3 Chics Politicians’ “Revisionist” History Watchlist During the Obama Presidency

REVISONIST HISTORY: Revisionist history carries both positive and negative connotations. Each has its own entry. Historical revisionism, the reinterpretation of orthodox views on evidence, motivations, and decision-making processes surrounding a historical event Historical revisionism (negationism), either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about an historical event, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record such that certain events appear in a more or less favourable light or alternatively in a particularly bad light.



RAND PAUL & RON PAUL-GRIFTERS on a sea of LIES; fear mongering for LIBERTY!


Retired Justice O’Connor regrets the Supreme Court’s lurch to the right. So why didn’t she stay and prevent it?


AL GORE- Mr. “Failed presidential run turned Environmentalist” If Floridians hadn’t threatened to riot, I would have fought! SMGDH

See how they cover for each other?

PBO- 20111

MAY 9, 2012

APRIL 20, 2013



Bush: Truly not concerned about bin Laden

Obama in 2008: ‘We will kill bin Laden”

MAY 2, 2011- Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the capture and killing of OBL. This event will be chronicaled in the Obama Presidential Library. See how this works Revisionists?

More revisionist history to come… at least until Barack Hussein Obama leaves the White House.

At the end of President Obama’s presidency, HISTORY will not be REVISED. His presidential library wiLL CLEARLY demonstrate his work and achievements in DISMANTLING all the ineptness, the lies, the distortions, and yes, the REVISIONS of his predecessors and peers.

Don’t HATE the PLAYA, HATE the GAME!

Rikyrah here:

The biggest bit of revisionism is the Republicans trying to pretend that they give two shyts about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

They think most people can’t read charts. They are SOL that I can.

Here’s the FACTS.

Bill Clinton left office with a BUDGET SURPLUS.


A surplus means that he was fiscally responsible.

Now, all these GOP mofos that go screaming DEFICIT DEFICIT DEFICIT …

And, what are the deficits going to do to our ‘grandchildren’..

They didn’t utter one freaking word

as George W. Bush turned our Budget SURPLUS

into runaway Budget DEFICITS

They said nothing as he LIED us into TWO WARS…that were OFF THE BOOKS…

They said nothing as Dubya did what no other American President did in Wartime – CUT TAXES

They said nothing as Dubya did Medicare, Part D- which was a giveaway to the Pharmaceutical Industry and cost us HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars because of the unwillingness to NEGOTIATE DRUG PRICES

Look at our deficit and THIS is what makes up the largest part of it:
2 unpaid wars
Medicare Part D

ALLLL of those GOP mofos whining about Deficits VOTED for them.

And those that weren’t in office, didn’t say SHYT about deficits..


So, they can miss me with all their whining about deficits, because I know it’s not serious. I know it’s a lie. I know it’s a damn fraud.

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  1. Ametia says:

    Beat that ASS, Rikyrah!

  2. AL GORE- If Floridians hadn’t threatened to riot, I would have fought!



  3. Ametia says:

    9 LGBT Athletes of Color Who Paved the Way for Jason Collins

    Sexuality and sports make for a complicated mix. Throw in race and the persistent obsession with what it means to be a man in America, and the conversation becomes impossibly loaded.

    That’s why it’s so significant for the NBA’s Jason Collins to come out. By telling his story—and doing so while he’s still an active player—the 34-year-old Washington Wizards alumn has created a moment in which racial justice and queer rights merge.

    By and large, LGBT athletes push to be known for their performance rather than their sexual identities. But Collins has taken the risk of declaring himself gay, black and proud. Even with the early, public support of Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Doc Rivers and other icons of American masculinity, it’s important to note that what Collins did isn’t easy. It sounds a bit cliche at this point, but our popular culture is rife with none-too-subtle messages that tell us that anything that falls outside of “mainstream” (read: straight and white) masculinity should be subject to judgement, ridicule, policing and exclusion. This idea impacts our attitudes, laws and who actually gets to participate fully in society.

    So Collins’ coming out is a watershed moment in American sports and culture. But trust he’s not alone. In many ways, this moment has been in the works for years and has a diverse cast of characters. Below, a recap of the Collins pronouncement and a look at LGBT athletes of color who have helped pave the way.


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