Jim Vance, Washington, DC News Anchor & Father “The Talk” & Stand Your Ground

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  1. savage says:

    Patriach Member of DownNDirty, MC
    April 3, 2012

    Greetings Brother, Jim Vance,
    As you know the world has been supporting the family of Trayvon Martin in their own way.
    We as bikers have decided to form a peaceful ride in support to this family.
    Personally, I know you have a special passion for the 2 wheels. We here at DownNDirty, MC would love to have you ride and support this cause. Perhaps speak to the bikers on our return to the clubhouse.
    We have invited Big Tigger who supports DownNDirty’s affairs, and our neighborhood pastor and yourself to speak at the end of the ride.
    We have several D.Js from WPFW Radio who will annouce it on their show on (Saturday 4-7-2012.)
    We were informed that a National Ride has already been formed around the world for Easter Sunday
    Here in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC would also like to be involved as we ride into this historical event. All for a good cause!
    Refreshments will be served on our return
    Perhaps you can give out a “ShoutOut “to the media about what we are going to do. If I can get back with you in reference to:
    • the time we will gather to meet
    • what time kick-stands go up
    • the route we will be taking
    Feel free to replyto this e-mail: gobarbados2@yahoo.com
    E-mail: savagednd@hotmail.com
    Call: 202-420-6895

    Patriach Member of DownNDirty, MC

  2. Ametia says:

    Mr. Vance, you broke it down, from REAL TIME EXPERIENCE. Thank you!

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