Open Thread | The Right’s Latest Target: Unmarried Women

The strike against Roe v Wade was never just about abortion.
It wasn’t just about body autonomy.

It was about controlling women. They want to turn back the gains that women have made in society, back to a time where women couldn’t do anything, economically, without ‘APPROVAL’ of their husbands.

Good Article from The Nation.

The Right’s Latest Target: Unmarried Women
Archconservatives find single women threatening, and they’re trying to browbeat them into submission.


The reactionary right has found an impressive new target in its ongoing culture war. This time it’s Taylor Swift, whose current Eras Tour—encompassing 146 dates on five continents—is a cultural and economic earthquake so large that it has even registered on the sensitive fiscal seismographs of the Federal Reserve. In July, the Philadelphia Fed, in its authoritative Beige Book, credited Smith with reviving that city’s flagging tourism industry. As Time reports, Swift’s tour is projected to gross a record-breaking $2.2 billion and generate nearly $5 billion in consumer spending in the United States.


Swifties now have their work cut out for them, as a mouthy section of the American right, which recently has had doubts about Swift, has decided to target the singer-songwriter with invective. In early September, The Federalist posted an article by Mark Hemingway titled “Taylor Swift’s Popularity Is a Sign of Societal Decline.” The article is largely taken up with invidious comparisons between Swift and male musicians like Paul McCartney and Tom Petty, arguing that Swift is narrowly and narcissistically focused on breakup songs about her former boyfriends.

Hemingway’s article enjoyed renewed attention in late September, when Swift was rumored to be dating the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, himself unpopular on the right for appearing in an ad urging viewers to get their Covid booster. The Federalist’s CEO, Sean Davis, posted Hemingway’s article on Twitter with the blurb “Taylor Swift is dumb and her music sucks.” Roger Kimball, the editor and publisher of The New Criterion, a cultural journal that claims the poet T.S. Eliot as part of its intellectual lineage, felt compelled to elevate the discourse by adding, “Also, she is homely.” Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA tweeted, “What will break Kelce’s heart first? The COVID shot or Taylor Swift?” Strikingly, the anti-Swift comments are all bullying, designed to insult rather than persuade.

On the face of it, right-wing anger at Swift is puzzling. For most of her career, she’s been studiously nonpolitical and nonpartisan. In recent years, she has emerged as a critic of Donald Trump and a supporter of Joe Biden, but very much in the vein of mainstream liberalism. She’s certainly not a musical firebrand in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Nina Simone, Joan Baez, or Public Enemy. Hemingway complains that her lyrics are feminine laments (what he calls “bellyaching about a boyfriend” songs). It shows how reactionary the right has become that singing about the perennial topic of bad boyfriends—something that blues and country singers have done for decades—is now considered an affront to civilization.

The most recent political cause that Swift has taken up is voter registration. Like vaccination, voter registration was once considered an innocuous activity that all people of good will could support. Now it has become a source of partisan polarization. As Edith Olmsted noted in The New Republic, Swift’s Instagram advocacy on September 17, National Voter Registration Day, led to a 115 percent increase in 18-year-olds registering to vote compared to the same day a year ago. “Swift’s call for her fans to register to vote was distinctly nonpartisan,” Olmsted wrote, “but it’s the youngest voting cohort that’s demonstrated the sharpest opposition to Republicans at the polls in recent elections—so much so that conservatives have increasingly called for the voting age to be raised and for polling places to be removed from college campuses.”

More unmarried women voting poses a particular threat to the GOP. In 2020, a whopping 63 percent of single women voted for Biden over Trump. This is bad news for the Republican Party, since the number of married people is declining. The share of households headed by married couples declined from 55 percent in 1990 to 46 percent in 2020.

Connect all the dots.
Women unable to get an abortion. Being forced to carry a fetus to term that they didn’t want.
As I’ve said before – there are no exceptions in these Red States, even when they pretend that there are.
The move to strip access to birth control…all connected. Birth control meant beginning of self-autonomy for women. No less than the winner of this Year’s Nobel Prize in Economics – Claudia Goldin – in her scholarship, linked birth control to women being able to fully enter the workplace.
The move to roll back – no fault divorce- related to removing control of a woman’s life. Keeping her stuck in a marriage to possibly abusive man, but definitely, in a relationship that no longer personally fulfills her.
The attack on Affirmative Action – nobody has benefitted from Affirmative Action more than White Women. They are the ones that have benefitted from an explosion in attendance of college, graduate and professional schools like law and medical schools. They are the ones who have benefitted from contracts.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Magdi Jacobs (@magi_jay) posted at 9:50 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    I feel like people do not understand that if the West entirely abandoned Israel, what the globe would be left with is a tiny country with nukes surrounded by hostile groups that could quite possibly overpower the tiny nuclear-armed country with conventional warfare.

