Neil Cavuto Interrupts First Lady’s 911 Speech & Calls The President “A Nobody”

3Chics sees  White GREEN PEOPLE! 

Looks Like the FOX channel wants to stir up the hornet’s nest for the media, and they’re using the Cavuto hack to do it on a day where families are mourning the loss of their loved ones from 911.

Your disdain and utter contempt and disrespect for the First Lady and the President is showing Neil.  Must be eating you up inside to know that after hosting three Fox TV shows, you  still haven’t ascended to the highest office in the land, the PRESIDENCY.

It would be just like Cavuto to interrupt a 911 speech given by  Frist Lady Michele Obama to announce that her husband was a nobody in 2001, while George Bush and Company were in office.  And don’t think you did us any favors by calling First Lady, “young lady.”  C’mon son, call her what you really want to call her.  Ask Dr. Laura what happened when she took liberties with the N-WORD.

Neil Cavuto, host of  three Fox Channel shows. SO!

You, dude, are a NOBODY.  Keep working at it though, maybe some day you too can go from being a NOBODY to President!

Try harder next year.  It will mark the 10th anniversary of 911, and President Obama will still be in the White House with the lovely First Lady, Michelle and Wee Michelles.  And where will you be, Neil?  On the Fox Channel pushing lies, distorting events, manipulating the weak, feeble minds of the fearful racist GOP base for ratings and profit.

Cavuto as youngster


                                   Cavuto = Fox HACK


Barack Hussein Obama

1.  He is a strong, intelligent, BLACK man

2.  Loving husband & father

3.  Harvard Law School graduate-President of Harvard Law Review

4. Author of 3 books

5.  A teacher

6.  Community organizer

7.  Senator

The 44th President of the United States of America.  You see Neil, that’s what it takes to get to where Barack Hussein Obama has arrived.  Nobody handed him shit; HE EARNED IT.

And Michelle Obama’s got some pretty glowing credentials too, Princeton University Law, mother, devoted wife, and America loves her.  That’s what eating you up inside, isn’t Neil?   The Black family in the White House, with a solid marriage, and the gorgeous kids, and you didn’t help make any of this happen.  They worked and struggled and earned it without the help of  you or your ilk.

                                HIT THIS IF THE ABOVE IS TRUE, NEIL.    

Fox and their racist crew of HACKS need to be gutted for the rotten, foul  fishes that they are.  They are destroying our country and we need to take these muthaf#*ckas out of circulation.

As you can see, I’m still working on #10 of  the Journalism 101 list.

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10 Responses to Neil Cavuto Interrupts First Lady’s 911 Speech & Calls The President “A Nobody”

  1. rikyrah says:

    they are so crazy they can’t help themselves. they just choke on it everytime they see the First Family.

  2. Dear Neil Cavuto,

    Listen up you fat nasty jealous penis envy sob! If you want to see a nobody, look in your own damn mirror. You should have followed your doctor’s advice and learn to shut the fuck up. How dare you interrupt our First Lady as she is honoring the victims of flight 93. Have you no respect for the dead? Have you no respect for the mourners loss of their loved ones? Cavuto, you’re as worthless as spit. Your fat nasty limp dk will never become President of the United States and your hatred is showing because the Black man is sitting in the White House and leader of the free world. Bite me mofo!

    Next time, address the First Lady in a respectable way. You don’t address her as “young lady”! Does 3 Chics have to teach you everything? Now I realize it’s a bitch waking up in America every morning and knowing Barack Hussein Obama is sitting in the oval office and all you have going for you is going to Fox News where you spew lies and distort the truth. It hurts, doesn’t it? Too bad. So sad!

    Lastly, do something about that penis envy or grow one mofo? Envy of another’s life is a bitch!

  3. Roschelle says:

    WTF did his comments have to do with anything. It’s funny how no matter what is said or how it’s said they just can’t hide the fact that a black man and woman are our President and First lady of the United States AND they hate it.

    What was his fat ass doing in 2001? It matters not! This is the here and now. And I’m prouder than I’ve ever been of my country. Founded on racism…steeped in hatred and intolerance….terrorized and subjugated my people from the time they unloaded us as human chattel until a band of brave men and women lead the civil rights movement in the 60s. But look at how far we’ve come.

    Barack Hussein Obama…that’s right BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is the PRESIDENT of these United States.

    and yes like ametia i say LEAVE WITH IT BITCHES!!!

    • Ametia says:

      The disdain and sheer hatred is like a cancer. The smug and self-righteous look on his face while he was spewing that bull shit.

      He had to go there for his audience. He had to set up that “Look at these two negroes coming all up in here outta NOWHERE, and taking over shit” tone.

      It’s eating these bitches up inside that the Black folks have brains and smarts and can become president. What planet have they been living on? Black folks have been inventors, scientist, explorers, mathematicians, doctors, kings, queens, and yes, even presidents of their own countries.

      Some whites in America have lost their collective minds, and are living in a time warp where they think All white is All tight. Wake up, people!

    • WTF did his comments have to do with anything.

      Cavuto couldn’t help himself. It was what he was thinking in his heart and decided to say it out loud. Jealousy and envy are eating them alive. The 2008 election was a reality check for them. They thought Barack Hussein Obama would never be elected. They were counting on the bradley effect and when it didn’t work, it broke their brain.

    • Ametia says:

      Gulliani, Caputo, and the rest of the GOP are seething. They look at the Obama administration as co-opting their 911 glory.

      Imagine, Bush & Co stirring up the storm that likely added fuel to 911, and then when it happened, tried to use hundreds of thousands of deaths to invoke constant fear in Americans.

      The GOP relies on the Fox and the rest of the MSM to elevate anti-Muslim sentiments, hatred & fears. That’s all the party of NO has to offer America. Nothing but FEAR & HATE, AND DIVISIVNESS. Is this what Neil Cavuto teaches his 3 children?

      Instead of the 911 famileis introverting and remaining fearful, hopeless, and hateful, the Obamas come in and offer Americans hope, compassion, a day of Service, to outflow, to give back, to keep living, and moving forward with love.

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