Joe Scarborough Says Unions “Free-Ride” & Are “Greedy”

Joe Scarborough was really on a tear this morning. This clip is about his third rant in 45 minutes about how those poor Wisconsin children aren’t learning a thing because the selfish, piggish teachers are protesting at the Capitol.

REALLY, JOE?  THE TEACHERS ARE SELFISH & PIGGISH?  Right on cue with the Republican talking points.

All morning long, he framed the issue as a benefits issue. This is not — I repeat, NOT — a benefits issue. It is a question of the governor of a state spending that state’s surplus in order to create a crisis for the sole purpose of breaking unions.

When it was clear he wasn’t getting traction with his rants on the selfishness of teachers with regard to benefits, he ramped it up when he laid down an ultimatum: Public workers can live by the same rules as private workers or be unemployed.

Funny how Joe is so upset over workers protesting in Wisconsin, and places the blame squarely on them instead of the overreaching reactionary governor who manufactured a crisis to break unions. Back in the days of the health care town hall protests, he couldn’t wait to blame President Obama, calling him “the most polarizing President in history.”

Oh, I forgot to mention this, too. Joe just thinks these protests make Democrats look terrible, awful. Au contraire, Joe. It makes Democrats look like…Democrats. Which I suppose would look terrible to a conservative.

Full MSNBC transcript follows:

“Do those kids in the streets really think Andrew Cuomo or Jerry brown are doing this for their health.

The teachers ought to be in classrooms today.

Children are not learning in Wisconsin today because teachers don’t want to pay the same benefits — same money for benefits that rest of Americans have to pay. How sick is that? Far less.”

You can view the complete segment of Smarmy Joe’s bullshit here.

Joey Scar, you’re a REAL “LADY KILLER.”

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4 Responses to Joe Scarborough Says Unions “Free-Ride” & Are “Greedy”

  1. Ametia says:

    February 21, 2011 04:00 PM
    Joe Scarborough Whines About Meanies on the Left
    By karoli
    I am so tired of the constant drumbeat of false equivalence from the likes of Joe Scarborough. Right at the top of his show this morning he jumps out with a little whine in his coffee about how mean the awful left is to him, and how hateful their signs in Wisconsin are.
    How quickly they forget. I did a quick Google Image Search on “health care town halls” and then another on Wisconsin union protest signs. There’s no comparison. Not even close.

    Joe’s little rant follows last week’s rant where he called Wisconsin teachers “sick and selfish” for standing up for their rights instead of taking their medicine like everyone else. Of course, we all now know right from Governor Walker’s own lips that this isn’t about the budget, but about union-busting. He’s said it over and over again over the past three days. Yet no one took Scarborough to task for calling working people who want the right to collectively bargain “sick and selfish.” Not a one.

    About that whole civility thing, Joe. Let’s talk on that for a minute, because the language of hatefulness seems to be the native tongue of the Tea Party. Let me share a few email headlines I’ve received over the past couple of days, sent from Tea Party leaders to the Tea Party faithful.

    •President Stupid
    •Run by Fools
    •Obama’s Incredible Shrinking America
    Those are just a random sampling of headlines. The text is far worse. It’s an intentional effort to keep tea party members engaged by enraging them. Those email blasts go out at least three times every day to the membership with little teases in them like this:

    The socialists, from Obama on down, are spreading the word that if there is a government shutdown, the world as we know it will come to an end. There will be no military, security, air traffic control and grandma won’t get her social security check.

    Guess what? They are lying!

    Yeah, nothing to see here, move along. Sure, the lefties send emails like this to their members every single day, working them into a lather over the tiniest, most trivial, ginned-up issues. And yeah, sure we have a 24/7 propaganda machine called Fox News out there amplifying that rage for the world to see. Sure we do, Joe.

    People on the left understand that we have no mainstream media that can be considered “liberal.” At best, we get Rachel Maddow’s brilliance offset by Joe Scarborough’s whining ways on MSNBC. Meanwhile, Fox News just grinds out the propaganda hour after hour, day after day.

    So forgive me, Joe, if I don’t weep big salt tears for the nasty emails you receive. I’ll delete mine if you delete yours. That’s about all anyone can do.

  2. rodney lovett says:

    any agrument can be framed to a specific point, but facts and common sense should always win out. But the more one looks around , common sense is not so common and facts mean very little. Joe knows better. He supports walker. This is not about the budget but the chance of a life time to break the union. The political winds are prefect. The union has conceded on the benefits. So why or what does collective barginning has to do with the deficit? NOTHING!! Collective Barginning don’t cause the budget deficit in WI. but the Governor wants the public to think so. Again the union has conceded benefits but the republicans in WI is determine to break the unions that didn’t support the Governor. If this was not so, why aren’t all unions in the state treated the same in the proposal. POLITICS. Unions mostly support dems. so this would severly hurt the dems. ability to help candiates organize and raise money.

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