    Magdi Jacobs (@magi_jay) posted at 9:59 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Something the globe does not want to see is a tiny, cornered country that has nukes overwhelmed with conventional warfare. *That* is the danger scenario: a cornered Israel facing defeat *unless* it uses nukes. Much more than a first strike from Iran, Russia, or North Korea.

    Magdi Jacobs (@magi_jay) posted at 10:01 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Now, none of this is actually going to happen. But I think it’s strange that people do not always consider the implications of their arguments. I also think it’s strange that we talk so much about fearing nukes from RU or NK, then wave our hands & argue for a real nuclear crisis

  2. rikyrah says:

    Reuben Rodriguez (@ReubenR80027912) posted at 10:03 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Imo Israel should be much more vocal & clear about the Samson Option:

    If Israel is about be overrun, they fully plan to empty the silos at Dimona and nuke every capital within a 500 mile radius (including Ramallah & Gaza)

    Feels like everyone should understand that?

  3. rikyrah says:


    People (@people) posted at 1:08 PM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Georgetown Women’s Basketball Coach Tasha Butts Dead at 41 After Breast Cancer

  4. rikyrah says:

    Hope Restored In DFW (@Kennymack1971) posted at 1:15 PM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    America barely survived the Trump presidency. Republicans are out to carry that agenda whether he’s the nominee (unlikely) or not.

    But you think being reckless with your vote is still a flex.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Bolts (@boltsmag) posted at 9:30 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    The race for Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, in under three weeks, will shape the future of democracy in this key swing state: Disputes loom over mail voting, gerrymandering, and ballot counting. “Things that used to be niche topics are now life and death.”

  6. rikyrah says:

    The Katie Phang Show (@katiephangshow) posted at 8:04 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    “The important thing here is holding Donald Trump and his key lieutenants responsible for RICO conspiracy. [Fani] Willis is playing the long game here.” @JoyceWhiteVance reacts to two Trump Georgia co-defendants taking beneficial plea deals—without pleading guilty to RICO charges

  7. rikyrah says:

    The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex) posted at 6:19 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    JUST IN: 🇨🇦 Canada’s defense intelligence says it has found, with a ‘high degree of confidence’, that the 🇮🇱 IDF did not strike Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Chris D. Jackson (@ChrisDJackson) posted at 2:30 PM on Sat, Oct 21, 2023:
    Let’s be clear: President Biden and his administration are the only things holding Netanyahu back from absolutely leveling Gaza.

    While Biden has rightly stood firm with Israel, he has also called for restraint, reflection, and everyone to abide by the rules of war.

    He has…

  9. rikyrah says:

    Chris D. Jackson (@ChrisDJackson) posted at 2:38 PM on Sat, Oct 21, 2023:

    ““Of course Biden doesn’t trust Netanyahu,” said Alon Pinkas, Israel’s former consul general in New York. “Trust in Netanyahu is actually zero. He deeply mistrusts Netanyahu.” Pinkas, who has advised several Israeli prime ministers, said while Biden…

  10. rikyrah says:

    Southern Sister Resister – Wordsmith #IAmTheStorm (@ResisterSis20) posted at 8:20 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    He flew thousands of miles in less than 36 hours. On the ground, he shored up support for war torn #Israel. He also coordinated humanitarian aid to #Gaza. Striking a balance between deterrence of terrorism, and humanity for all the victims of Hamas, he used wisdom and experience…

  11. rikyrah says:

    Mission: Democracy (@MissnDemocracy) posted at 9:51 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    MAGA Republicans cannot pass aid to Israel.

    They cannot pick a Speaker of the House.

    They cannot keep the federal government open.

    MAGA Republicans have caused the dysfunction. Now, let’s hold them accountable. Join us:

  12. rikyrah says:

    Richard Caslon (@CaslonRichard) posted at 7:23 AM on Thu, Oct 19, 2023:
    Earlier this week we were informed that Mike Pence’s campaign was broke and now today it’s Tim Scott’s campaign that is going broke. At this rate the Republicans might not have the need of a primary.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Mike Hudema (@MikeHudema) posted at 6:32 PM on Sat, Oct 21, 2023:
    Huge win. Ecuadorians have voted in a historic referendum to halt the development of all new oilwells in the Yasuní national park in the Amazon, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet:

    Protect people and the planet. #ActOnClimate

  14. rikyrah says:

    Bernie must retire in 2024 before he declines (@Needle_of_Arya) posted at 10:15 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    as Americans, we live in a country in which both the Democratic & Republican presidents kept Central America unstable & politically polarized for decades, and then when refugees from that region began showing up in American cities, efforts were made to “send them back”

  15. rikyrah says:

    BrooklynDad_Defiant!☮️ (@mmpadellan) posted at 10:12 PM on Sat, Oct 21, 2023:
    It’s worth mentioning that while President Biden was speaking to first responders, families of hostages, and world leaders all week long, trump was golfing, getting yelled at and gagged by judges because he can’t even control his big, dumb criminal mouth.

