How can you claim fear when you’re the ONLY one with a gun, Darren Wilson?

Darren Wilson25This New York Times article stinks to high heaven.

Darren Wilson claims he feared for his life and shot Michael Brown in self defense. That dog don’t hunt! Why fear when you’re the ONLY one with a fucking gun?

Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown from inside car. So the New York Times wants us to believe a kid who was shot, runs away, decides to charge Darren Wilson?

In what world does an unarmed kid who has been shot, runs away from a hail of bullets to charge into more hail of bullets? Fuckouttahere New York Times.

The New York Times goes on to say Michael Brown’s blood was found inside the car. Of course Michael Brown’s blood is going to be found inside Darren Wilson police car, it’s not rocket science. Wilson fired from inside the car but NONE of Wilson’s blood is found.

Can the New York Times explain why Wilson continued to fire bullets into Michael Brown and pause for 3 seconds when his hands were up surrendering? 6 consistent eyewitnesses says Michael Brown’s hands were up.

Jeff Roorda5But the New York Times would rather take the word of a police union thug, Jeff Roorda, who has a history of falsifying reports, misconduct and FIRED because of it than 6 consistent black eyewitnesses.

When the orbital eye socket didn’t work, the msm pushed “Josie” LIE, when witnesses shredded that lie, now they’re back to “he went for my gun and I was afraid for my life” BS.

Face it America, 6 black eyewitnesses is not credible enough for the white media. They MUST take the white man’s word at any cost. Taney’s LAW! “Blacks have no rights which the white man is bound to respect”.

As co-blogger Ametia says…”Hopefully that New York Times is going to become extinct. In the meantime, I’m sure kitty litter boxes would appreciate it”.

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40 Responses to How can you claim fear when you’re the ONLY one with a gun, Darren Wilson?

  1. Michael Brown was shot 9 times. 3 times in the head.

  2. Liza says:

    Okay, regarding that NYT article about Darren Wilson from 10-17. These two paragraphs below are disturbing. First of all, the sources apparently are anonymous “government officials” who were briefed on the federal civil rights investigation. Second, these “officials” either drew the conclusion or were told by whoever was briefing them that the evidence so far does not support Wilson being charged with violating Michael Brown’s civil rights.

    So Darren Wilson tells his self-defense story which is what was expected, Michael Brown’s blood was on Wilson’s gun and the interior door panel and Wilson’s uniform, and the logical conclusion now is that the DOJ is going to blow it off because there isn’t sufficient evidence to charge Wilson?

    Did they find Michael Brown’s fingerprints or a palm print on the gun? All that blood should have left prints. Or was it just blood spatter from when Darren Wilson started shooting MB at close range from within his vehicle? Blood alone on anything in the vicinity of the shooting doesn’t provide physical evidence to support Darren Wilson’s fictitious narrative. When you shoot someone, there is blood spatter. So, if that’s what they’ve got to convince folks that Darren Wilson is credible then these anonymous government officials should watch the Investigation Discovery channel for a couple of days.

    AG Eric Holder needs to speak on this and clear it up. The NYT article is written to suggest that the government is leaking information and for the past couple of days many news providers have been quoting this article. Amy Goodman referred to it and that is what got my attention.
    A lot of people, like me, have put more faith in the DOJ than any grand jury they could round up in St. Louis, and this part about the possibility of a civil rights indictment needs to be cleared up.
    Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle
    OCT. 17, 2014
    WASHINGTON — The police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., two months ago has told investigators that he was pinned in his vehicle and in fear for his life as he struggled over his gun with Mr. Brown, according to government officials briefed on the federal civil rights investigation into the matter.
    The officials said that while the federal investigation was continuing, the evidence so far did not support civil rights charges against Officer Wilson. To press charges, the Justice Department would need to clear a high bar, proving that Officer Wilson willfully violated Mr. Brown’s civil rights when he shot him.

  3. Governor Jay Nixon “People must be free to live daily lives,” and that the wives of police officers deserve peace of mind.

    Huh? Jay Nixon stay losing! What about peace of mind for black people? What about the wives, mothers, sisters, grannies of black men killed by police?

