Van Jones’ “Rebuild The Dream” Takes Action On Jobs

Van Jones on The Last Word last night.  His organization Rebuild The Dream is Takin’ IT to the Streets next week.  Look out Tea Party!  The Middle class ain’t having it.  It’s about time, folks!

Catch the conference live streaming beginning Tuesday, October 3, here.


3 Chics tribute to Van and the CAUSE:

Will any one from the 3 Chics community be attending the conference and rally next week?  We’d love to hear from you.

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11 Responses to Van Jones’ “Rebuild The Dream” Takes Action On Jobs

  1. NMP says:

    “This is what Democracy looks like!”–Tiffany Loftin

    I attended the “American Dream Movement” rally today on Capitol Hill, otherwise known as the Van Jones rally. It was a relatively small but impressive and energetic gathering of middle class and working class folks, white collar and labor, black and white all standing together for jobs, equal opportunity and justice.

    I arrived late, so I’m not sure how much I missed, but there were a diverse range of speakers, from senior to youth. The audio system wasn’t working well, so even in close proximity to the stage it was difficult to hear. It didn’t much matter as we were feeding off of each others’ energy.

    The highlight by far was a young woman named Tiffany Loftin, who didn’t need a mic. With the enthusiasm that Van Jones introduced her I knew she must be something special, and she didn’t disappoint. She pumped the crowd with a rhythmic back and forth, “This is what democracy looks like!” Only thing missing was a drum beat. She spoke passionately and eloquently about living democracy and social justice for only a few minutes, but the crowd wanted more. She’s definitely a future leader to look out for.

    The theme threading through the speeches especially with Van Jones closing statement is patriotism is more than just putting on a funny hat and advocating the end of government. Patriotism is making government work for the people—all the people–not demolishing it.

    Lastly, I couldn’t write about a Van Jones rally without noting that he is as fine in person as he is on tv.

    Well, that’s how I spent my lunch break today, feeding my fighting spirit. It was definitely a good warm-up for the 13 month battle ahead.


    • Ametia says:

      LOL Now, NMP1, 3 Chics would be greatly disappointed if you didn’t meantion how FIONE! Van Jones is! Thank you so much for the recap. I was so energized just reading about Tiffany Loftin. And she’s right; this is what democracy looks like. Americans gathering and speaking out for what is RIGHT & JUST. Appreciate your stopping in and bringing a bit of the event to 3 Chics. Please don’t be a stranger.


  2. Ametia says:

    Bogger NMP1 is attending the conference /rally and will bring her commentary to 3 Chics. Stay tuned. :-)


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