The GRAND OLD PARTY WANTS YOU!

College educated, married, preggers, and home with the kiddies, that’s what the GOP congressman are advocating. 

This continued assault on women is obnoxious! 

Wake up folks!  Enough already, from these OLD white men and the old boys club dictating what women should be doing with their reproductive organs and how they should be living their lives.

We aren’t going back to the days of men in cigar smoked-filled rooms and brokering deals, while their women were held up as precious, delicate flowers, who remained at home, fulfilling their wifely, motherly duties.  That’s right, barefoot and pregnant.

Of course, we know that SOME Black women did not have the luxury of remaining home to care for their children.  The only way they could make a living was to leave their homes and take care of “Miss Ann’s”  babies.

From Think Progress:

*Republicans Officials Cut Headstart Funding:  Saying Women Should be Married and Home With Kids.

As ThinkProgress has reported, the right-wing has been undertaking a war on women, both at the national and state level. House Republicans, for instance, want to cut funding for a variety of programs affecting women’s health and reproductive rights, while Republican legislatures across the country are trying to legislatively restrict choice.

In yet another example, the Frederick County, Maryland, Board of County Commissioners voted to end the county’s contribution to its Head Start program, cutting overall funding for the program by more than 50 percent. Two of the Republican officials justified their decision to cut Head Start — which provides early childhood education to the children of low-income parents — by saying that women should really be married and home with their kids, thus rendering the program unnecessary:

COMMISSIONER C. PAUL SMITH (R): I think its very significant that we did make this marriage week announcement today, because that is the best long-term way to help our children, as marriage is strengthened in our community. As many of you know, I had a lot of kids, and my wife stayed home, at significant sacrifice, during those early years, because she knew she had to be with those kids at that critical age. I know everybody isn’t able to survive doing that, but clearly, as we can strengthen marriage we can decrease the children that we have to reach.

COMMISSIONER KIRBY DELAUTER (R): My wife, college educated, could go out and get a very good job. She gave that up for 18 years so she could stay home with our kids, we had to give up a lot to do that. I agree again with Commissioner Smith, you know, the marriage thing is very important. I mean, education of your kids starts at home, okay? I never relied on anyone else to guarantee the education of my kids.

There, the GOP has fixed it, for all you women who plan to get married and have family.  Get PREGANANT, STAY HOME, AND RAISE THE KIDS.  Let papa bring home the bacon, and you can fry it up in a pan.  And never, ever, ever, let him forget he’s a man.

**rolls eyes**

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    House GOP Strips Money From Planned Parenthood

    House votes to bar health overhaul implementation; Social Security furloughs threatened

    The Associated Press
    By ANDREW TAYLOR Associated Press
    WASHINGTON February 18, 2011 (AP)

    In rapid-fire action Friday, the Republican-controlled House voted to strip federal money from President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul and from Planned Parenthood and to bar the EPA from issuing global warming regulations.

    Upping the ante in the budget faceoff, the Obama administration warned that workers who distribute Social Security benefits might be furloughed if congressional Republicans force cuts in government spending.

    In a letter the Social Security Administration sent to its employees’ union, agency officials said that while no decision about furloughs had been made, they were possible “given the potential of reduced congressional appropriations.”

    The letter was circulated by congressional Democrats, who said such cuts could mean shuttered Social Security offices and delayed benefit payments. The letter’s distribution by Democrats underscored how the threat of jeopardizing Social Security payments is a potent political weapon.

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      Rep Speirs is all over cable networks tonight. And let’s get it STRAIGHT, MSNBC Abortion Rights are not under assault, WOMEN’s RIGHTS ARE UNDER ASSAULT!

  5. How does this not receive more negative press? This is a terrifying trend. Thanks for posting ladies. Well done as always.

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