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It’s hard to guess who was sadder about the results on November 8th – Republicans, their enablers in the MSM, or leftists who wanted to use bad results for the Democrats to attack the Biden/Harris Administration.

The competence and the successes of the Biden/Harris Administration angers all three groups.

The real life consequences of the policies that the Democrats have passed during the Biden/Harris Administration cannot be understated.

And, will point out again of the misogyny against Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And, the underlying misogyny by so many pundits that women had just ‘moved on’ from losing body autonomy because of the Dobbs decision.
An underreported story is when abortion rights were placed on the ballot at a state level – THEY WERE SUPPORTED EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Sons of Killmonger & Disciple of Dark Brandon (@2Strong2Silence) tweeted at 1:27 PM on Mon, Nov 21, 2022:
    Just a reminder: 👱‍♀️ saw Hillary as the enemy. BW saw themselves in her. The 53% club never forgave her for being strong & not willing to stand in a man’s shadow. Black women saw themselves, WW saw what they coulda been if they had courage.

    • Eliihass says:

      Originally posted this for my fam here on August 11, 2022 .. but sadly, it looks like it’s been deleted.. (Please let me know if it’s still ok for me to share my opinions here, Rik..)

      Sorry fam, but revisionism, spin, retelling and glossing over pertinent facts, isn’t helpful …nor will it make the truth disappear from memory.. or succeed in force-feeding selectively revised memories or alternative facts..

      We have oodles of posts and receipts that we’ve shared here over the years…

      Posts, comments, receipts .. factual and informed.. shared in real-time, that serve as a stark reminder of the real story.. long before a foreign-asset con man became centered in our politics and further contaminated the political scene, hijacked our White House and historic institutions..posing a real threat to our democracy ..thus overtaking previous events and realities… including enmities, hostilities, etc..

      The arrival on the political scene of the Vlad-owned con man, forced a rallying of sorts by warring factions against this now common enemy..

      Important to note that this now common enemy was right up until he ran against Hillary in 2016.. great pals with, and fully aligned with and united with Hillary, Bill and their cohort in their years of fervent and unyielding assault on the Obamas and their historic presidency..

      It was Hillary’s Birther offerings that Vlad’s asset gleefully latched onto, expanded upon and with sniggering and cheering and silent approval from many quarters, including from the Clintons, and many in our party (..including those pay-to-play black folks who’d hitched their wagons to the Clintons..many of whom for years were outrightly hostile to, and had no qualms attacking and disrespecting the Obamas.. and those who kept fundraising with the trumps and actively soliciting campaign donations from trump as he actively smeared and maligned the Obamas) ..and stood by as Vlad’s asset went all in with his attacks on America’s historic First Couple.. inciting death threats on them and traumatizing their then still minor daughters..

      Who can forget trump regaling David Letterman with his many conversations with the Clintons about the lowly Obamas, ‘the blacks’ and how ungrateful ‘the blacks’ were for not supporting their massa Clintons…and who can forget how given many opportunities, the Clintons’ absolute refusal to denounce their pal trump and his Birther attacks.. until of course, faced against him in 2016.. that was also when ‘besties’ Chelsea and Ivanka suddenly stopped bestie-ing..

      Who can forget Harvey Weinstein interviewing Bill Clinton on CNN and point blank asking Bill to denounce trump and his Birther attacks, and Bill insisting that he really liked trump and waxing nostalgic about their fun golf outings and telling how trump was always so wonderful to him and Hillary..

      Who can forget how for years, it was the Bush girls who reached out to the young Obama daughters.. Chelsea was too busy aligning with and bestie-ing with Ivanka as the trumps pushed the dangerous Birther lies and along with it, hate and death threats..

      Fact is, the enmities and hostilities have never gone away.. even if it’s been glossed over at certain times.. for any number of agendas..

      Fact is also, that the KHive and their benefactors, actively sabotaged and kneecapped far more capable women/Black women, in their bid to clear the field for their particular fave..

      At a point, some of the KHive were in fact actively attacking and insulting President Obama accusing him of costing Hillary her turn, by not waiting his turn … and telling him to ‘shut up and go sit his a*se down..’ that was when they cockily assumed their fave was going to waltz right in.. And before they realized it wasn’t going to happen and they still needed the Obamas .. and needed to forcibly pimp and exploit President Obama for their purposes..

      I posted several of those KHive tweets here.. even as many of them have since deleted some of those offensive tweets.. in their constant gaslighting attempts at rebooting and recalibrating and changing up their messaging and ‘tone’.. and trying to form alliances and win over ‘allies’ to their singular mission to propel their fave to the oval..

      Thankfully, I have plenty screenshot ..and those plentiful receipts will be shared as needed..

      Fact is also, that this revisionism and constantly revamped ‘outrage’ is selective and strictly agenda-driven and has precious little to do with actually broadly protecting or supporting Black women.. it actively harms, cheapens, diminishes and rubbishes the cause..

