Video | CPAC, SLAVERY, White Privilege, Misogyny, Gun-slinging NRA, Grifters, Racism, Coonery, Buffoonery, Birtherism & Jim Crow Laws = GOP

Some of the folks in the GOP’s BIG TENT.

Seperate-not EQUAL

Folks like Massa (“I’M PROUD OF MY PEOPLE”) fed and housed you darkies, what’s the deal?

COONERY- No we don’t want you to go away.
Keep showing your self, so we can keep telling you HELL NO, we’e not going along with your NONSENSE. You’re a DAY LATE, and several dollars short, of trying to defend the middle class. The GOP is against FREEDOM for ALL, unless you’re white, male, and hetero. They think folks like you, Arthur are special and so will give you a pass, as long as you don’t mention how RACIST and white priviledged they are.

This GRIFTING, HALF-TERM GOVERNOR, LOSER right here; she ought to know about REALITY TV.


Here’s what and how the 2520s at the conference really think and feel about slavery. Seriously, you can’t fix stupid. The Saltines Keep longing for the good ole days. And the media is saying the speakers at CPAC are the crowd you’d want on your side, if you’re running for an elected office in 2014. REALLY?!!!


WAH, WAH WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY AMERICA BACK! America was NEVER yours in the first place, CaCs.

Maya Angelou said “WHEN FOLKS SHOW YOU WHO THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM.” So glad these folks are showing their asses. We have the freedom to believe and be who we are and the freedom to choose who we want leading our country.

See Thursday and Friday open threads for the rest of the video clown show.

CLOWN CAR-untitled

Notice Governor’s Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell were NOT invited to CPAC.


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21 Responses to Video | CPAC, SLAVERY, White Privilege, Misogyny, Gun-slinging NRA, Grifters, Racism, Coonery, Buffoonery, Birtherism & Jim Crow Laws = GOP

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  2. Shady_Grady says:

    I would really like to hear from some of those black conservatives about the goings on at CPAC but so far I haven’t seen any of them write or speak on it. It’s pretty obvious that a great many black conservatives are lost in self-hate. They’re like “T.J” from “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”.

  3. Ametia says:

    Republicans Can’t Hide Their Racist Obama Hate

    Most people would do whatever it takes to give the appearance they are doing something as well as possible to try to make a good impression, and perform in a way that causes other people to have a good opinion of them. Organizations take care that their agents represent the best and brightest of their particular industry and it is certain that political parties carefully groom and prepare their best advocates to embody their mission and agenda. Over the past three days, conservatives paraded their best spokespeople to advance their cause, and if they were trying to make a good impression on each other and observant voters, they failed miserably. Between the nutjobs and failed Republican candidates, the CPAC2013 gathering represented American extremism at its finest and a group clinging to a version of reality unique to out-of-touch conservatives.

    One did not have to follow the daily recapitulation of crazy to comprehend the conservative conclave’s purpose was to put on a torrid display of groundless anti-Obama rhetoric based on the roster of speakers. One by one, conservatism’s best and brightest fired up the crowds preaching that America’s salvation is steeped in religion, austerity, guns, and voiding the federal government, and the speakers each reiterated that Republicans lost the November election because the GOP failed to articulate conservative’s values and not that voters rejected conservative extremism. Marco Rubio opined that “We don’t need new ideas. The idea is called America, and it still works” and it revealed that to Republicans, extremism defines America, and voters are out of touch with America.

    The featured speakers at CPAC represented fanaticism at its finest with Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan rambling on about America’s demise stemming from voter’s rejecting conservative ideas. To educate Americans on the value of embracing their vision of, and for, America, CPAC brought conservative’s marquee spokesperson out of retirement and turned her loose to lay the nation’s woes at the feet of President Obama.

    In fact, Palin reiterated nearly every criticism about the President for twenty minutes she has dutifully uttered since 2008, and still failed to put forth a coherent thought, much less one based in reality, but that is the Palin Americans have come to know and disparage.

    However, although Palin cemented her role as one of conservative’s premier dunces, it was a racist at the assembly that stole the show and reminded Americans that intrinsic to Republicans’ inability to win elections, or appeal to voters is their racial animus.


    Full article here:

  4. rikyrah says:

    those videos would to quote the late Lou Palmer:

    ” Would make a Negro turn Black”.

    • Ametia says:

      Girrrrrrrrrl, those negroes in the videos are in a dee, deep, deep state of DENIAL, if they for one minute think the 2520s in front of the podium doesn’t see them as any more than another nigga who is taking their rightful places in society. FUCK’EM all.

  5. Ametia says:

    Fighting the Anti-Gunners: The NRA Makes Its Presence Felt at CPAC
    Mar 17, 2013 7:26 AM EDT

    From fighting “stupid laws” to teaching young members how to discourage “anti-gunners” from voting, the NRA made its presence known at CPAC. Caitlin Dickson reports.

    At NRA University, National Rifle Association grassroots organizer Miranda Bond told a group of young conservatives fresh from Sarah Palin’s fiery, lead-barreled CPAC speech Saturday afternoon that encouraging pro-gun friends to register to vote was a good start—and even better would be discourage “anti-gunners” from casting ballots.

    “The thing is, we don’t want the anti-gunners to vote,” she said, lamenting the fact that President Obama was re-elected despite the NRA’s best efforts to oust him. So, she said, students should set up voter registration booths on campus but “put up a great big sign that says, ‘Pro-gun? Vote Here.” That will keep the gun control advocates away, she said, because “they’re scared of guns.”

    The group of more than 50 people, about half of them women, were there to listen, to learn, and to claim a free NRA hat as well as a free year of membership.

    Before another grassroots organizer, Colton Kerrigan, got things started with what he called a “pump-up video,” Ashley DeNardo, coming directly from Palin’s speech, filled out her registration form. The 19-year-old journalism student at West Virginia University said she comes from a family of gun owners and was eager to get involved with the NRA. She began target shooting since she was 13, and her family moved out of the city of Rochester to Williamson, a more rural area.

  6. How can any black person be in a party where they think black people should be grateful for slavery? It’s beyond comprehension. What will it take before these mofos wake the fk up?

  7. Folks like Massa (“I’M PROUD OF MY PEOPLE”) fed and housed you darkies, what’s the deal?

    The dude need slapping 40 ways to Sunday and then kicked in his ass with steel toe boots. Racist S0B!

  8. Ametia says:

    Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky won the presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. Paul won with 25% of the vote and finished slightly ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. In third place was former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

    • Ametia says:

      Oh we believe in America, and that’s what we proved November 6, 2012.

      I’m confident that I will do everything I can in 2014, to get as many of your confidence out of GOVERNMENT, Ms. Love. BYE!

  9. Maya Angelou said “WHEN FOLKS SHOW YOU WHO THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM.” So glad these folks are showing their asses. We have the freedom to believe and be who we are and the freedom to chose who we want leading our country.

    Yes indeed! They’re showing their natural asses.

  10. Ametia says:

    This BITCH right here goes after Walter Cronkite.

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