VIDEO: Six Year Old Kindergartner Handcuffed & Jailed Immediately | George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin 2-26-12 & Arrested For Second Degree Murder 4-11-12= 45 Days!!



Police Handcuff 6-Year Old Girl After She Throws ‘Temper Tantrum’ at School

The principal Dray Swicord  just wanted some peace like the Martin family, I guess…

George Zimmerman’s arrest helps Trayvon Martin’s family find peace



What is the justice system doing to our Black youth?

Could the school Principal have handled Salecia Johnson outburst differently?

Is it fair to ascribe “family abuse” and “special needs” label to Salecia’s behavior without the facts?

What role does the family play in the beahvior of Salecia and how should they proceed with the handcuffing incident?

Your comments, views are appreciated here.

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9 Responses to VIDEO: Six Year Old Kindergartner Handcuffed & Jailed Immediately | George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin 2-26-12 & Arrested For Second Degree Murder 4-11-12= 45 Days!!

  1. johnnie stallings says:

    I am asking please that if you read this read with your heart,because temper tantrums among preschooler is a real problem. I understand your point I am sorry that this method was used. there was a time teachers could restrain a child who was having a tantrum and DCF explained how,now teachers are told that you can not touch a preschooler who is acting out so what do you while they are throwing chairs other items, kicking and biting calling the teacher mf, bitches and other unbelievable names several times a day. When you call their parents they blame you.I worked with preschooler for 30 yrs and each year it gets worst because the blame is on the teacher. If a child hit you in your face parents will say I do not believe in spanking and they do not do this at home. The child hears this and keep it up. there are more preschooler put out of school because teacher are told they can not do anything but write them up. Some p schooler will attack other children several time a day. People this is a real problem. I know this could have been handle differently but it need to be address as to what can we do as a community for our children.

  2. rikyrah says:

    when grown folks can’t handle children

    they need to get new jobs

  3. What is this world turning our people into.Are you kidding,yes I have seen children lose control,but how did the adults lose there control,to talk and calm a six year old down.If your adult teachers,and school administraters can’t settle a six year old child meltdown what are they doing with our kids.Is that the best that the police can do,handcufffs and jail.Did her head spin around and did she vomit green slime,what in gods name are you doing to our children.Maybe shut up would have worked.You know what I think our police,judges,and authorty figures,should be giving a drug test before they can pick up a paycheck,they do work for us you know.They had to be on something,to arrest a six year old,did she have a weapon,did she bite,spit,kick or grab either officer,come on people someone nuts,and I don’t think it was the kid.

  4. aquagranny911 says:

    This is disturbing on so many levels & I have more questions than answers….

    Is this the first time the child acted out in this manner? If so, why weren’t the parents or some family member called immediately to come deal with her?

    If the child has a pattern of this kind of behavior why hasn’t the school system had her tested & evaluated for ADHD, learning disabilities or other mental health issues? The school year is nealy over & there is no excuse for them not to have evaluated her needs if this is an ongoing problem.

    Is the child on any kind of medication? Acting out of this kind is often an indication of a drug reaction, even to something as simple as cold or allergy meds.

    Has the child had a thorough physical including vision & hearing tests to rule out a serious health issue? There are a number of health issues that could cause a child of this age to act out in this manner.

    These are issues that could & should be addressed before calling the police to hand cuff a six year old & drag her away. IMHO, the adults who should know better have failed this child & now the school says she is “suspended” until August? Way to go!

    I hope this child’s parents have some good advocates to help them deal with the school system. I wish I lived closer because I would volunteer! Personally, I think the cops just followed proceedure even if it was cruel & scary. I doubt the family will get anywhere trying to go after the cops. What they can do is beat that school system to it’s knees! I will be cheering that!

    • Ametia says:

      Unfreakingbelievable, isn’t it, AG? Good questions. These issues and the way it was handled is sooo draconian. Just like Tayvon’s murder, the ADULTS are incompetent, careless, and backwards Surely this couldn’t have been a pattern with Salecia. What could have set her off. I

      hope her parents get all the help they can get in taking down the school too. First the law needs addressing. Handcuffing a six year old who is in full blown freakout, as they claim can only make matters worse for her. Was she a danger to herself or others? More questions…..

      • aquagranny911 says:

        Thank you! My focus was totally on the child who has only been on this earth for six short years. Children this young have limited resources for coping & they are completely dependent on the adults in their life for care, understanding & protection.

        ADULT FAIL!!!

        You did bring up the questions of larger social issues which I agree need to be addressed but the agony of this child & her family just cuts me to the bone.

        • Ametia says:

          YEP, I’d hate to imagine what the Principal would have done to Salecia if she hadn’t missed striking him during her tantrum.

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