      And, it continues to be entirely about what it’s always ever been about.. not at all about actually protecting and defending actually virulently dehumanized black women for the long-term …but entirely about hijacking and exploiting with cheap gimmickry, the grievous harm, pain, enduring trauma inflicted on and suffered by actual black women who are hardly ever protected or defended … hijacking this still unaddressed dehumanization for the benefit of, and the purpose of clearing the field for a specific fave.. and dubiously wielding it in the fight on behalf of a proud Ivanka Trump groupie, for cheap royal thrills and vicarious living..

  2. Eliihass says:

    The truest capture and definition of our ancestors’ wildest dreams.. the real, real deal.. no astroturf hive/squaddies necessary.. no manufactured set-up.. no artifice.. no fakery, no fluffers..

    Still authentically and organically being.. still winning hearts and minds.. no matter how hard the unlikely but truly insidious coalition of resentful alt-right, alt-left, PUMAs, hive, squaddies have actively tried to ‘cancel’ and mute her.. and done their darnedest to take her out.. as they’ve desperately tried to displace and supplant her with the contrived and over-coddled faves they now work overtime to ‘over-amplify’ force-feed the masses ..even as so many smart folks still aren’t biting..

  3. rikyrah says:

    I have gone out of my way to not view the murder video of Ms. Robinson.
    But, I am pleased to hear that the United States is not going to fight extradition to Mexico for her murderers.
    When I think about how they lured that poor girl to another country, murdered her, and then left her body there like garbage, I become enraged.
    I don’t wanna hear a muthaphuckin’ word from any of the murderers’ families if they are sentenced to Mexican prison. Not one word. They took her out of the country deliberately. But, they didn’t think this through. Those resorts can’t have it on their record that they let a murder happen -unresolved. They can’t put any blemish on those tourist dollars.
    I dare say that Social Media’s interest and amplification of this murder and spotlight on the resort, is what has made Mexican law enforcement stand up and take notice.
    Someone has run to tell all, because we all know…first one gets the breaks, and the rest will be in jail for far longer.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Jane Bear Votes (@janedare) tweeted at 8:56 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    #PostcardsToVoters ready for the mail, to GA voters for @SenatorWarnock. If you want to write with us, simply text JOIN to 484-275-2229 and start immediately! It is the “write” thing to do!

  5. rikyrah says:

    Tristan Snell (@TristanSnell) tweeted at 5:33 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    2 unarmed men took down the Club Q shooter in Colorado Springs.

    376 armed officers could not stop the Uvalde shooter.

    By Republican logic, we should now put 2 club goers in every school in America.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Ehren (@CampArlington) tweeted at 9:16 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    Watch how the narrative will change. Two days ago it was “never heard of him”. Now it’s “I know him but only because of how bad he is”. Next chapter in their playbook is to associate him with VP Harris (via KHive) and talk about how she “locked up mothers” and “is a cop”.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Renée Graham 🏳️‍🌈 (@reneeygraham) tweeted at 9:21 AM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    VP Kamala Harris focused on abortion and helped Democrats hold onto the Senate in the midterms. She deserves credit — and respect. My latest @GlobeOpinion column.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Norman Ornstein (@NormOrnstein) tweeted at 8:01 AM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    My Nancy Pelosi story. My son died on January 3, 2015. The funeral & first night of shiva were on Jan 6. Congress had just convened, was in session. Nancy came to the shiva—and stayed for 3 hours. She had every reason not to be there, or just make a brief stop. She is a Mensch.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Sons of Killmonger & Disciple of Dark Brandon (@2Strong2Silence) tweeted at 9:41 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    So White Christian men & women have used rhetoric that has allowed the following to be attacked: Black Churches, Gay Bars & Nightclubs, Abortion clinics, Schools.. question who protects us from you?

  10. rikyrah says:


    chris evans (@notcapnamerica) tweeted at 10:36 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    Very weird and unexpected how the two most powerful Black politicians in the nation are being targeted by white progressives. Who could have seen this coming.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Lindy Li (@lindyli) tweeted at 8:11 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    A bigot with a gun killed gay people in Colorado Springs & Orlando

    A bigot with a gun killed Black people in Buffalo

    A bigot with a gun killed Jewish people at Tree of Life

    A bigot with a gun killed Asian women in Atlanta

    The GOP has empowered racists to commit mass murder

  12. rikyrah says:

    Willie Ross Jr. Knee Deep (@RossKneeDeep) tweeted at 6:25 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    With the election of Obama, I found out that a lot of people that I’d worked with for ten, twenty, thirty years were racists. With the election of Trump, they let me know that they didnt care to hide who they were anymore.

  13. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH
    UH HUH

    Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) tweeted at 6:19 AM on Mon, Nov 21, 2022:
    Multiple Republican counties in AZ appear to be answering Steve Bannon’s call to refuse to certify their election results. Cochise has voted to delay, with Gila and Yavapai reportedly about to do the same.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Covie (@covie_93) tweeted at 6:35 AM on Mon, Nov 21, 2022:
    kari lake caused this.

    Top election official in Maricopa County moved to undisclosed location after death threats.

  15. rikyrah says:

    michelle (@ddarveyy) tweeted at 11:31 PM on Sun, Nov 20, 2022:
    harry & meghan’s message to elton john ahead of his farewell from dodger stadium concert live on Disney+ 🤍

  16. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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