Pat BucKKKhanan Taunts Rev Al Sharpton With “Your BOY” In Reference to President Obama



We need to make this small, bigoted, little racist man DISAPPEAR.

Pat Buchanan with  Rev. Al Sharpton:

Pat BucKKKhanan:  “Your boy in the ring” 

Ametia:  He’s YOUR PRESIDENT, you racist fuck. 

Rev. Al:  “You mean my PRESIDENT.” Take care of your Tea party ‘BOYS.”  BAM!  See, this is why you got folks screaming about Rev. Al hosting in this time slot on MSNBC.  We need a voice to SMACK down this nonsense, and Rev. Al’s just the MAN to do it.

The media along with the GOPbaggers, and of course the racist pig Pat BucKKKhanan are doubling down on the stupid.  A little birdie told me that POTUS fared better from the manufactured debt-ceiling debacle than they are willing to admit.

I remember an old farmer who used to talk to the black elders in my community.

Boy:  “I don’t call you boy because you shine, I call you boy, because you mine.”

DICK, TAR BABY, AND BOY.  The white men are losing it.  Way too much BLACKNESS in the White House for them.  Better check yourselves dudes!  And folks where is the outcry when these bigots are allowed to fill the airwaves with such vile, racist disrespectful, and disgusting rhetoric.

Why are we allowing this kind of speak to become MAINSTREAM?   The propaganda machine  is ANTI-OBAMA.  Wake up my peeps!


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34 Responses to Pat BucKKKhanan Taunts Rev Al Sharpton With “Your BOY” In Reference to President Obama

  1. Joe Madison laid the smackdown on Heidi Harris! Ka Pow!

  2. The day of the Hobbits

    Mocked by the Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain as the little people of the “Lord of the Rings” books, the tea-party “Hobbits” are indeed returning to Middle Earth – to nail the coonskin to the wall.

  3. Ametia says:

    Republicans fit the profile of a classic abuser
    By Julie Driscoll, Chicago Liberal Examiner
    August 1, 2011
    As a former victim of domestic violence – in another lifetime – I learned a lot about the abusive personality. When it was over, and I was out, I became a domestic violence hotline counselor . . . the classes I took to train me for that taught me, one, that abusers aren’t psychotic, but instead have character disorders, and two, the abusive behavior isn’t uncontrollable – it’s a learned social behavior.

    Enter stage left, the Republicans – and their fringe faction that is really no longer fringe, the teabaggers.

    The behavior of the Republicans, in general, and most recently around the debt ceiling debate, reminds me vividly of the abusive personality that I engaged with daily, for years, until my divorce. No compromise was ever allowed – it was his way, or his other way. He never talked about the many ways in which he was wrong – it was “look what you made me do.” In his mind, the only one whose behavior needed changing was mine. Any abusive behavior of his was justified because, in his warped thinking, I provoked him. He used bullying and fear tactics and threats and intimidation to get his way; in the end, although never abusive to them, he used my kids as pawns in his abusive game. He refused to share responsibility in any part of our relationship breakdown; I owned it, lock, stock and barrel.

    If you break it down, how different is the behavior of a classic abuser than the behavior we’ve seen within the Republican Party – and, in particular, the teabaggers? When Mitch McConnell says that they’ll hold the debt ceiling hostage again down the road, I know what that means: Just as abusive personalities aren’t normally capable of rehabilitation, neither are the Republicans. Rehabilitation implies that there is a point of normalcy and compassion in the past to which one can return – I have yet to see that point for Republicans. They’re beyond redemption. Paul Krugman aptly pointed out that this recent debt ceiling debacle demonstrates that “raw extortion works and carries no political cost,” and that “irresponsible brinksmanship” is now “a proven effective negotiating tactic.”

