Open Thread | The MSM, The President and the Vice- President

I have believed since the beginning that the MSM is resentful towards President Biden and his Administration because of their competence.

They are competent. In order to report on them, you actually have to know the policy positions of this Administration. That means that you have to research them and do the work. President Biden and his Administration cannot be followed by being stenographers.

They miss being stenographers.
They miss being able to half- ass do their job. They miss being able to practice professional malpractice at their jobs, by leaving out large parts of the actual story – IN REAL TIME…
Denying this information to the American people…

So that they can PUT IT IN A LATER BOOK.

Time after time.. from Bob Woodward on down…
We have seen instance upon instance..
Of information that would have been good for the public to know – IN REAL TIME –
That was hidden from us…

So, that they could PUT IT IN A BOOK.

It happened time and time and time again.
Their books were more important than the public’s RIGHT TO KNOW VITAL INFORMATION.

Books about the Biden Administration are flopping, because:
1. There’s no scandals.
2. In order to report about the Biden Administration, you have to report on the Policy Issues. There’s nothing that they can hide, because if they don’t report it, the Biden Administration will report it for themselves. They hate that.

They also hate that all the shiny object candidates – RFK Jr, Marianne Williamson, Cornel West – are a dud.

They resent that the Democratic Party BASE isn’t subject to flights of fancy with ‘Shiny Objects’.

They want their ‘shiny object’, so that it can be used against the President.
But, the Democratic Party base is a serious one. They aren’t interested in Shiny Objects. They are interested in what’s best for this country.
Best thing that the DNC did was change the order of the Democratic Party Primaries.

Those BASE voters in South Carolina aren’t interested in foolishness. They are interested in President Biden and Vice President Harris finishing the job that they started. Those voters are not going to be distracted by shiny objects. They also aren’t going to be distracted by those trying to push the nonsense narrative that the Black community is going to respond positively to Donald Trump now that he’s quadrulply-indicted. Yes, it’s that time during Election Season for those bought and paid for stooges to crawl out of the woodwork in their goal to suppress the Black Vote.

So, don’t be fooled. Don’t be bamboozled.

The MSM is desperate for their horse race.

How they indulge the Republicans with their Hunter Biden foolishness, while never bringing up why Jared was given TWO BILLION by Saudi Arabia.
How they indulge McCarthy and his fools with their ‘ impeachment’ of President Biden on NO CHARGES, and why that’s ridiculous.

How FOUR INDICTMENTS is somehow a positive for Donald Trump.

That the RICO case in Georgia is ‘ too much’, when we saw the criminality happen – IN REAL TIME.

How President Biden’s age is supposed to be of such overarching importance to us…while Trump is only 3-4 years younger than Biden, is fat, lazy and out of shape, but, somehow, Biden’s age is supposed to matter.

It never ceases to amuse me – all this advice from Pundits about how the Democratic Party should throw away the power of incumbency, and the ticket which garnered more votes than any other ticket in history….for their foolishness and ‘shiny object’.

How the President is supposed to throw over his Vice President, who has been a supportive team member with the President, and out front for this Administration. A Vice President who is very popular with the base of the Democratic Party. They aren’t man enough to admit that their criticisms of the Vice President are because they are mad that the President has been so supportive of the Vice President, and that, everything she’s doing is setting her up for running in 2028. That this Black Woman is being set up to run in 2028.They don’t fool me.

When people ask ignorantly what President Biden has done and why he deserves to be re-elected, Balloon Juice did a post where people responded in the replies of all the things that the Biden-Harris Administration as accomplished:

What Has Biden Done For Us Lately? The TBogg Challenge!

Please go read that post. You can keep referring back to it. Someone wants to know, give them the link.

I have said this, and will continue to save this. If he had done nothing other than this, THIS would be enough.
President Biden and his Administration saved my life and the lives of my immediate family with the Vaccine Distribution. By making the COVID Vaccine available on practically every other corner….I’m alive today because of it. Maybe saving my life is an ‘easy’ thing to you….but, it means everything to me. So, he earned my vote when he did that.

Everything else he has done has just been gravy.

I truly believe this. I will NEVER forget those weeks leading up to the South Carolina Primary. I remember those who were writing articles about how Joe Biden should drop out. Remember ‘ bend the knee’. They were salivating for a Bernie win, so that Dolt45 could be re-elected.
Their stunned silence in South Carolina, followed up by Super Tuesday 2020, left them destroyed. You could tell it on their faces. I always enjoy watching the videos from the South Carolina Primary especially.

