Grover Norquist, The GOP’s Other Party Leader Surfaces to Shift Focus Back to Tax Cuts

Since the GOP presiential field have all gone LOONEY TUNES over social issues like, vaggie probes, abortion, contraceptives, gay rights, same sex marriage, and SPONSORS of #1 Leader of the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh’s radio show are dropping their ads faster than you can say:  THIS IS A STICK UP; DROP YOUR WALLET!  Norquist has reared his bearded head again on Morning Joe. He blames President Obama for tax increases, meaning letting THE BUSH TAX CUTS EXPIRE, and he’s speaking out against OBAMACARE.


Yes, Grover, we know it’s tough letting go of an idea your 12 year old boy brain concocted. LMBAO

NORQUIST: My team is winning and it can be taught to Harry Reid. He wanted a $2.5 trillion tax increase last year and he didn’t get it.

BEE: Your team is winning? It’s like you came up with this whole idea when you were twelve.

NORQUIST: It was something I came up with when I was twelve, to get a teacher to…

BEE: I’m sorry, what did you say? You came up with this idea when you were…

NORQUIST: Seventh grade.

BEE: …in seventh grade?

BEE (off camera): Yes, the entire federal government is paralyzed because of a document, written by a twelve year old, in 1968.


The thoughts of a 12 year old cartoon boy Pictures, Images and Photos

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2 Responses to Grover Norquist, The GOP’s Other Party Leader Surfaces to Shift Focus Back to Tax Cuts

  1. rikyrah says:

    they are scrambling like roaches when the lights come on. They see that their culture war


    is failing – BIG TIME

    so, now, they want to go back to Tax CUTS

    hint…that’s not a fight they can win either…but, I’m welcome for them to try that nonsense again.

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