RACIST Tea Party Inacts Slavery Whippings & Uses Obama’s Image As The Master

Apparently the  teabaggers at the Naches, WA  Sportsman’s Day parade felt it necessary to get there Kunta Kinte on, whips included.  The GOP must be real proud of these fools. 

The teabaggers  had a man wearing an Obama mask, holding a sign, while whipping a white teenage boy.The sign reads “THANKS FOR PAYING OUR DEBT”  Bitches, please! 

These fools really believe that President Obama is a socialist slave master ready to steal the white man’s hard-earned money and turn it over to the black folks.  WTF!  I’ll bet if you ask any of them what they are paying in taxes, and they wouldn’t know.

Folks really have come unglued.  They really believe that the Black President wants to turn the white man into a slave to get revenge for centuries of black slavery.  Sorry folks, Obama’s not your whipping boy.  Your brethren are; you are your own whipping boys.  If it’s President Obama’s policies you object to, the whips, the wagon, and the white boy aren’t going to change them.

It’s no coincidence that the teabaggers chose the whip as it tool to make their statement.  It’s such a painful reminder for slaves and our ancestors.  Yet it is the one source of power the master used to punish and harm the slave.  It was a vile, ugly, cruel and despicably inhumane act.

These punk ass bitches are using it to mock and ridicule not only the President, but blacks who suffered under the hand of racism and whips.  But leave it to the racist to try to turn the tables by claiming racism against them.  One word=FEAR

Is this where America is heading, folks?

From Think Process:  At the annual Sportsman’s Day parade last weekend in Naches, WA (a small town southeast of Seattle), a tea party group called “Remember Us We The People” — which is affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots — sponsored a float that many local residents are “calling offensive and in bad taste“:

 Fearful, Insecure, Racial Cowards, ALL of them.


3Chics does NOT have this twisted. 

Hope folks are watching the primary results.  The Teabaggers are knocking off their GOP cohorts. 

Stay strong, FEARLESS, and get to the polls and vote in November.

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9 Responses to RACIST Tea Party Inacts Slavery Whippings & Uses Obama’s Image As The Master

  1. Melissa Howtopat says:

    My son just played a basketball game Naches Valley HS, n the crowd was chanting “white power” n called my son the “N” word! Naches should b ashamed of themselves!!!

  2. rikyrah says:

    there still are no words about these racist mofos.

    they are who we thought they were.

    no shock whatsoever about them. they are just surprising all the rest of the folks pretending that they didn’t know who they were.

  3. My Eyes! My Eyes!

    The Republicans have lost their ever loving mind. How despicable & cruel. Is this where the country is headed…to hell in a handbasket? From the actions of these racist thugs, it sure looks that way. They’re rather tear down the country than to accept a black man as leader. My eyes can’t believe anyone would poke fun at the monumental sufferings African American endured during slavery. I’m fking outraged at this madness!

  4. RiPPa says:

    These fools would cry like the bitches they are if they had just one day with a smidgen of the slavery experience.

    • Ametia says:

      Go ahead and tell.it, RiPPa!

      • Ametia says:

        The teabaggers are s vile and disgusting, and it’s the GOP’s noose.

        They’d rather get hung by the rabid base, then decry these despicable racist acts.

        These mofos are fearful of the Black President, and want to claim he’s making them his slaves. GET.THE.FUCK.OUTTA.HERE!

    • Hey Rippa!

      Welcome to 3 Chics!

      Rippa, I nearly fainted looking at that video. I see the racist bigots really want to destroy this country? And to poke fun at something so vile, so cruel, so barbaric that it’s unbelievable! These mofos are cruising for a bruising.

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