Thirst for democracy😂😂😂😂😂

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24 Responses to Open Thread | The MSM, The President and the Vice- President

  1. Eliihass says:

    Another one of those “Democrats” now turned astroturf-cheerleader for admin.. Rothkopf had to find a way to baselessly smear/attack the Black FLOTUS …even as Rothkopf effusively rah-rahs for admin..

    George W. Bush does not get to comment on foreign policy. Whatever his good intentions, however “charming” his artwork is, however he yucks it up with Michelle Obama, he’s still responsible for the worst foreign policy catastrophe is US history.

    What does Michelle have to do with all if this?

    You can tell that ‪@djrothkopf‬ has been dying to attack America’s historic black FLOTUS. He used this as his launching pad. Notice he doesn’t mention the Clintons who have a deeper & actual friendship with Bush, & no mention of Biden who raves about & presented Bush with a medal.

  2. Eliihass says:

    chris evans is ratfucking scum. four years ago he was King KHive and I chastised him for using of GOP tropes and talking points *against* Biden. He blocked me and continued up until she became his running mate. Then he was mystically magically pro Joe. But he continues to divide.

    We all had front row seats to this spectacle. First khive attacked/smeared Joe; then when their smarmy fave couldn’t catch on, astroturf khive pretending to speak for “black” women, actively strong-armed your weak fave onto ticket – thx to GF – & after hobbling actual Black women.

    You can’t make that decision for others. Rather arrogant to think you can or that you have any say. You lot think you’re slick, but khive will quickly turn on Joe. khive only pretends to support Joe because that’s only path to yet again forcibly installing khive’s lackluster fave.

  3. Eliihass says:

    @StoneandOrchid Replying to @uhurumzalendo1:
    What’s interesting is I see Americans defend Meghan and attack people who have valid criticisms but say absolutely NOTHING while Michelle Obama is attacked by racists and bigots. It’s like we’re living in the twilight zone!

    @uhurumzalendo1‪ Replying to @StoneandOrchid:‬
    So weird coz if anyone deserved a squad of black
    Americans fighting her corner, one would think it should
    be MO!

  4. Eliihass says:

    The fully Black FLOTUS remains target of the most virulently dehumanizing attacks. She’s not coddled or defended by your ilk who’ve been quick to form hive/squad to defend your mixed race faves. Your hive/squad resent MO; you see her as threat to your mixed race fave’s ambitions.

    Almost as insane is blk women fighting harder to protect/defend & amplify an English prince – than they’ve ever done in 15+yrs to defend or protect the still virulently dehumanized fully-Black FLOTUS. Some will even throw the fully-Black FL under the bus as they defend the prince.

  5. Eliihass says:

    No you don’t. Not fooling many with the nonstop gaslighting. Many see right through khive antics. Like PUMAs (many now khive) you resent MO & want her taken out. Gleeful as MO is virulently dehumanized, khive sees MO mainly as a threat -in the way of your mixedrace fave’s plans

    Precisely. It’s been bizarre to watch those who are purportedly fighting to “protect Black women” fight harder for an english prince/his racially ambiguous wife & have never bothered to pushback on actual racial dehumanization/vile misgendering of the fully-Black FLOTUS. Crickets

  6. Eliihass says:


    2/KHIVE is the worst, maybe worse than the original HRC deadenders, the 2008 PUMAs (Party Unity, My Ass). They went full McCain, breathlessly awaited a tape in which Michelle Obama allegedly said “whitey,” and spread insane stories about Obama being a drug-dealing hustler.

    Sidney Blumenthal, Doug Band, James Carville, Mark Penn, David Brock..

    Cheryl Mills, Minyon Moore, Maggie Williams.. Black women, by the way..

    Supposedly democrats..

    But throughout, actively denigrated, disrespected, undermined, sabotaged the Obamas at every turn..

    These are part of the Clinton cohort …the originators of the Birther conspiracies that some now pretend to feign outrage over..

    Can’t forget…and nobody with half a brain or a working mind and memory should…

    The idea that anything is really different, is amusing..

    These now faux-outraged, pearl-clutching folk actively ginned up, cultivated, sought out, courted and relied heavily on exactly the same vile, racist dog whistles, narratives and demographics that they now pretend offend them..

  7. rikyrah says:

    The Associated Press (@AP) tweeted at 3:16 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    BREAKING: Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion nationwide Wednesday, two years after ruling that abortion was not a crime in one northern state.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) posted at 1:23 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    The judge just ruled that Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro can’t sever their cases from each other. They’ll be tried together. Their “speedy trial” requests have officially backfired. This ruling is also bad for Trump, for a few different reasons.

    Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) posted at 1:29 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    With Powell and Chesebro now set to be tried together, the odds of conviction just went up.

    They both know this, so it certainly won’t hurt their odds of deciding to flip on everyone else instead of going to trial.

    We all know someone’s going to flip on Trump. Could this do it?

    Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) posted at 1:31 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    Second, it means this judge is not willing to sever these cases just because the defendants want it. This bodes poorly for Trump’s own request to sever. He’s likely going to have to stand trial with a chunk of his co-defendants, which he was hoping to avoid.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Trust Black women *We tried to tell you* (@NicolasEdny) posted at 10:19 AM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    They said he wasn’t born here,
    They called him a “secret Muslim married to a man”
    Now he is gay (and?)
    One day they will say he never even existed.

    One thing for sure, the Goat Pres Barack H Obama is so powerful that his mere presence destroyed white America’s supremacy myth!

  10. rikyrah says:

    TJ Ducklo (@TDucklo) posted at 6:59 AM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    This AM from @MollyJongFast: “This weekend I was shocked to see no reporting about prescription drug negotiations …president after president have tried [to do this]…Pharma is so mad. The swamp is losing…this will change lives and instead we’re reading about Ron DeSantis…”

    Pamela Parkington 💙 (@BigDogMom3) posted at 8:58 AM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    The media will never change their negative coverage of the Democrats, so we need to do what we always do. Change minds and whip votes one door knock at a time. Run our own race.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Amanda Terkel (@aterkel) posted at 1:37 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    SCOOP — The FDA plans to green light updated versions of the Covid booster as early as Friday, according to four people familiar with the agency’s plans. by @BerkeleyJr @albamonica

  12. rikyrah says:

    Lindsey (D) (@oufenix) posted at 1:24 PM on Sat, Sep 02, 2023:
    It’s why they’re coming up with alternative ways to holding on to power even after the oldest GOP voters die off and aren’t replaced by young voters. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, the independent legislature theory, normalizing overturning elx results.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) posted at 2:31 PM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    This is insulting to younger voters. They’re smart enough to believe Biden is too old to be president but to also turn out to vote to re-elect him bc they think he’s the best choice to be president.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Not up for trouble, please stop asking (@agraybee) posted at 0:51 PM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    Given that 85% of Democrats voted for Biden, Bernie or Warren, and Republicans are enthralled by Trump, I would actually challenge that voters care about age that much.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) posted at 6:12 AM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    This was Biden’s core promise, though voters don’t necessarily appreciate the low-drama presidency as much as they thought they would — a lot of the age critique or Biden amounts to complaining that he’s not an engaging television character.

    davidrlurie (@davidrlurie) posted at 0:01 PM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    The fact that Biden has been the most effective Democratic President in decades also may also counsel in favor of his renomination.

  16. Eliihass says:

    Originally posted this for my fam here on August 11, 2022 & Posted again on November 21, 2022:

    Sorry fam, but revisionism, spin, retelling and glossing over pertinent facts, isn’t helpful …nor will it make the truth disappear from memory.. or succeed in force-feeding selectively revised memories or alternative facts..

    We have oodles of posts and receipts that we’ve shared here over the years…

    Posts, comments, receipts .. factual and informed.. shared in real-time, that serve as a stark reminder of the real story.. long before a foreign-asset con man became centered in our politics and further contaminated the political scene, hijacked our White House and historic institutions..posing a real threat to our democracy ..thus overtaking previous events and realities… including enmities, hostilities, etc..

    The arrival on the political scene of the Vlad-owned con man, forced a rallying of sorts by warring factions against this now common enemy..

    Important to note that this now common enemy was right up until he ran against Hillary in 2016.. great pals with, and fully aligned with and united with Hillary, Bill and their cohort in their years of fervent and unyielding assault on the Obamas and their historic presidency..

    It was Hillary’s Birther offerings that Vlad’s asset gleefully latched onto, expanded upon and with sniggering and cheering and silent approval from many quarters, including from the Clintons, and many in our party (..including those pay-to-play black folks who’d hitched their wagons to the Clintons..many of whom for years were outrightly hostile to, and had no qualms attacking and disrespecting the Obamas.. and those who kept fundraising with the trumps and actively soliciting campaign donations from trump as he actively smeared and maligned the Obamas) ..and stood by as Vlad’s asset went all in with his attacks on America’s historic First Couple.. inciting death threats on them and traumatizing their then still minor daughters..