    An abusive personality really doesn’t care who is caught in the crossfire: His desire for control, his low self-esteem and irrational, desperate need to be the winner at any cost trumps any scrap of humanity. Despite the fact that Republicans raised the debt ceiling more than 25 times under Republican presidents, their classically abusive personalities have risen to the fore under this President – at any cost, regardless of any harm to others, they will win. So what if the U.S. defaults? No biggie – if it makes President Obama look bad, if it increases the chances that he’ll be a one-term president, they’ll make a pact with any devil. So what if their newly-discovered “fiscal conservatism” trashes an already fragile economy, tanking the markets and creating even less of a chance of job creation? If that’s what’s required to be the victors in the game of chicken they’ve been playing with our lives, that’s what they’ll do. Their lack of humanity, their lack of a moral center, is truly breathtaking.

    I remember, during the days when I was on the receiving end of such bullying tactics, how my heart would pound and adrenaline would flow, how my stomach would knot up. I’ve felt that any number of times during this terrible summer, as progressives have fought for a toehold in the battle of integrity against a foe who has none. My gut has kept score . . . .

    A classic abusive personality generally uses sexually derogatory slurs against his victim; in this case, the Republicans use racial slurs against this President. Most recently, GOP Representative Doug Lamborn said that associating with President Obama was like touching a “tar baby.” In the current climate, these slurs are not dissimilar to the derogatory terms like “slut” and “whore” that classic abusers use to refer to their women. It’s how they engage – and how the Republicans have engaged politically ever since President Obama was elected.

    When you deal with an abusive personality, day after day, he grinds you down. Exhaustion takes over. Mental fatigue weakens your facilities. Hopelessness and fear and despair reduces your ability to fight. Sometimes, giving in to ridiculous demands is a relief – it stops the emotional, mental, and physical pain, even if only briefly. You think of leaving, but resist because on some level you know that your very life could be in danger if you do – and such fear is not misplaced; most women are killed at the point they are attempting to leave their abuser. And so, as goes domestic violence, so goes the Republican tactics. For every sane, rational plan put forward by Democrats, the Republicans upped the insane, irrational ante by demanding such things as a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution or no tax revenues. They refuse to take responsibility for the current debt crisis – instead, they blame President Obama for everything from TARP (which was implemented under Bush) to the two wars (again, owned by Bush) to the gas prices. And the Democrats, like every victim of bullying and abuse, know, on some level, that a refusal to comply will mean pain and suffering – for many, if not all, Americans. And so they comply . . . retaining as much dignity and integrity as they possibly can. But in the face of an abusive entity standing in a threatening manner in the doorway, they simply can’t walk through it. The danger is too great.

    Advertisement I understand that emotion; I lived it for far too long. The Republicans have bullied and threatened and extorted for a very long time, and they get away with it because they have something the Democrats will never have: A callous disregard for anyone standing between them and a win. An abuser will knock a child or anyone else out of the way in a rage, to reach the object of his obsessive fury; Republicans will knock this country out of the way in that same towering rage, carelessly tossing aside Americans, blaming others for their behavior, refusing to take responsibility for the current state, and never, ever compromising. Just as an abused woman puts her life in danger when she tries to leave, the Democrats know that they’ll put this country at great risk if they make their own demands and stand their ground – so they compromise.

    The thing about being an abuse victim, though – if you’re basically strong – is that the day comes when you fight back. The day comes when you pick up a Louisville slugger and look him in the eye and dare him to take one more step in your direction. It’s an empowering moment: You realize that bullies can feel fear, that abusers can be dissuaded, that you don’t have to fear walking through that doorway – you realize that you have little to lose by asserting yourself.

    I’m confident that this day will come for the country, for Democrats, for all progressives – the day when we will look the Republicans in the eye, brandish our symbolic Louisville sluggers, and say, “No more.” Domestic violence organizations have engaged the services of big, burly private detectives or cops to accompany women to court to face their abusers; it’s interesting, but the one thing abusers respond to is the prospect of being harmed themselves. When faced with a threat, they back down.

    Our threat, the greatest weapon we have at our disposal, is stripping Republicans of the one thing they value most: Power and control. In the next election, the teabaggers must be voted out. In 2012, we must re-elect President Obama. In 2012, we must send a clear message that abuse will not be tolerated, thuggery will not be accepted, and that we will call their every bluff. Our power is in the strength of our integrity – and our ability to scream bloody murder when we’re threatened by forces that we know have no interest in our well-being. Abusive men say they love us, just as Republicans say they love this country. Republicans say that their behavior is justified to save America from the evil scourge of liberals, just as abusive men claim their behavior is justified to save themselves from a conniving bitch.

