Serendipity SOUL-Friday Open Thread

                                                                  India Irie

Happy FRY-day, folks, enjoy your day!

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  1. opulent2 says:

    “O..god!! ewwwwwww!!”

    “Peach Smoothie” is one of the names for a facial for the vulva. Also known as, “Vagacial,” Kuczynski headed to Manhattan’s Haven day spa two weeks after she had a waxing. …snip
    “Look at all these ingrown hairs!” Marta [the esthetician] said with a giddy clap of her hands. She got to work plucking and picking and springing free the tiny curled buds, then tweezing them away. She applied a dab of Prince Reigns, a serum that prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps and also helps with discoloration and hyperpigmentation.”

    Ultimately, the Peach Smoothie isn’t necessary if you don’t wax down there.

  2. opulent2 says:

    Tucker Carlson is either a prankster or SOB..what’s ya’ll take?…


    “Conservative pundit and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson perpetrated a hoax last weekend by posing as Keith Olbermann in a series of emails to a Philadelphia columnist.

    On Tuesday afternoon, a set of emails surfaced on the Philadelphia news site Phawker. Phawker said that the emails showed the “100% for real” correspondence between Olbermann and Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky over the weekend. In the emails, “Olbermann” talks about his boss, MSNBC President Phil Griffin, in hyperbolic, insulting terms.

    In one email, “Olbermann” says that Griffin is “not my boss (thank god), nor is he intellectually qualified to be…I’ll be anchoring on election night 2012, long after Phil Griffin has moved on to a job for which he’s actually qualified, perhaps on QVC.”

    In another, “Olbermann” writes that “I could have Phil Griffin fired tomorrow if I felt like it, trust me. And if he keeps yapping about me in public, I may. For the moment, however, keeping Phil around is like having a drunk chimp in the office — more amusing than threatening.”

    The incendiary emails seemed too good to be true — and they were. They were sent from That’s an address that is not owned by Olbermann, but by Carlson. In July, Carlson announced that he had purchased the domain name, and told Politico that people could email him at — the same address that the emails to Bykofsky came from.

    On Tuesday night, Yahoo’s Michael Calderone reached Carlson by phone. Carlson confirmed that he had, in fact, sent the emails posing as Olbermann.”

  3. opulent2 says:

    Food Stamps Soaring all over the nation…WI, TX, UT, OH, FL, GA, KS, MN,OK,

    these red state folks gonna really hurt now…they wanted change and they ain’t gonna like the change their votes gonna get them!!

  4. opulent2 says:

    O this is just GREAT News!! hehehehe…let ’em infight! lovin it!! I hope the TeaParty side wins this ..cause it means Mcconnell will be booted in 2012 election…whoopee!

    “Total opposition to earmarking is a key tea party tenet, and the battle to get Republicans to voluntarily ban it in their ranks is already raging. Establishment leaders like Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — who favor earmarking for its time-honored electoral implications — are clashing with pro-ban Senators led by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), the body’s tea party hero.

    Lining up behind DeMint in the push to end earmarks are Sens. Jim Coburn (R-OK), John Cornyn (R-TX), John Ensign (R-NV) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) — along with Senators-elect Pat Toomey (R-PA), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Ron Johnson (R-WI).

    McConnell has reportedly been fighting behind the scenes to squash the proposed ban”

  5. opulent2 says:

    TEll it NANCY!!!…preach….stand your ground!!….

    “Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not give ground on her opposition to extending the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, even as the White House and other Democrats have signaled that it might be time to compromise.

    “It’s too costly. It’s $700 billion,” Pelosi told NPR this morning. “One year would be around $70 billion. That’s a lot of money to give a tax cut at the high end. And I remind you that those tax cuts have been in effect for a very long time, they did not create jobs.”

    • Ametia says:

      This is why they try and demean and dinegrate Pelosi; she’s EFFECTIVE!

    • opulent2 says:

      O and I think this line is priceless:

      “I remind you that those tax cuts have been in effect for a very long time, they did not create jobs.”

      It should be a talking point for every single Democratic..every time they bring up jobs..they should bring up the tax cuts..that costs us $700 billion and we had no jobs…in fact the GOP said it was a jobless recovery!!

      The only folks that felt the recovery part though were the rich getting richer!!

      O these dumbass masses gonna get what they voted for in spades!!

