Guess What Black Men in NYC? You aren’t being harassed ENOUGH!

You read right says the Police Commissioner of New York City. It’s downright disgusting to see the lengths they’ll go to in order to defend the profoundly RACIST policy of STOP AND FRISK.

Hat tip-Miranda at POU

Ray Kelly: By the department’s count, African-Americans are ‘understopped’

By Azi Paybarah
7:43 am May. 2, 2013

In an interview on ABC’s “Nightline” last night, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly elaborated on a point Mayor Michael Bloomberg made in a speech this week, about the racial breakdown of stop-and-frisks conducted by city police officers

Bloomberg said NYPD critics are unfairly compare the number of black and Latino men stopped to the number of black and Latino men in the general population, whereas they should be comparing the numbers of stops to the descriptions of suspects.

Kelly, in his interview, said that if you use that methodology, “African-Americans are being understopped.”

A year ago, Kelly went even further, telling reporters people in “communities of color” actually “want more” stop-and-frisks.

That kind of rhetoric will effectively require a response from City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is the only Democratic mayoral candidate who wants Kelly to stay on as commissioner and also wants the department to make fewer stops.

And WHY does the Police Commissioner utter such nonsense without impunity?

Because, this is what his damn boss is saying.

Mayor Bloomberg Equates Civil Rights Group Fighting Stop-And-Frisk With Gun Lobby ‘Extremists’

By Aviva Shen on Apr 30, 2013 at 6:00 pm

On Tuesday morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NY) launched an impassioned defense of the New York Police Department, which sparked outrage for spying on Muslims and aggressively targeting minorities in their stop-and-frisk program. Bloomberg attacked a bill that would make it easier for stop-and-frisk victims to sue the police and one that would appoint an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD’s counterterrorism operations and penalize officers for using racial profiling.

The mayor warned that the bills’ scrutiny on police would make the city less safe, invoking the Boston bombing, the September 11 attacks, and gun violence. The installation of an Inspector General, Bloomberg claimed, could make intelligence gathering agencies “less willing to share information” if they knew it could be seen by the City Council. “Passing any legislation that undermines our counterterrorism capabilities would be the height of irresponsibility. God forbid terrorists succeed in striking our city because of a politically driven law that undermines the NYPD’s intelligence gathering efforts.”


let me repeat it

2% of the time they got weapons in stop and frisk.

and who the hell is Bloomberg kidding when he invokes the Boston Bombing.

The police wouldn’t have said shyt to the WHITE BOY TERRORISTS FROM BOSTON if they had landed in NYC

Because they’re too busy harassing and violating the civil rights of Black and Brown men.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    From Coates about Stop and Frisk and Ray Kelly:

    A Good Reason to Leave New York
    lMay 2 2013, 10:30 AM

    I should be blogging more about the travesty that is Stop and Frisk. I’m sorry about that. In the meantime, here is a quote from Ray Kelly that should shiver any African American in New York

    Almost 90 percent of African Americans and Latinos stopped and frisked on the street were guilty of no crime at all. Effectively Kelly is saying that innocent black people should simply carry the weight, because a small minority of people who happen to have roughly the same amount of melanin have decided not to. This is precisely what racist policy is — you create a group and then punish all of them for the sins (sometimes real, sometimes imagined) of a few of them. It is Barbara Fields’ Racecraft in action — the concealing of actual racism beneath a banal heading of race.

    One could just as easily say that about 70 percent to 75 percent of the people described as committing violent crimes, could also be described as generational victims of racist policies, like the ones Kelly and Bloomberg are promoting. One could just as easily say the vast majority of violent criminals in New York city hail from neighborhoods that have — over many generations — been the victims of a national wealth transfer, the remnants of which are with us even today.

    We don’t say that. Writers and intellectuals on the Left would much rather talk about class. Same as it ever was. But this isn’t going away. We aren’t going away.

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