President Obama Speaks On The Economy In Ohio

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Full video of speech here:

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2 Responses to President Obama Speaks On The Economy In Ohio

  1. I know this is’t exactly what ,your disscusing, but I could’t stop myself after hearing the marvelous indorsment,that romney received from that has been,gun toting moran ted nudgent.He is the most vile threat to women,and worst of all he threatend our president,and there is no outradge,from the top republicans to denounce what ted nugent said,what huckabee said(and he’s some kind preacher) please tell me the name of his church,because I want to make sure I never go near there,actually,I bet our god and jesus have never been to his chruch either,I’m possitive a man like huckabee would’t let our kind of christians in even if it was god.Our god is compasinate,loving and our bible teaches if a man is cold,you you keep him warm,if he’s hungry you feed him,if he has no clothes you cloth him.Romney, his rich buddies are the wealthy republicans in congress,have no clue to what the american people want.He want’s devision,more money for rich,while the working person gets squat.And can you actually belive the so called secret service said nugent didn’t say any thing wrong.Do any of you remember,the dixie chicks,telling there audiance they were embarresed,that he was from Texas,and they were blackballed,and didn’t preform for a very long time.It’s apperant that republicans can lie,call dems in congress,comunist’s,they call our president,hitler,a witch doctor,we have santorum saying not black people want free government money,but (I didn’t say black I said blah people)what the hell are they,then he called them nigs,Oh! I said negosiate.What the hell is wrong with these people, are these raciest morans trying to tell us they didn’t say any of these things,do they really precive that we are that ignorant,and don’t see what they are doing,Our president,is the best thing that has happened to the years,and the republicans can’t handle the wonderful job he’s done not always perfect,but he doesn’t use our government to do illeagle acts,as our past administration.wiretapes with out a signed warrents,which is a felony,do you see either of them being prosecuted?They made up there own rules,and gave huge tax breaks,to there rich buddies,and screw the hard working american’s that do the right thing,pay there taxes,uphold our laws,raise our children to be honest and desent american’s who go to war,and die for us.When Romney was asked why his boy’s didn’t serve,his answer was(“They are working for me on my campaigne”)And frrankly I’m tired of his constant lies,from minute to minute,and when the recorded clips are played back he say’s I never said that or I misspoke, and then he professes he’s a christian,God help us,is this what it means to be a morman,we need to make sure this boob,never gets voted in as president,romney is worse than GW Bush I didn’t think it was possible, for the republicans to find another moran,where Cheny pulled the strings,while Bush flapped his mouth,and moved his arms up and down,and giggiled like a little girl.
    The problems with the president’s security actually scares me or the nasty pictures of our soldiers with body parts I feel that some of these problems are just to embaress the president. We have to do as much as we can to reelect President Obama.Romney will ruin the lives of the ordinary men and women It will go back to the 1940’s the rich will own everything and we’ll have nothing.Check out the movie The Grapes of Rath,and you will have a clear picture of what our life will be.And they profess there isn’t a war on women,bull the do nothing congress didn’t even pass the violance against women act,ladies we cannot let them get away with this,how much more are we going to have taken away from us,I belive it’s time to kick ass and we need to start with the republicans first,if they’re not going to stand with us we need to vote to get rid of them,if you didn’t do your job your boss would fire you,i feel we should do the same,we are there boss,if they can’t handle what we hired them to do,kick-em to the curb.People are starving in america and romney doesn’t want to eat a cookie because they look like they were bought at 7 eleven,what a snob,kids who have nothing to eat,and jackass sticks his nose in the air.Apperantly he’s to good to eat store bought cookies,he doesn’t have a clue what ordinary people are about.Good people care he doesn’t,do not vote for him.

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