Video | Robert Scates, Hyde Park High Academy Student Speaks On Connecting With President Obama & Community

President Barack Obama Participates in Youth Guidance’s ‘B.A.M. – Sports Edition’ Program at Hyde Park Academy


Robert Scates is a senior at Hyde Park Academy and a member of the BAM (Becoming a Man) organization there. Robert shares his insights and lessons from meeting with President Obama at the B.A.M. Roundtable.

RIGHT ON, ROBERT! It starts with us, right in our own backyards.

More interviews here:
President Obama meets with Hyde Park Academy students

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7 Responses to Video | Robert Scates, Hyde Park High Academy Student Speaks On Connecting With President Obama & Community

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  2. Ametia says:

    THESE YOUNG BOYS’ COMMENTS NEED TO BE ALL OVER THE TV. But…… Nope; the only time we’ll get that much coverage about them is when they commit crimes. i.e. Dorner.etc.

    Corey Stevens, 17, a high school senior, was one of the students who got to meet with Obama before his speech.

    “I think that he needed to come back here and get the message to the people up close and personal and let them know that this needs to stop,” said Stevens, who wants to go into law enforcement.


  3. Ametia says:

    Can we please get that photo on the sidebar, SG2? Thanks!


  4. Ametia says:

    President Barack Obama Participates in Youth Guidance’s ‘B.A.M. – Sports Edition’ Program at Hyde Park Academy

    CHICAGO, Feb. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of a youth counseling and after-school sports program that demonstrably increases high school graduation rates and decreases violent crime, President Barack Obama this afternoon attended Youth Guidance’s B.A.M. (Becoming A Man™) – Sports Edition session at Hyde Park Academy High School and visited with the 15 students in the program.

    The president participated in a group session with students and counselors. He heard firsthand how B.A.M. – Sports helps students address some of their toughest challenges and encourages them to stay involved in school and the community.

    “Meeting with the president was, for lack of better words, a great experience,” said Corey, who attended the B.A.M. session. “Having him sit down in the circle with us and share his past experiences and compare them to ours is amazing. It’s inspiring to hear his story and know he is not different from us.”

    B.A.M. – Sports, with an after-school sports component run by World Sport Chicago (WSC), is a counseling, mentorship, violence prevention and educational enrichment program that promotes social-emotional and behavioral competencies in male youth from at-risk communities. A study by The University of Chicago Crime Lab released in 2012 proves this cost-effective program works. The study found that B.A.M. – Sports:
    •reduced failing grades by 37 percent
    •decreased violent crime arrests by 44 percent
    •increased graduation rates by 10-23 percent

    “It’s rewarding to see sport can play an important role in helping youth develop the strengths they need to face their many challenges,” said WSC executive director Scott Myers. “Sport is not just a powerful physical development tool – it’s also an important social and emotional development tool. By combining our activities with Youth Guidance’s cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention, we have created a remarkable – and inexpensive – program to help young people succeed in the most challenging environments.”

    B.A.M. – Sports plays an important role in the effort to decrease youth violence. The program is garnering attention for the profound way it helps youth develop skills to participate positively in school and the community.

    Obama is the second political leader to visit the B.A.M. – Sports program recently. Last week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel participated in a private B.A.M. session to observe how the program supports at-risk youth living in Chicago neighborhoods that have high rates of violence. Inspired by what he saw, he announced how critical the program is to reducing youth violence and pledged to help bring it to more youth through both public and private support.


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