    The cycle of violence is clear: Whatever it takes to drive her away, followed by everything it takes to win her back. We, as progressives, are required, obligated, to stop the cycle of Republican violence against Americans. We will stop it with the power in our numbers, with the power of our votes, with the power of our loud voices. Information is a powerful thing, the truth even more so.

    In the movie, “The Burning Bed,” the female protagonist played by Farah Fawcett poured gasoline on the bed and lit it on fire, killing her abusive husband. When it comes to Republican policies, Republican hypocrisy, Republican carelessness with our lives, I’m prepared to light the match.

    Continue reading on Republicans fit the profile of a classic abuser – Chicago liberal |

  4. Ametia says:

    Obama’s not ‘your boy’ he’s our president
    By Goldie Taylor
    8:36 AM on 08/03/2011

    Who you calling a boy?

    If we didn’t hear him right the first time, MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan said it again. He repeatedly referred to President Barack Obama as a “boy” on national television.

    Without so much as a whiff of hesitation, and even after being admonished by none other than Reverend Al Sharpton, Buchanan refused to apologize or even acknowledge his mistake. Instead, he answered Sharpton’s instant rebuke with a laugh. In fact, he chuckled. And then he said it again.

    Not only is President Obama hours away from his 50th birthday, he is today, and will be tomorrow, president of these United States — still the most economically and politically powerful democracy in the world. While we do not always agree with his policy positions and even take issue with his politics, he is the president — our president. Duly elected by voters from sea to shining sea in 2008, he now calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

    But it would not matter if he lived in a tony, gated suburb, in a card box under a bridge or off of MLK Drive. He still is a man. A grown man.

    Read the rest here:
    **CAUTION** opening the link; the mug might give you a heart attack

  5. Ametia says:

    Sharpton then said: “He’s nobody’s boy. He’s your president and he’s our president. And that’s what you all have got to get through your head.”

    Please, Rev. Al. That racist pig and his ilk will never claim the Black man as their TRUE president.

  6. Ametia says:

    Pat Buchanan clarifies ‘your boy’ comment about Obama

    Read more:

    By REID J. EPSTEIN | 8/3/11 6:51 AM EDT Updated: 8/3/11 7:46 AM EDT
    MSNBC Commentator Pat Buchanan on Wednesday said that he meant no offense when he told a clearly stunned Rev. Al Sharpton that President Barack Obama was “your boy.”

    “Let me clarify something that happened last night on the Al Sharpton show,” Buchanan began his remarks after being introduced on “Morning Joe.”

    A very spirited discussion, I was asked who was the big losers in these battles and the big winners, and I said one of the big losers, using boxing terminology, was ‘your boy,’ and I meant the president of the United States,” Buchanan said.

    “Rev. Sharpton said my boy is the president of the United States and he’s doing a rope-a-dope in the Ali fashion and he’s going to finish off your crowd. Now this was taken, some folks took what I said as some kind of slur. None was meant, none was intended, none was delivered, for the record,” Buchanan added.

    Sharpton was taken aback by Buchanan’s use of the phrase and the comment led to outrage on liberal blogs to call for his suspension or ouster from MSNBC.

    On Tuesday night, during a discussion in which Buchanan and Sharpton debated whether Congress and Obama would extend the Bush tax cuts, Buchanan said: “And let me tell you, your boy, Barack Obama, caved in on it in 2010 and he’ll cave in on it again.”

    Sharpton, appearing stunned, interjected: “My what? My president Barack Obama? What did you say?”

    Buchanan replied: “He’s your boy in the ring, he’s your fighter.”

    Read more:

    None was meant, non was delivered, none was intended

  7. Ametia says:

    The clowns were on parade this moring on MJ. Halperin, Barnacle, Racist B, Joey Scar, and Clever and another black commentator. More of the other side does it bullshit, and a faux discussion on the uncivility in congress. that includes Joe, “you lie” Wlison. Twitter must of lit up ole pat’s ass yesterday, because they usual supsects were trying to show they care about the racist bullshit that they spew and cover each and every day. We’re watching you Joe Scarborourgh and MSNBC. And it is NOT PRETTY!

