Photos: NAACP Protest Rally 4 Trayvon Martin

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  1. Trayvon Martin’s parents seek federal review of prosecutor

    (CNN) — Trayvon Martin’s parents will ask the U.S. Justice Department to review a local Florida prosecutor’s interactions with police investigating the teen’s shooting death, the family’s lawyer said.

    The Justice Department launched an investigation into Martin’s death on March 19, but the family is now asking it to look for possible interference by State’s Attorney Norm Wolfinger’s office with Sanford, Florida, Police Detective Chris Serino, attorney Ben Crump said.

    The Martin family will send a formal request to the Justice Department Monday, Crump told CNN Sunday.

  2. Ametia says:


  3. johnnie stallings says:

    this morning I read that zimmerman daddy is a retired judge . please verify. also I just saw juan williams on fox saying we should not compare this case to emitt tille because they were different,he said he dosnt see outrage when there is a black on black crime and that 90% of crime is black on black crime. We must pray for people like williams who has a voice but has to say what white people pay him to say or he wouldn’t have a voice at all. I still believe that God is pulling all of these people out of there closet so the world can see who they are and what is really in their hearts. Peole like limbaugh,oreilly cain olive,west ect. Thank you God you are making the changes through President Obama and all of the people who has eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying. The change is HERE and HEAR.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      Yes, Zimmerman’s dad is a retired judge and Since Robert Zimmerman has injected himself into the case by claiming his son talked to him about the killing, his phone records need to be checked. If he made a call to the State Attorney’s office then he needs to be charged with obstruction of justice.

    • Ametia says:

      3 Chics has a thread up about Juan & Faux Noise’ denial. WE want justice for Trayvon

    • Ametia says:

      You are correct, Ms. Walker. Zimmerman knows soooo much about the SANFORD POLICE DEPT. That’s why he hasn’t been arrested. THIS SHIT IS DEEP.

      And for you to pray for him and mention that his family should look out for his safety is correct too. Folks are NOT going to rest until Trayvon gets JUSTICE, by any means necessary, and you know this too.

  4. Ametia says:

    I’d say the rally was a success. Keep at it folks! Great gallery, SG2. Thank you.

  5. Karen Hunter ‏ @karenhunter:

    If white folks can say to themselves, “Yes, I can see how he saw #Trayvon as a threat,” then we have a much bigger problem.

    • Ametia says:

      And I’d say, I can see how these white folks would view Trayvon as a threat through their fearful, white privileged lens. They’re just like Zimmerman.

      “We want arrests, shot in the chest,”

  6. The Raw Story ‏ @RawStory:

    Forensic experts: Zimmerman was not crying for help on 911 tapes

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