’re setting up for the general election campaign. That’s the battle. That’s the moment.


Between this and the news from this weekend – the public admission that Dolt45 has been scamming the rubes in order to pay for his legal bills.

The rubes have been rubing to the tune of 60 million dollars.

Not my money. I don’t care. And, every dollar they send to Dolt45 are $$$ not going to the RNC.

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7 Responses to Open Thread | The Enemy of My Enemy is STILL the Enemy…but, They Can Provide Useful Insight

  1. Roderick says:

    This is a good article and this is what frustrates me about Democrats.

    MSNBC gave Nicole Wallace an entire show. Michael Steele gets to host shows periodically as a substitute and is invited as a guest onto some MSNBC shows.

    Then sometimes that trick Taya Setmeyer slithers her way onto one of the shows too.

    These people enabled the GOP to be what it is today, but now they want to disassociate themselves from the monster (Trump) they created and pretend they are all virtuous and Democrats are giving them a platform.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Crocs for dogs??😳

  3. rikyrah says:

    This is this dog’s DAILY ROUTINE?!😳😳
    This dog is so spoiled 😂

  4. rikyrah says:

    I love his TikTok account. My mother taught adult literacy for years, so him being so honest about his journey has been amazing.
    The video he did about that learning how to read more, has opened him up to thinking about things in the world that he never considered..was damn deep.

    colorfullstory (@colorfullstory) posted at 8:55 PM on Wed, Aug 16, 2023:
    I constantly reference the study that came out about the avg American adult reading on the 6th grade level. This gentleman has been showing the vulnerability of learning to read as an adult. He says he should know this but he should’ve been taught please send him encouragement

  5. rikyrah says:

    Put all of them in jail.
    Go DA Willis. Make examples of these Coons

    The Full Story Behind The Bizarre Election Episode That Led To Charges In Trump’s Latest Indictment
    How Kanye West’s publicist, an “MMA fighter,” and a Lutheran pastor teamed up to pressure a Georgia election worker.

    By Hunter Walker
    August 15, 2023 4:42 p.m.

    The sprawling Fulton County indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants for their alleged efforts to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election includes a brief recounting — and a set of charges — related to one of the more bizarre episodes mounted by Trump and his allies in the final days of 2020.

    This particular episode centers on three individuals — Rev. Stephen Lee, Harrison Floyd, and Trevian Kutti — who District Attorney Fani Willis, in the indictment, accuses of “harassment and intimidation” directed toward a local election worker, Ruby Freeman.

    TPM has extensive new reporting on the events leading up to the trio’s efforts to pressure Freeman, documenting in new detail how the key players in the alleged scheme were linked to Trump’s campaign team and allies, including the “Black Voices For Trump” organization, the “My Pillow” pitchman and prominent election denier Mike Lindell, and the vast network of attorneys who were working with the former president to challenge the election result.

    The story of how the election plot ended up on Freeman’s doorstep is a complex and winding tale involving one of the most persistent “Big Lie” conspiracy theories, the eccentric rapper-turned-Hitler enthusiast Ye, frantic 911 calls, and a chaplain who viewed himself as a first responder for “demonic births.” It all culminated in Kutti’s January 2021 visit to Freeman’s home. During that meeting, Kutti warned Freeman that she might be in unspecified danger if she did not admit to thoroughly debunked voter fraud allegations.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😊😊😊

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