  8. Ametia says:

    Here’s why they’re mad

    MILLER: Obama’s grand slam
    Republicans fold as U.S. continues on path toward economic disaster
    By Emily Miller
    -The Washington Times

    President Obama wanted three things from the debt-ceiling fight: trillions in new borrowing authority, status quo on spending and no more drama before his shot at re-election. He got everything.

    Republicans in control of the House could have refused to raise the debt ceiling, but their leaders were afraid. They believed failing to raise the debt ceiling would lead to a default and a disastrous reduction in America’s credit rating.

    So the leaders struck a final deal that will drive the nation’s debt up to $16.7 trillion, and rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are poised to downgrade U.S. credit anyway.

    GOP leaders claim they cut the best deal possible in a divided government.

    “This is very important for our fiscal future, but it’s also important for the fact that our economy needs to get going,” House Speaker John A. Boehner said on Monday. “Beginning to take steps toward fixing our fiscal problems will, in fact, provide more confidence for employers in America.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Sunday night that the deal “will ensure significant cuts in Washington spending.”

    That’s an exaggeration. The bill would cut a minuscule $7 billion in 2012 and $3 billion total in 2013 – the only enforceable years. Meanwhile, the nation will continue to borrow at a rate of $100 billion a month.

    The second tranche of “cuts” will be left up to a new bipartisan committee tasked with finding up to $1.5 trillion in savings. There are a bunch of gimmicks involved, but essentially we’re supposed to believe that even though Congress can’t cut a days’ worth of spending now, it’s somehow going to have the fortitude to reduce spending by far greater amounts down the road.

    It’s likely to be the opposite, as Mr. Obama is already eyeing this “super committee” to fast-track tax hikes, saying on Sunday night, “I’ll continue to make a detailed case to these lawmakers about why I believe a balanced approach is necessary to finish the job.”

    Worst of all for conservatives is that there will be no Balanced Budget Amendment. The deal sets a token vote in the fall and a trigger if the joint committee fails to complete its work. Without the leverage of the debt ceiling, it’s simply not going to get enough Democratic votes.

    Mr. Boehner arguably put his speakership on the line last week to get a bill passed that increased the debt ceiling only until early 2012. Two days later, the president walked away with a deal that lets him get through the next election.

  9. GGail says:

    I sent a nicely worded email to MSNBC about Pat Buchanan’s disrespect towards our President of the United States, Barack Obama and that he should be removed as a political commentator. Everyone who watches or knows someone who watches Rev Sharpton, should email, call, tweet MSNBC management and let our voices be HEARD!

    • You got it. The racist are coming apart at the seams because they cannot stop the President so they resort to nasty racism. It’s all they have! Sorry bee.itches!

    • Ametia says:

      HI GGail; yes; that’s the way to do it. Tweet, email and boycott. the sponsors will get the message.

    • Ametia says:

      Remember PBO called out the troops last week for us to call congress. He knows we tweet, blog, email, etc. And he also knows we know the lying, nasty, ways of the media. Hell he has to circumvent those assholes to speak to us.

      Right now the media is in full anti-Obama mode. Their meme, he’s losing his base, he’s weak, he’s not communicating to the American people. Ummm yes the president is; you bitches in the media are DISTORTING what he says, or deliberately OMITTING facts and his accomplishments. MSNBC is turning into FOX, just like CNN, CAN’T.TRUST.THEM

  10. esther says:

    This is my first time replying here but its not just buchanan on msnbc , its joe scarborough, rachel maddow, ed schultz and andrea mitchel. They may not use racist words, but they do everything they can to undermind this president. If we as AA believe that msnbc is liberal that is a mistake. They tolerate all kind of disrespect that is directed at this president.

    • Welcome to 3 Chics, Ester! You’re not kidding about all of the above. Morning Joe needs to be GONE! It’s nothing but a platform for white guys to bash, belittle, & undermine everything our President is doing! No way in hell could a black man have a show on MSNBC after finding a dead girl in his office!

