Video | OMAHA, NE Police Using Excessive Force


Read the commentary from the Youtube video poster.

12 fucking cop cars to handle an inquiry of why a truck was being towed with expired license plates?

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9 Responses to Video | OMAHA, NE Police Using Excessive Force

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  2. parvenu says:

    All I can say is WOW!! Here is an IMPORTANT URGENT ASSIGNMENT for black folks that live in Omaha. Review this video to estimate the actual number of police on the scene and the AMOUNT OF TIME each police official WAS THERE. Average out the HOURLY RATE for each police officer (including plain clothes police officers) , along with the cost of each police car to drive there – to calculate the TOTAL COST to the city of Omaha for this ONE MOTOR VEHICLE VIOLATION event (expired license) – as opposed to one cop writing a ticket for the same violation at a routine police stop. Take all of your data, including the cost of 1 cop writing one ticket and put all of your findings into a letter with the date and description of the videotaped police riot (along with the YouTube Name for the video, “Omaha, NE Police Using Excessive Force”) and send it to the editors of every newspaper in Omaha. Just as a suggestion, I would title my letter something like “Omaha Police Riot cost the City *$8467*” (Where the number 8467 between asterisks is just an example. Substitute the REAL total cost amount that you calculate for the event).

    You can expect that the police will add on a multitude of additional charges that were created as a direct result of their massive response to this one original single violation. However most of these extra charges will likely be thrown out at trial (with a good lawyer), and the ones that stick will in no way compensate the city for the huge expense resulting from the massive presence of all of those on-duty police. There were more police present there than at a Rock Concert!!

    Trust me with city budgets as tight as they are these days the last things white folks want to be spending their money on is a police riot in the black section of town over something stupid, and I would expect the blowback from the Omaha white population against the Police chief over this incident to be significant. Black folks still have to learn how to fight back against negative Policing by using their MINDS rather than using their mouths and their bodies.

    • Ametia says:

      This: “Black folks still have to learn how to fight back against negative Policing by using their MINDS rather than using their mouths and their bodies.”

      I couldn’t AGREE MORE.

  3. Ametia says:

    12 COP CARS My heads still spinning from the fuckery.

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  5. rikyrah says:

    this is the usual story with Black people and the police.

  6. ALL of those cops entering a home without a warrant? What crime was the guy guilty of for cops to enter the home without a warrant? Mofo bastards!

  7. Ametia says:

    These MOFOs CHASED down the man who was videotaping them.

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