  6. opulent2 says:

    **********Breaking News Alert on DADT**********

    Without noting a dissent, but with Justice Kagan not taking part, the Court denied a gay rights advocacy group’s plea to block the military from enforcing the 1993 law that bars gays and lesbians from serving openly in the services. The order means the policy will remain in effect at least through March, unless Congress repeals it — an unlikely prospect.

    UPDATE 1:19 p.m. The Supreme Court, without noting any dissent, agreed on Friday to leave the military’s “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy in effect while its constitutionality is under review in lower courts. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy referred the issue to the full Court. Justice Elena Kagan took no part in the order.

  7. Black Postal Worker Gets SLAPPED By Racist Woman . . . And It’s CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!

    Naw Naw Naw…It couldn’t haven’t been me. I wish a mofo would…

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  9. opulent2 says:

    I agree that the Deficit Commission neeeds to GO!! They are fearmongering with Medicare and SS and will just polarize the politics of economy growth even further!

    “Senator Alan Simpson, the chairman of the bipartisan deficit commission, spent much of his life scolding people for being dependent on Social Security and Medicare and complaining that they didn’t save enough. Now, based on the draft proposal released yesterday, it appears that he and his co-chairman Erskine Bowles never departed from this attitude in steering their thinking.

    Given the state of the economy, the co-chairs’ report reads like a document from Mars. Just to remind those of us who earn their living on planet earth (outside of Wall Street), the country is suffering from 9.6 percent unemployment. More than 25 million people are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for work altogether. Tens of millions of people are underwater in their mortgage and millions face the prospect of losing their home to foreclosure.

    We did not get here because of government deficits, contrary to what Mr. Bowles seemed to suggest at the co-chairs’ press conference today. We got here because of the bursting of an $8 trillion housing bubble. This bubble was fueled by the reckless and possibly unlawful practices of the Wall Street banks, like Morgan Stanley, the bank on whose board Mr. Bowles sits.

    This is important background—because the economy’s current problem has nothing, zero, nada to do with deficits. Its problem is a lack of demand. If there were more demand, more people would be employed. The government is the only force capable of creating demand right now, since the housing bubble wealth that had been fueling the economy has largely disappeared. This means that if our commission co-chairs had ever bothered to look at the current deficit in the context of the economic crisis, they would be complaining that the deficit is too small rather than too large.

    Their ignorance of basic economics also leads them to hype unfounded fears about the longer-term picture. If they understood the fact that the current deficit is a support for the economy, rather than a drain on the economy, they would not be concerned about the buildup of debt taking place at the moment. There is no reason that the Fed can’t just buy this debt (as it is largely doing) and hold it indefinitely. (The Fed has other tools to ensure that this expansion of the monetary base does not lead to inflation.)

    That way, the debt creates no interest burden for the country, since the Fed refunds the interest to the Treasury every year. Last year the Fed refunded almost $80 billion in interest to the Treasury, nearly 40 percent of the country’s net interest burden. This means that the fears raised by Simpson and Bowles of an exploding debt reaching 90 percent of GDP by the end of the decade have no foundation in reality.

    The other fear that Simpson and Bowles raised, the Chinese holdings of debt, should be condemned as xenophobic fear-mongering. Insofar as China’s holding of U.S. assets is a problem, it is holdings of assets period, not just government bonds. If China holds $2 trillion of private stock, bonds, and other assets it has the same impact on the United States as if it held $2 trillion in government bonds. It represents money in interest, dividends, and profits that is flowing out of the United States and to China, meaning that we will be less wealthy since much of our future output will be income to foreigners, not to people in the United States.”

    • Ametia says:

      Agree. This panel or commission or whatever its calling itself is not selling Americans anything but fear. Same shit, different day. As usual, these idiots want to sale Americans the idea that their welfare is dependent on government, and therefore, the government can remove it.

      The rich want to continue stealing from us all by going after our hard earned benefits that we’ve worked all our lives for. They want to threaten the old and vulnerable with loss of theri SS and medicare benefits as a way to manage America’s debt. Total.fucking.bullshit!

  10. opulent2 says:


    This was an interesting article.

    It focuses on the coming political rhetoric and the underlying demographics that will drive the “debt and deficit” political arguments.