    Who can forget trump regaling David Letterman with his many conversations with the Clintons about the lowly Obamas, ‘the blacks’ and how ungrateful ‘the blacks’ were for not supporting their massa Clintons…and who can forget how given many opportunities, the Clintons’ absolute refusal to denounce their pal trump and his Birther attacks.. until of course, faced against him in 2016.. that was also when ‘besties’ Chelsea and Ivanka suddenly stopped bestie-ing..

    Who can forget Harvey Weinstein interviewing Bill Clinton on CNN and point blank asking Bill to denounce trump and his Birther attacks, and Bill insisting that he really liked trump and waxing nostalgic about their fun golf outings and telling how trump was always so wonderful to him and Hillary..

    Who can forget how for years, it was the Bush girls who reached out to the young Obama daughters.. Chelsea was too busy aligning with and bestie-ing with Ivanka as the trumps pushed the dangerous Birther lies and along with it, hate and death threats..

    Fact is, the enmities and hostilities have never gone away.. even if it’s been glossed over at certain times.. for any number of agendas..

    Fact is also, that the KHive and their benefactors, actively sabotaged and kneecapped far more capable women/Black women, in their bid to clear the field for their particular fave..

    At a point, some of the KHive were in fact actively attacking and insulting President Obama accusing him of costing Hillary her turn, by not waiting his turn … and telling him to ‘shut up and go sit his a*se down..’ that was when they cockily assumed their fave was going to waltz right in.. And before they realized it wasn’t going to happen and they still needed the Obamas .. and needed to forcibly pimp and exploit President Obama for their purposes..

    I posted several of those KHive tweets here.. even as many of them have since deleted some of those offensive tweets.. in their constant gaslighting attempts at rebooting and recalibrating and changing up their messaging and ‘tone’.. and trying to form alliances and win over ‘allies’ to their singular mission to propel their fave to the oval..

    Thankfully, I have plenty screenshot ..and those plentiful receipts will be shared as needed..

    Fact is also, that this revisionism and constantly revamped ‘outrage’ is selective and strictly agenda-driven and has precious little to do with actually broadly protecting or supporting Black women.. it actively harms, cheapens, diminishes and rubbishes the cause..

    And, it continues to be entirely about what it’s always ever been about.. not at all about actually protecting and defending actually virulently dehumanized black women for the long-term …but entirely about hijacking and exploiting with cheap gimmickry, the grievous harm, pain, enduring trauma inflicted on and suffered by actual black women who are hardly ever protected or defended … hijacking this still unaddressed dehumanization for the benefit of, and the purpose of clearing the field for a specific fave.. and dubiously wielding it in the fight on behalf of a proud Ivanka Trump groupie, for cheap royal thrills and vicarious living..

    We mustn’t become what we once derided.. revisionism, gaslighting, won’t substitute for honesty and the hard work of earnestly doing the hard work..

  17. Eliihass says:

    Such selective amnesia/shortsightedness. The brazen arrogance on display these days by those who forget that Pres Obama practically dragged Dems across finish line in 2020 & will be needed again in 2024 along w’ diehard Obama voters who are watching these attempts to diminish him

    Democrats would do well to ignore hot takes about how Biden is a cooler or more out-of-the-gate effective President than Obama. Different men. Different times. Different styles of governing. Instigating intra party rivalry only works if the party takes the bait. Hope they don’t.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Democracy Docket (@DemocracyDocket) posted at 1:53 PM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    BREAKING: Georgia judge rejects motions from Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell to have their Fulton County trials be separated from one another.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Bad Faith ✝️🐴🇺🇲🌻🇺🇦 (@Jeffdc5) tweeted at 6:44 AM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    The media spent a year and a half talking about a “red wave” the Dems are finished never going to win an election again, and now those same people are like why are Dems always so worried. What the fuck!!!!

  20. rikyrah says:


    Zach Freeman (@ZachRunsThings) tweeted at 1:44 PM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    Concerned Parent in North Texas BRAVELY visits downtown Chicago and BARELY SURVIVES.

  21. rikyrah says:

    Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) posted at 5:48 AM on Wed, Sep 06, 2023:
    Interesting piece from @MarkJacob16 arguing that when one party is abandoning democracy, calling the resulting disputes “partisan politics” doesn’t come close to communicating what’s actually happening:

  22. rikyrah says:

    He deserves everyday of those 22 years😠😠

    greg. 🏳️‍🌈 (@mistergeezy) posted at 7:05 PM on Tue, Sep 05, 2023:
    Question. Will the Aryan Brotherhood protect Enrique Tarrio?

  23. rikyrah says:

    One of THE best defenses of President Biden that I have seen on TikTok.🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏾👏🏾

  24. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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