      • Ametia says:

        LOL telll the truth, SG2. Moaning Joke parades a panel of white, insecure, frat boys performing a circle jerk to make themselves feel important.

    • Ametia says:

      You’re absolutely right. the media at LARGE is ANTI-OBAMA. Joeydeadinternintheoffice starts the day by calling the president Barack Obama. It just kills these mofos to call him president, they’d choke on it, if they were held at gun point to say PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

      Andrea Mitchell has a much credibility, as a banker on Wall Street, with her hubby Alan Greenspan making the WALL OF SHAME during the 2008 WS meltdown

      Rachel Maddow thinks she’s SMARTER than the POTUS, and goes completely ballistic over gay rights when she covers them. She’s a LIAR and said the POTUS didn’t like what happened in NY same sex marriage. WHAT A LIAR

      Ed Schultz, he’s a screaming idiot who told progressive NOT to vote last year, and when they didn’t vote and we got the racist baggers in congress, he’s blaming President Obama for the shitty congress.

      Let’s get to Rev. Al. They can put him in that Cenk’s slot and think we will tolerate the rest of the white MSNBC host attempts to belittle, demean, bash, and disrespect our POTUS. HELL NAW!!!!!!

      BOYCOTT all those bitches!

  11. Buchanan knows what the word “boy” means to African American men. It originated during slavery to belittle black men and was used throughout the Jim Crow era to demoralize black men and strip them of their manhood. Buchanan meant it as the ultimate disrespect towards our President and use it as an in your face moment to taunt Rev Al. I loathe that wicked racist sob!

  12. TrumpDog says:

    Buchanan has been saying sh!t like this for awhile. Seems to be ok, as many in the Republican Party are ramping up their snide comments more and more (i.e. tar baby). At this point, I don’t even think if Buchanan said the n word that he’d be fired from MSNBC

    • Ametia says:

      Hi TrumpDog; this is the thing, it’s just become expected and accepted that this speak is given air time by these racist. They must be SQUASHED.

    • I’ll bet if MSNBC were to be hit in the pocketbook it’ll get their attention. They understand money. It’s their God! If MSNBC doesn’t fire Buchanan , then you start going after their advertisers. I’m sure Color of Change is probably all over it as we speak. Imus & Beck got their wake up call when advertisers started leaving. Go after MSNBC’s money!

  13. Call NBC @ 212) 664-4444 to demand Pat Buchanan be FIRED!

    MSNBC President Phil Griffin 212-664-2456.

  14. Buchanan knew what he was doing. He wanted to say the word “boy” on a show Rev Al is hosting so it could be an in your face moment. Buchanan wrote:”Blacks Should Be Thankful For Slavery”. Why is this racist prick given a platform on MSNBC? Now he has called the President of the United States a “boy”! My blood has reached the boiling point! Does Pat Buchanan speak for MSNBC? People have constantly complained about Buchanan’s racism only to be ignored by MSNBC. Boycott their *ss. Hit them in the pocketbook!

    • Larry Brawley says:

      No bigger racist then Al Sharpton. Calling someone boy is not racist. Buccanaan did not say it in a racist way and you and Al Sharpton know it.

      You people make me laugh. What about calling tea party people tea baggers?

      You people are hypocrites. Thats right, I said you people 3 times.

      Get a life!

      • Pat Buchanan has a history of racism against anyone non white. He is a racist prick of the highest order and knew exactly what he meant. He needs smacking in the face! Calling a black man “boy” originated during slavery & the Jim Crow era & was used to belittle & demoralize black men and strip them of their dignity. This is the same sob that wrote “Blacks should be thankful for slavery”. So blacks should be thankful for the brutal rapes, beatings, torture, selling off their children, husbands, wives or being chained & owned by others to do their work? Lazy mofos! I’d advise you not to call any black man a “boy” if you value your teeth or your face intact. Teabaggers started calling themselves the word and frankly I don’t give a rats ass what you or them think. They’re ignorant racists mofos who can’t handle a black man sitting in the Oval Office. Well, the teabaggers and you better get a life because the country has moved on. If you don’t like it…leave!

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