    “With resources shrinking, the competition for them will inflame. Each party will find itself in a death struggle to protect the resources that flow to its base–and, since the game will be zero-sum, each will attempt to expropriate the resources that flow to the other side. This resource war will scramble our politics. Each party will be forced to dramatically change its calculus and remake its agenda. And if you thought our politics had grown nasty, you haven’t even begun to consider the ugliness of the politics of scarcity.


    Republicans understand that one axis of the resource war will be generational. All of their vows to defend Medicare are coupled with attacks on Obama’s health care reform. They implicitly portray Democrats as waging an age war–creating a massive new government program that transfers dollars to the young at the expense of the elderly. Republicans have cleverly stoked the fear that Obama is rewarding all his exuberant, youthful, idealistic supporters by redistributing resources that are badly needed by the old.


    There’s no doubt which groups will prevail–and which will fall–in these wars. We can already see that the politics of scarcity will inflict the greatest wounds on the poor. The political vulnerability of programs serving impoverished minority constituencies is self-evident. The suffering caused by these cuts is a tragic consequence of this new dynamic. We will not have conceived cuts in a spirit of the common good, or with any eye to creating sound policy, but out of a sense of gamesmanship and the mean-spiritedness that is integral to intense competition over a shrinking pie.”

  11. opulent2 says:

    Generational and class divides..will definitely determine spending cuts. I found it interesting that Medicare recipients few those benefits as ‘earned’ vs. Medicaid being a ‘handout’. It did help explain why all those old folks did not think Medicare was government health care/socialized medicine….


    “”for all the pundit hilarity about people receiving socialized health insurance via Medicare railing against socialized health insurance, many of these folk think of their coverage as an earned benefit, not as any form of government largesse. So there’s nothing inherently implausible politically about the GOP just flatly defending Medicare (and for that matter, Social Security) while going after the lazy welfare bums under the age of 65. ….of an impending era of scarcity wherein politics is dominated by generational and class battles over who gets what from government. Thanks to the central position of older white voters in the GOP, and of Medicare in the federal budget, this nasty scenario could arrive a lot faster …..

  12. Ametia says:

    The White House Blog
    West Wing Week: “OCONUS – Outside the Continental United States”
    Posted by Arun Chaudhary on November 12, 2010 at 12:00 AM EST

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. On a special edition for the trip to Asia this week, walk step by step with the President as he meets with students, citizens, business leaders, and government officials in India, travels to Indonesia to extend a hand of friendship to the Indonesian people, attends the G-20 in Seoul, South Korea, and much more…

  13. opulent2 says:

    I should not even post this…but it is just so outrageous…I couldn’t help it. Nothing this man does surprises me. But it boggles my mind that folks actually believed his demented twisted views. Aaargh!! This is soooo UGLY..just hateful.

    “With Hoyer appearing to have the edge, Rush Limbaugh, that paragon of racial equality, argued yesterday that Democrats are deliberately snubbing Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American lawmaker in American history, because of racism. He then added that Clyburn wants to stay in the leadership so he can have a car and driver — but should, in Limbaugh’s vision, instead become Nancy Pelosi’s chauffeur.

    “A white, racist leadership of the Democrat party trying to ace out Clyburn.” […]

    “Clyburn’s new position: driving Ms. Nancy,” Limbaugh said. “He’s not in the back of the bus, he’s in the driver’s seat. And she’s in the back of the car being chauffeured.”

    Media Matters has the audio clip.”

  14. opulent2 says:

    Oh these folks learn FAST how to copy POTUS! Bet PBO can out-Reagan Thune’s reaganesque conservativism….hahahahaha POTUS gone kick his but with facts and votes ..that did not help the common man…watch.


    “The word establishment is not a good word. I am a Reaganesque conservative.”

    — Sen. John Thune, in a Fox News interview, objecting to being called an establishment candidate for president.

  15. opulent2 says:

    “undisclosed outside spending — “invisible-hand politics at its most insidious” — could play a major factor in the 2012 presidential race.

    “What congressional inaction means is that the theme song of the 2012 presidential campaign will be Cole Porter’s Anything Goes. Already, the Democrats are laying the groundwork for a new alms (not arms) race in which fundraising by shadowy liberal groups will match spending by subterranean conservative outfits. For every set of billionaire Koch brothers for the Republicans, the Democrats can counter with the likes of George Soros. The result will be the political version of Cold War overkill with both sides bristling with vast arsenals of negative ads, a thousand points of blight.”

