Former Employees Of Bain-Owned Companies GST Steel & AMPAD Have First-hand Expereinces & Consequenes Of Mitt Romney’s Leadership Sytle

When it is a business model, and when it is deliberate, and when it is a thought-out strategy on how to take the value out of a company in a reckless way and hurt others—and you then become a proponent of that strategy, and talk about it as if it’s the soul of capitalism, and literally the soul of America—I think nothing could be more offensive.

David Foster, lead negotiator for workers at GST Steel, a victim of Romney economics

While Mitt Romney roams the country threatening to REPEAL OBAMA CARE, and accusing the President of attacking success, he still hasn’t released his tax returns, and he continues to deny any repsonsiblilty for job loss and bankruptcies that occured at Bain-owned companies, and lies about President Obama attacking success.

Watch full Romney speech here.

No, Mr. Romney that’s your MODUS OPERANDI

Mitt Romney continues to deny his tenure at Bain Capital from 1999-2001, even with SEC evidence that he remained there as CEO. Understand this, Mr. Romney, you can’t be president of a copmpany that outsources American jobs, bankrupts companies, hide your wealth in offshore accounts, and refuse to release your income taxes like other presidential candidates and call it SUCCESS.

And when questioned on your behavior, DENY RESPONSIBILITY, and accuse folks of attacking you and your success, when you have in fact have ATTACKED others SUCCESS with your nefarious business practices. Americans are ASHAMED of YOU!

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  2. dgillem says:

    Two seperate laws for the rich,and eletes.Big tax cuts for 2% and we stupid hard working peeons beleive this jerk,and might vote this liar to the highest office,because we have a black prez,who still has to prove his birtherism,and americanism.We normal americans,will never get a break from the gop,according to them,we do not nor will ever be smart enough to see how there policies will have us back cooking there meals,mothering there kids,scrubbing there floors,and any other dirty job they need done,oh and least we forget rape the women they own,anything sound familier.All of the policies do not include the 99% of us.One other thing how does most all gops swore and pledged to norbert renquest,not to raise taxes on the rich,and put there hand on the bible,and say they will uphold our constition.So poor,dumb,stupid,hard working people,get ready for our kick in the gut,if romney gets in as prezz be prepared,he wont give u a ride on the top of his car,his polices wont even let buy a car,and his cars will come from china.Then you have,his very unexplained,religion,never heard of churches,shunning the poor,and the needy,Bush&Chaney screwed us enough now you want,two more,screwups in that office,people come on they dont even say l love you when there done,or heres a tip for services rendered.Mitts being bought and paid so that people that paid to get him there can run this country,with money from,switzerland,and god knows where.He will never stand up to them,he has no spine.One more thing,

  3. Ametia says:

    Full video of PBO and full context of comments on Americans making it on their own and with ther help of others.

  4. Ametia says:

    Mitt Romney says his priority is to get Americans back to work. Well here’s your chance, Mitt. Get your AZZ to Illinois and help save those 170 JOBS!

  5. Ametia says:

    Illinois City Calls On Romney To Stop Bain-Owned Company From Outsourcing 170 Local Jobs to China

    WASHINGTON — The city council of Freeport, Ill., approved a resolution Monday evening that will call on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to step in and save roughly 170 local jobs being outsourced by a company owned by Bain Capital.

    Last year, Massachusetts-based Sensata Technologies announced that it was closing its Freeport plant by the end of 2012 and shipping the jobs to China. The U.S. positions, the company claimed, would be phased out gradually. Sensata Technologies makes sensors and controls that are used in aircraft and automobiles.

    The resolution organized by Sensata employees calls on Romney — who co-founded Bain — to “come to Freeport to meet the people directly affected by Bain Capital’s outsourcing and to step in and stop the outsourcing of these jobs from Freeport to China.”

    The city council voted unanimously, 8-0, on Monday to approve the Sensata resolution.

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