    President Biden is the…

  16. rikyrah says:

    David Darmofal (@david_darmofal) posted at 10:13 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    “Relentless wrestler”, in common everyday usage, is not a negative. The headline writers at @washingtonpost know that and are trying to gaslight you. Presumably they’re doing so because they don’t want to direct call out a prominent DC politician in their headline.

  17. rikyrah says:

    Candidly Tiff (@tify330) posted at 9:29 AM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    These people love to take up a cause, then use that to make it about not voting for Biden. Israel and Palestine conflict wasn’t on your mind until two weeks ago. Stop playing in our face

    I have so much to say about this but gonna keep it cool for now but I am tired of fake shit

  18. rikyrah says:

    Nagatha Christie (@WOlookingitup) posted at 7:58 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    For our mental health, we need to do a few things with these “I won’t vote for Biden” idiots:

    -realize that they are non voters, 3rd party voters, or GOP to begin with. They weren’t going to vote/vote for Biden anyway

    -realize they have 💩 for brains; not worth engaging


  19. rikyrah says:

    Jenn Taylor-Skinner (@JTaylorSkinner) posted at 5:11 PM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    Black women are TIREDT of giving this sermon every single presidential cycle. Not voting isn’t the edgy position some people think it is…

  20. rikyrah says:

    Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) posted at 2:39 PM on Sun, Oct 22, 2023:
    Rudy says Biden is an Iranian spy: “He’s on Iran’s side and he’s on Hamas’s side. He is not on our side. He’s got a bunch of spies in his Admin. This guy is working for Iran. Why? Maybe because they’ve infiltrated his Admin the way the communists infiltrated FDR’s Admin.”


    Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) posted at 10:52 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Sounds insane, even from Rudy. But when you think of an 80 year old drunk facing financial ruin and prison, the comments become easier to understand.

  21. rikyrah says:

    emptywheel (@emptywheel) posted at 10:52 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    One reason you put out a policy of abandoning democracy before the election is to increase the likelihood that those who hate NATO will interfere on your behalf.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Noah Shachtman (@NoahShachtman) posted at 9:45 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    EXCLUSIVE: Trump and his team are actively planning to pull the United States out of NATO — or, barring that, kneecap the collective defense provisions at the heart of the alliance.

    DatBlaueHus (@BlaueDat) posted at 10:50 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    If you want to understand the Magadonian king, always ask what Putin would do.

    Usually he is 100% aligned.

    Do not ask what is in the interest of the US. It’s usually a mismatch.

    Dystopian Girl #FBPE #IStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 (@DistopianGirl) posted at 10:25 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    ❌ It would seem some bad actors in our world want WWIII.

    While Putin does his best to destabilise the Middle East. Trump will do his best to destabilise the entire West.

    NATO is the only thing that has kept the West safe from invasion since it’s implementation in 1949.

  23. rikyrah says:

    Brian Allen (@allenanalysis) posted at 10:51 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Did Mike Pence truly deliver a “campaign” speech to a mere twelve individuals in a drug store, who seemed to be nodding off?

    Pence seems desperate to stay in the race just long enough to secure a book deal before bowing out.

  24. rikyrah says:

    Qondi (@QondiNtini) posted at 9:54 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    I need everyone to stop praising Liz Cheney

    She has her own ambitions

    She is not a Democrat even if she is saying Trump is bad

    She might not even vote for Biden!

    She isn’t ruling out running herself

    Stop gassing her up and start boosting Democrats

    Qondi (@QondiNtini) posted at 10:21 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Liz Cheney was censured, primaried and now excommunicated from the Republican Party but people are really out here saying she is a viable alternative to restore sanity to the GOP

    Come on…

    Democrats are the only ones who keep talking about her

    Mind your own house

    Win 2024

    Qondi (@QondiNtini) posted at 10:49 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    Take a break from your soliloquies and dissertations about something Liz Cheney did a year ago

    Especially since you don’t spend as much time talking about the Chair of the January 6th Committee Benny Thompson

    He did most of the work

    Save your praise for Democrats

    Beverly Foy (@BeverlyFoy6) posted at 10:53 AM on Mon, Oct 23, 2023:
    And isn’t it amazing her dad has nothing bad to say about the Republicans who did it to her

    The Cheney’s helped build The Republican Frankenstein Monster and now they can’t control them

  25. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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