    • Ametia says:

      We can all thank the SCOTUS & CITZENS UNITED for this.

      • opulent2 says:

        O but YES!!

        Heck you knew they were not going to allow a black man to revolutionize political fund raising via grassroots organization that catapulted him to the top of the heap vs. a 12year national political veteran!! He beat corporate America at their money game!!….StanleyAnn raised one helluva man!

  16. opulent2 says:

    America is headed out the world backwards!! Help us please, POTUS!

    “Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) — who claimed this week he is “uniquely qualified among a group of talented contenders to lead the Energy and Commerce Committee” — said that climate change should not concern us since God has already promised not to destroy the Earth,” the Toronto Star reports.

    Said Shimkus: “The Earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this Earth. This Earth will not be destroyed by a Flood. I do believe that God’s word is infallible, unchanging, perfect.”

  17. opulent2 says:

    Cindy is a women of INDEPENDENT means…like JennySanford..her parents left her loaded too…so they walk the line and talk the talk they want….lol lol…


    “Cindy McCain “stars in a dramatic advocacy video that says the government’s actions — including those supported by her husband, Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain — encourage anti-gay bullying in schools,” Yahoo reports.

    Said Mrs. McCain: “Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future… They can’t serve our country openly.”

    Washington Post: “This is not the first time Cindy McCain has parted ways with her husband on gay rights. She and her daughter, Meghan McCain, appeared in a print ad campaign in support of same-sex marriage even though Sen. McCain opposes it.”

  18. Ametia says:

    Obama arrives in Japan for economic summit
    Posted: Nov 12, 2010 6:17 AM by Bea Karnes
    TOKYO (AP) – President Barack Obama has arrived in Japan to attend a regional economic summit. It is the fourth and final stop on the president’s 10-day, four-country economic and goodwill tour of Asia.

    The president will spend Saturday and Sunday participating in meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. The group of 21 economies is taking steps to create a sprawling Pacific-wide free trade zone.

    Obama arrived in Japan on Friday after spending two days in South Korea at a separate economic summit, a meeting of the Group of 20 developed and developing economies.

    He suffered a setback there when the U.S. and South Korea failed to complete a long-sought, free-trade deal.

    Obama is due back in Washington on Sunday.

  19. Ametia says:

    Wall Street set to end 5 winning wks on commods slide
    By Edward Krudy
    NEW YORK | Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:14am EST

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street was set to end a five-week winning streak led lower by natural resource shares on Friday as expectations of a China interest rate hike hit commodity prices and sent local stocks into a tailspin.

    The Shanghai Composite Index .SSEC closed down 5.2 percent on Friday for its biggest percentage loss in over a year, while global commodities tumbled on speculation the central bank is about to raise interest rates to tackle inflation.

    Futures were solidly lower during the morning but trading was volatile at the lower levels in choppiness that could spill over after the open.

    “Right now the headwinds are slowly creeping back into the market,” said Ryan Larson, head of equity trading at Voyageur Asset Management in Chicago. “(There’s) an old saying that the market continues to walk a wall of worry. We’re seeing that wall build, and build right now.”

  20. Ametia says:

    Obama’s Indonesia speech bridges a divide

    By Edward Schumacher-Matos
    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Barack Obama this week gave one of the most powerful and convincing speeches of his presidency, rising above the morass of policy minutiae to connect with people’s emotions.

    Too bad he gave the speech in Indonesia.

    Obama spoke on religious and ethnic tolerance in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country. Coincidentally, the speech was delivered a week after the normally sensible residents of Oklahoma gratuitously attacked Muslims by voting to ban sharia, or Muslim religious law. They did so even though no one in this country was trying to introduce it and no Oklahoma court is known to have cited it.

    A federal judge this week issued a restraining order temporarily blocking the measure, but it comes on top of an ugly campaign season of baiting Muslims and immigrants, of tension-stoking by some Fox News commentators and of a sense of insecurity in the land – about terrorism, about lost jobs and about what many Americans see as threats to our culture.

    In Jakarta, Obama dropped the cool, professorial tone that has marked his presidential talks. While he usually argues well analytically, he has often failed to appeal to our better spirits, whether for the health of our citizens or the health of our economy. Obama recognized as much in his post-mortems of why the Democrats crashed in the midterms.

