Mitt Romney’s UNPRECEDENTED Secrecy | Blog Recaps

Never in modern American history has a presidential candidate’s personal financial situation been so hidden from the public. Obama for America’s Truth Team released a new online video today that asks a simple question: why would Mitt Romney invest millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands.

Meanwhile, blogs across the country are talking about Romney’s effort to buck precedent and play by his own rules, the questions this behavior raises, and why Romney’s unprecedented secrecy matters to voters:

Left in Alabama: Is Romney Hurting Himself (And Other Republicans) By Stonewalling on Tax Returns?

News Corpse: Did Mitt Romney Lie To The SEC About His Management Of Bain Capital?

The Jed Report: Despite denial, records show Romney owned Bermuda shell corporation before forming blind trust.

The Reaction: Hide-bound 

Wonkette: What’s In Your IRA? Don’t Worry, Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know Either

Andrew Sullivan: The Difference Between George And Mitt

Blue Virginia: Video: Why is Mitt Romney Hiding the Rest of His Tax Returns?

Taylor Marsh: What’s Mitt Romney Got To Hide?

Joe. My. God.: Obama Campaign Slams Mitt Romney For Undisclosed Tax Returns

The Maddow Blog: Barbour undercuts Romney on tax returns

AMERICABlog: Is Romney’s line of “my trustee follows all US laws” enough?

The Maddow Blog: Tax avoidance is not the American way

The Jed Report: If Romney had already released his tax returns … then he’d have already released his tax returns

The Raw Story: Romney says ‘nothing hidden’ in his taxes

Crooks and Liars:  No American Voter Should Let Mitt Romney Get Away With This Pathetic Dodge

We need to keep pounding the message about Mitt Romney. We cannot be bought, like elected politicians who are supposed to be serving ALL AMERICANS.

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11 Responses to Mitt Romney’s UNPRECEDENTED Secrecy | Blog Recaps

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  2. Ametia says:

    Listen to the shit.

    Love this comment:

    Stop spinning, lying and side stepping. You got the birth certificate now show us the tax records. Americans have a right to know that romney has been exploiting America in his business endeavors, politics, and taxes.

  3. Ametia says:


  4. Ametia says:

    Hi Jueseppi. The video is posted!

  5. Ametia says:

    I’ll have to catch up with mittens, lies in a bit. Just posted a thread with facts about why HE WILL NEVER BE GOOD FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS.

  6. Lisa MB says:

    I was wondering how that would go. Must. find. clip. now. :)

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