Senator Mary Landrieu Taken to The WOODSHED By Lawrence O’Donnell

From TPM:

Landrieu Blasts ‘Obama-McConnell’ Plan For Selling Out Black Voters

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) blasted President Obama’s tax cut compromise yesterday. She decried the “moral corruptness” of the idea of giving wealthy Americans a tax cut extension on the backs of poor and middle class workers.

To many, it came out of nowhere. After all, she voted for these tax cuts back in 2001, and, by her own admission, isn’t really known for taking on progressive causes against the center and the right. But check out this portion of her criticisms of the plan, which went unreported.

“I represent a broad constituency of hard-working, poor families, many of whom are African American,” Landrieu said. “The median net worth of African American families — net worth, not income — in this country today according to our Census is $5,000.” 

Bitch, please, since when have you ever cared about poor folks, let alone poor BLACK people.


There you go, Mr. O’Donnell.  BEAT.THAT.ASS.

This lil diddy goes out to Mary Landrieu and the HATERS.

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8 Responses to Senator Mary Landrieu Taken to The WOODSHED By Lawrence O’Donnell

  1. opulent2 says:

    Hey 3 chics!!

    Awesome take down by O’Donell!! Way 2 go! Put her on full blast for being one of the Dems that voted for Bush tax cuts and now wanna criticize Obama for extending them in order to get unemployment benefits for the poor and downtrodded.

    We see you Landrieaux!!


  2. Ametia says:

    Mother of God, no wonder parts of the south are still suffering….

    • Did this bitch care about African Americans when she stood with Kathleen Blanco saying :

      These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle-tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets.

      “They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

      “These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will.”

      Bitch, you voted for the Bush tax cuts and now you’re throwing the phrase “morally corrupt” around. You bitch!

    • Ametia says:

      That’s the LIE of the Democratic Party, that they are for the poor, the minority. Right, that’s why members of this party like Landrieu are running against the POTUS’ agenda.

      Legislation that will not only help level the playing field for blacks and other minorities, but help everyone this bitch and others like her squark and block.

      the POTUS is learning that these folks are only in it for their own white priviledged asses.

    • Ametia says:

      “If I vote for this, it will not be silently; it will be being dragged to this position,” Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) told reporters Tuesday. She suggested that she would publicly voice her displeasure from the Senate floor about the plan’s fiscal impact by saying, “I can’t imagine this president leading the country in that direction.”

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