    But perhaps he felt liberated by returning to the land where once he was just a boy named Barry. He soared with inspiration, delivering a message designed for the Muslim world but as applicable to our own:

    • opulent2 says:

      What happened to the he ‘doesn’t connect with people’ he doesn know how to reach the ‘common man’? These folks are soooo rich with the BS!!

      Soaring speech because it was the country he was a boy in? Was that code for Muslim beginnings being his inspiration? Seems he conveniently forgot to mention how those folks honored his mother’s memory, eh? They forgot how the thing he said his mother believed in wasn’t religion, but empathy and compassion for others and empowering the weak and defenseless.

      We know how POTUS speaks…and this nation will be lucky to hear his superb oratory again….after all …they do nothing but complain…he makes fine speeches but where are the jobs!

      Then they refuse to cover his trip to Asia which was all about the economy and jobs!!


      • Ametia says:

        We know some folks in America aren’t going to give the Black President any credit, and frankly who gives a fuck if they don’t.

        And yes the trip was all about jobs, but as Van so succinctly told Cenk,” CRITICS” have jobs, other Americans don’t.

        The msm makes it’s living off critizing, drama, theatrics, and entertainment. Don’t look for any real journalism there. IT.IS.GONE!

      • opulent2 says:

        “Critics have jobs other Americans don’t!!”

        powerful….O I have to watch that video!!

      • Ametia says:

        The video with Van is a must see.

  21. Ametia says:

    Where’s the Democrats’ fighting spirit?
    By Eugene Robinson
    Friday, November 12, 2010

    “Why don’t they fight back?”

    That’s the question I’ve been hearing from the Democratic Party’s stunned and dispirited base. For the past month, I’ve been on a book tour that has taken me to Asheville, N.C., Terre Haute, Ind., Austin and elsewhere. Everywhere I go, supporters of President Obama and his agenda ask me why so many Democrats in Washington don’t stand up for what they say they believe.

    I confess that I don’t have a good answer. What I can say with confidence, however, is that the White House and Democrats in Congress ignore these grumblings at their peril. Call it polarization, call it conviction, call it whatever you like: These are not wishy-washy times. If you don’t stand for something, you get run over.

    We saw this principle in action last week. Anomie among the Democratic base was not the main reason the party suffered what Obama called a “shellacking” in the midterms, but clearly it was a factor. Elements of the party’s traditional coalition – minorities, women, young people – voted in much smaller numbers than they did in 2008. The “enthusiasm gap” turned out to be real, and it had real consequences.

  22. Ametia says:

    Obama says he’s not caving on tax cutsBy Ed Henry, CNN Senior White House CorrespondentNovember 12, 2010 8:12 a.m. EST

    Seoul, South Korea (CNN) — President Barack Obama declared Friday that his “number one priority” is preserving tax cuts for the middle class, and sharply denied that comments by his senior adviser David Axelrod suggest that his administration is about to cave in to Republicans who also want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

    “That is the wrong interpretation because I haven’t had a conversation with Democratic and Republican leaders,” Obama said of a Huffington Post article suggesting that in advance of negotiations with lawmakers next week, the White House has calculated that giving in on tax cuts for the rich is the only way to get the middle class cuts extended too.

    “Here’s the right interpretation — I want to make sure that taxes don’t go up for middle class families starting on January 1st,” Obama said at a news conference at the conclusion of the G-20 Summit here. “That is my number one priority for those families and for our economy. I also believe that it would be fiscally irresponsible for us to permanently extend the high income tax cuts. I think that would be a mistake, particularly when we’ve got our Republican friends saying that their number 1 priority is making sure that we are dealing with our debt and our deficit.”

    • Vettte says:

      “They” can’t stand the fact that the POTUS is not here in the US so they can pick at him the way they intended to after the midterm elections. Mad about it! But when every other POTUS faced adversity and fell back on the foreign relations part of the job to strengthen their perceptions, the MSM (“they”) never said a word.

      Stay away Mr. President, don’t come back to the voulchers.

    • Ametia says:

      Mornin’, Vette. POTUS gonna do what he’s got to do. the vultures aren’t going to stop circling their prey; it’s how they survive.

  23. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, 3 Chics, Friends, & Lurkers! :-)

    Happy FRY-day.

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