Vice President Joe Biden Speaks In Waterloo, IA| Touts Obama Admin’s Support For The Middle Class & Growing American Jobs

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Vice president Joe Biden speaks at a campaign stop June 26, 2012 in Waterloo. (Bryon Houlgrave/The Register

Vice President Joe Biden speaking in Waterloo, IA. 

Updated with Excerpt:



“Here’s the bottom line:  Bain and their companies made a lot of money facilitating the outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.

“Yeah, they made a lot of money, but in the process, they devastated American communities.”

“So give Mitt Romney credit:  He is a job creator.  In Singapore.  And China.  And India.”

“As governor, his administration signed a $160,000 a month contract that paid people abroad to help poor people in Massachusetts get food stamps.

“And when the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill saying you couldn’t outsource state contracts overseas…he vetoed it.”

“His whole career, Mitt Romney has looked at the American worker as part of  the problem…

“The president and I see you — the American worker —  as part of the solution. —

“So to all those skeptics — and to our Republican opponents especially:

“Don’t tell me that America can’t make things anymore…

“can’t compete on the world market again…

“can’t lead the world again.”

“You don’t have to look any further than Waterloo.   Look at the John Deere local.  Over the last two years, Deere has added 850 jobs – almost all of them good, union, manufacturing jobs — and is looking at the highest total employment in 15 years.

“You’re not only making them, you’re exporting them.

“And Romney called the President ‘out of touch’ for encouraging young people – you —  to try to get manufacturing jobs.  ‘Out of touch.’

“Out of touch?

“A perspective president with a Swiss bank account and a retirement account in the Cayman Islands.  Anyone here have a Swiss bank account?   Did you ever think the nominee of a major political party running for President would have a Swiss bank account?

“Talk about out of touch.”

“We will never outsource our way to greatness.

“The greatness of this nation is in the grit and determination of the American people.

“And it’s because of you, our country is coming back.”

We’ll post the full speech when available.

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14 Responses to Vice President Joe Biden Speaks In Waterloo, IA| Touts Obama Admin’s Support For The Middle Class & Growing American Jobs

  1. Ametia says:

    Biden rips Romney on outsourcing, Swiss bank account
    CBS News // Rodney Hawkins

    Resuming the mantle of attack dog, Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday laced into Mitt Romney for allegedly outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital and reviving the charge that Romney is out of touch because he once held a Swiss bank account and investments in the Cayman Islands. Biden’s denunciation was part of a larger Obama re-election team strategy to try to define Romney as “outsourcer-in-chief.” It ran attack ads in Virginia and Ohio as well as Iowa — all key battleground states — driving home that point. “He said his experience as a businessman is what gives him the great understanding of what it takes to bring jobs back to the U.S. of America,” Biden said as a crowd of about 400 people cheered. “That’s his premise … but like so many other things the governor talks about, there is a huge disconnect between what he says and what he means and what he has done.”

  2. Ametia says:

    Biden: Romney is a job creator in India, China
    CNN // Shannon Travis

    Vice President Joe Biden took Mitt Romney’s central weapon in his White House bid – his time as a businessman – and used it as political ammunition against Romney on Tuesday. “You got to give Romney credit,” Biden said. “He’s a job creator – in Singapore, China, India. He’s been very good at creating jobs, overseas.” The vice president spoke in Waterloo, Iowa, as part of a two-day swing that will also put him in Dubuque, Iowa, on Wednesday. The campaign has billed it as part of a “Strengthening the Middle Class” tour. A local United Auto Workers headquarters hosted Biden and over 400 people.

    Biden Calls Romney a ‘True Believer’ In Shipping U.S. Jobs Abroad
    Wall Street Journal // Jared A. Favole

    Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday continued the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s business career, saying to a group of union workers that the presidential hopeful is good at creating jobs–but only overseas, not in the U.S. “So you’ve got to give Mitt Romney credit: He’s a job creator–in Singapore, China and India,” Mr. Biden said in a nearly 30-minute campaign speech in the battleground state of Iowa during which he criticized Mr. Romney’s time at the private-equity firm Bain Capital. Attacking Mr. Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, which he founded, has become a central focus of the Obama campaign as it attempts to undercut the former Massachusetts governor’s argument that his business experience makes him more qualified than President Barack Obama to occupy the Oval Office.

  3. Ametia says:

    Biden in Iowa: Romney’s Swiss Bank Account ‘Out of Touch’ with American Middle Class

    Cedar Falls Patch // Alison Gowans

    “A prospective president with a Swiss bank account and a retirement account in the Cayman Islands? Did you ever think the nominee of a major political party running for President would have a Swiss bank account?” he said. “Talk about out of touch.” Biden spoke to about 200 people at the United Auto Workers Local post 838 during a two-day swing through Iowa on behalf of President Barack Obama and Obama 2012. The vice president will head to Dubuque tomorrow.

    Biden hammers Romney on outsourcing, wealth
    MSNBC // Carrie Dann

    The outsourcing attack continues, with Joe Biden wielding the rhetorical cudgel today. “You got to give Mitt Romney credit. He’s a job creator,” Biden said Tuesday at an eastern Iowa UAW hall, pausing for dramatic effect from a knowingly chuckling crowd of over 400. “In Singapore. And China. And India.” On the first stop of a two-day swing through the Hawkeye State, Biden skewered the GOP nominee for his tenure at investment firm Bain Capital, repeatedly calling Romney a “pioneer” of shipping American jobs overseas. “Here’s the bottom line, folks: Bain and their companies, they made a great deal of money outsourcing and off-shoring American jobs,” the vice president said. “Yeah, they made a lot of money, but in the process they devastated whole American communities here in the heartland and back in my home state of Delaware.”

  4. Ametia says:

    Lee News // Jon Ericson

    Vice President Joe Biden worked to fire up about 400 Barak Obama supporters Wednesday in advance of the November election. Biden sought to support the Barack Obama campaign’s economic message on his “Strengthening the Middle Class” tour. In opening his speech, Biden spoke of how during his first visit to Waterloo in 1974, the economy was going strong. John Deere had 16,000 employees and Rath Packing was strong. “Then we ran into something we hadn’t heard of before — outsourcing,” Biden said.

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  6. V. Lyn says:

    Reblogged this on Drayton's Gazette.

  7. vitaminlover says:

    My Vice-President is a big deal!!

  8. Ametia says:

    VP Biden: “So give Mitt Romney credit: He is a job creator. In Singapore. And China. And India.”

    LOL yep, sounds and looks like OUTSOURCING to me, Mr. VP!

  9. Ametia says:

    Here’s the AD running in Iowa:

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