Trayvon Martin Open Thread

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Jury duty notices are in the mail for George Zimmerman trial

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN at April 30th hearingSANFORD – They went into the mail Wednesday, the jury notice for people who must report to the Seminole County Courthouse June 10 and decide whether George Zimmerman is a murderer.

Five-hundred Seminole County residents are being summoned, although, there’s nothing on the form letter they’re about to receive that spells that out.

The only hint is that the letter will read: “Report Date: June 10.”

And even that does not mean the person is certain to be called to courtroom 5D, the one being used for the Zimmerman second-degree murder trial by Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson.

That’s because other judges at Seminole County’s two courthouses – criminal and civil – also need jurors that day.

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9 Responses to Trayvon Martin Open Thread

  1. Trayvon Supporters Vindicated (Zimmerman Waives Pre-Trial Stand-Your-Ground

    • Ametia says:

      Good grief, Zimmerman looks like the Pilsbury Doug Boy!

      SYG my ass. You shot Trayvon down to the GROUND, fat boy! time to pay the piper.

  2. Mark O’Mara and Don West Get an A in Persistence in 3-Ring Circusdom

    Judge Nelson Please Make Bernie Be Nice To Me!!!!! It Hurts My FeeFees errr…Our Profession

    I think at this point it should be ABUNDANTLY clear that thugboat has no defense and his attorneys are in over their heads. For months, we have been on this same witch hunt to impeach DeeDee or to have a drag down knock-down (taped on teevee of course – as Mark has gotta get that paper $$$$) with Attorney Crump at the behest of the CTH aka Nutters aka the anonymous internet trolls with the Get Crump Defense. But yesterday in the 4/30 hearing, we got to see Mark whine like a banshee demanding that the State be sanctioned because Bernie opened up an epic can of whoop ass on Mark that was a long time coming and rightfully deserved. It would appear that Mark is a masochist and to be quite honest was begging for it! Ask and ye shall receive.

    But never to be out done in hypocrisy, while Mark claims that Bernie’s barnstorming pleading in response to Mark disparaging Bernie’s integrity and reputation will be responsible for the end of lawyering as we know it, Mark is in the background trying to change legal precedent on the behalf of his “The Law is for thee and thine, not me and mine” client, thugboat. So while Mark wants you to believe that a pointed (Go Bernie – Did us Proud) pleading will lead to everyone in the entire land (Help us Baby Jesus) not respecting the upcoming court proceedings, Mark is scum dwelling, pig suckling and devil trumping in the form of attacking the victim Trayvon, Trayvon’s family and one of the family’s attorneys, Benjamin Crump, ESQ.

    Since last year, Mark and Don have attempted to depose Attorney Crump. Initially the deposition was to only cover the activities around Crump’s interview with Witness 8. But true to their nature and doing the bidding of the man behind the curtain, Sundance CRACKER, Mark and Don were going to try to exploit the deposition to solicit information from Attorney Crump outside the scope of the Witness 8 interview. Planning for the February 5th deposition of Attorney Crump left an email trail.

    Emails Mark O'mara

    Click the above link for more..

  3. Sanford police to knock on doors in black neighborhood today, hoping to improve image,0,6816886.story

    Sanford’s new police chief and other officers will be knocking on doors this afternoon in Goldsboro, an historic black neighborhood, part of a campaign to improve relations between the police department and Sanford’s black community.

    They have long been strained but hit a new low last year following the slaying of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old killed by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

    Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman, something that set off protests across the country. He was eventually arrested and charged with second-degree murder after the governor appointed a special prosecutor.

    Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. was fired several weeks later, and the city this spring hired a new chief, Cecil Smith of Elgin, Ill.

    He has pledged to improve relations with the black community and several weeks ago said he would have officers get out of their patrol cars, knock on doors and do a “walk and talk,” something that he hoped would show residents that Sanford officers behave professionally.

  4. Zimmerman attorneys depose Trayvon Martin’s step-mother, step-brother,0,3466608.story

    Attorneys in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder case have deposed Trayvon Martin’s step-mother and step-brother, according to records made public today.

    Tomorrow several of the defendant’s neighbors from the Sanford subdivision where Trayvon was shot are to be deposed, one has reported.

    Attorneys for both sides continue to question potential witnesses about the case, which is set for trial June 10 in Sanford.

    Paperwork made public today shows that attorneys for the prosecution and defense were in Miami Thursday and Friday and deposed 12 people, including Trayvon’s step-mother and step-brother.

    The names of all but one – Trayvon’s step-brother – were not in the deposition notice.

    It’s not clear who the others are or what they told attorneys.

    But in court Tuesday, Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda referred to the sworn testimony of a Miami-Dade schools official.

  5. Xena says:

    Hooray!!! Things are moving on, although I did notice that O’Mara mentioned a hearing that sounds like he plans to substitute for an immunity hearing. O’Mara will do whatever he can to prevent putting GZ on the witness stand. I don’t think O’Mara understands. GZ’s supporters have and still are sending out loads of negative energy. If GZ lived to be as much as he weighs, nothing good will ever happen to him.

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