London Bridge Is Falling Down: Darcus Howe Tells Us WHY

Why is London burning, and who is telling the TRUTH?

Remember this old nursery rhyme?

Mark Duggan killed by UK police, sparks London unrest

No go, Fiona Armstrong!  Mr. Howe is not falling for the old painting the negro thuggery

“Have some respect for an old West Indian negro instead of accusing me of being a rioter.”

Who is Darcus Howe?

From the Wiki: 

Darcus Howe (born 1943) is a broadcaster and columnist, who lives in Brixton, South London, England. 

Howe was born in Trinidad and Tobago, the son of an Anglican priest. He left Trinidad for London aged 18[1] to enter the legal profession at Middle Temple, but he swapped the law for journalism. He returned to Trinidad, where his uncle and mentor, radical intellectual CLR James, inspired Howe to combine writing with political activism. A brief spell as assistant editor on the Trinidad trade union paper The Vanguard was followed by return to Britain as editor of British magazine Race Today.

He became a member of the British Black Panther Movement, and in August 1970, following a protest, Howe was arrested and tried for riot, affray and assault.[2] He and his “Mangrove Nine” co-defendents, were acquitted of charges after a trial at the Old Bailey.[3] Later, he was the editor of the magazine Race Today and was imprisoned for three months for assaulting a police officer. The celebration following his release was recalled in the song Man Free by poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. The central lines of the song describe Howe’s legal fight: “I stand up in the court like a mighty lion, I stand up in the court like man of iron, Darcus out of jail, Shabba!”.

Howe organised the 20,000 strong Black People’s March 1981 claiming official neglect and inefficient policing of the investigation of New Cross Fire in which 13 black teenagers died.

What say you, 3 Chics community; race riots, thuggery, police, brutality, hack media, civil unrest, economic disparity in the UK; sound familiar? 

 Is the USA headed for a revolution of its own?


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7 Responses to London Bridge Is Falling Down: Darcus Howe Tells Us WHY

  1. Ametia says:

    David Cameron considers banning suspected rioters from social media
    Source: Guardian UK

    David Cameron has told parliament that in the wake of this week’s riots the government is looking at banning people from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook if they are thought to be plotting criminal activity.

    The prime minister said the government will review whether it is possible to stop suspected rioters spreading online messages, in his opening statement during a Commons debate on Thursday on the widespread civil disorder for which MPs were recalled from their summer recess.

    Answering questions after his statement, the prime minister added that the home secretary, Theresa May, will hold meetings with Facebook, Twitter and Research In Motion within weeks to discuss their responsibilities in this area.

    Cameron also said that broadcasters – including the BBC and Sky News – have a responsibility to hand over unused footage of the riots to police.

    Read more:

  2. The way that woman disrespected and treated Mr Howe was disgraceful and is an example of the strained race relations in the UK. America is not the only place where POC are profiled, marginalized and abuse by police. Some UK politicians have campaigned and won on stopping immigration and even deporting legitimate POC citizens.

    Racism and bigotry are ugly, pervasive and not confined to the US alone. We here are so fortunate to have a leader like President Obama. And, SG2, I say AMEN to your prayer. Thank you.

  3. GGail says:

    “Have some respect for an old West Indian negro instead of accusing me of being a rioter.”
    Good for Mr. Howe! and shame on Fiona Armstrong!!!! I agree with Mr. Howe when he says that the governments are not listening. However, I do believe our President Obama hears and knows what could happen here if dissatisfaction continues to mount regarding the Republican’s negative stance in our Government. Thanks 3Chics for bringing this to our attention.

    • Hi GGail,

      You’re spot on, GGail. I concur. Lets keep our President covered with prayers. The enemy has unleashed and all out assault on our President but we stand on God’s word in Isaiah 54:17… No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Gail; I concur. As evidenced by the media, and especially the cavilier way Fiona conducted herself with Mr, Howe, is it any wonder citizens are so misinformed?

      Just disgraceful, but Mr. Howe gave her the 411.

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