  4. Hey folks! Police are now arresting State Senators.. They arrested Senator Nasheed

  5. Michael Brown shooting scene.”He held that boy & fired out of the car. He held his arm & fired”.

  6. christopher_4_26
    2 months ago
    Please pass this on. This is eye witness. This is what he did. R. I. P Mike Mike

  7. Michael Brown was afraid for his life…that’s why he RAN away from Darren Wilson. And he was right. Darren Wilson shot him dead.

  8. 2dogsonly says:

    Link from Citizen’s Radio about the NYT obit on Mike Brown ” he was no angel, smoked pot and listened to rap” sound familiar? The interesting part is where they compare his obit to Boston Bomber, Tsar Neive, where they describe him in a sexy, teenage rebel, smoked pot but in non- judgmental way cool dude.John Eligin wrote this pos racist obituary. But the NYT editors signed off on it.

    I just discovered this source, citizens radio podcast, and they also talk about Darren Wison being escorted out of Ferguson with a police escort.

    So for the NYT to leak this grand jury crap by anonymous sources that Mike Brown’s blood was found in Wilson’s car says what? Now, if Wilson’s blood was in police car, that still says nothing but maybe a little bit could be argued for this previously fired from a PD disbanded for extended complaints and NOT rehired when police dept. was reformed. Ferguson hired this racist crazy cop, though.

    We saw Wilson’s pix up close and personal and No NYT there were no scratches on him. He looked quite fine admiring his prey.

    Should you ever want to read NYT, just clear cookies after your 3 free ones.

    Mother jones, AJAM and Citizens Radio seem to be the only three mainstream type of media that are unbiased.

    • Wilson got a police escort out of town? I wonder where he went? Texas?

      • 2dogsonly says:

        Citizens radio doesn’t say. I had no idea he had a police escort out of town. Their podcast says another city or maybe even out of country. Probably city as his passport would have to be updated. And Texas would not be a bad guess.
        Their twitter is @johnyfrusciante and@citizensradio. Getting ready to add them to mine. And order their book “News Fail”. Saw them on MHP Sunday show.

    • Liza says:

      Doesn’t Michael Brown’s blood on the gun and door panel and officer’s uniform prove only that Michael Brown’s blood spattered when he was shot at close range near the vehicle? I would expect his blood to be everywhere given how many times he was shot while trying to get away.

      • 2dogsonly says:

        Exactly!! And a witness said this and her account is on you tube. The slanted pro leaked comment is just pro cop

  9. sunshine616 says:

     October 20, 2014 at 7:23 am

    I just want people to remember that these cops and their union leader lie and obstruct to protect their own. There is no way to make me believe they didn’t do it with Mike Brown

    • Jeff Roorda is a thug. He was fired for falsifying reports. He has a history of misconduct but yet this thug was promoted. Jay Nixon is in his back pocket. Corrupt to the bone!

      • sunshine616 says:

        Do people not realize the lengths the boys in blue will go to prevent themselves from being the boys in orange!! I wish I did twitter cuz I would just blast this to remind them that we still see them and we know what they are doing! Disgusting!

  10. Ametia says:

    Oh and how about Darren Wilson’s incident report? WTF, you say? He didn’t WRITE one!

  11. Divided Ferguson awaits grand jury decision on Michael Brown killing

    Ferguson is a city holding its breath as it waits for the other shoe to drop.

    The protesters have mostly moved on from West Florissant Avenue, where in August nightly battles with a police force that looked as if it were dressed for war were televised across the US. But the beauty salon, barbecue joint and Chinese restaurant are still boarded up, even if large spray painted letters – “We’re Open!” – make it clear they are still in business.

    They are likely to stay that way as their owners anxiously await the next milestone of the Michael Brown tragedy.

    Many people in Ferguson expect that the grand jury considering whether to indict a police officer, Darren Wilson, for killing Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed African American, will let him go. But no one is quite sure how that will be received on the streets.

    “I think there’ll be a bunch of trouble if something right don’t happen,” said René Jones, who lives in an apartment opposite the makeshift memorial to Brown, of tributes, candles, signs and stuffed toys, that has grown up on the spot in the street where he died. “There’s nothing that’s going to convince people around here that it’s not the system protecting its own if Wilson walks free.”

    Across the road, Norma Webb was leaning over a balcony.

    “The justice system isn’t doing its part,” she said. “They need to indict Darren Wilson. That’s what’s got everyone enraged. They are ducking and diving. We want justice. Even though he’s a cop he should be treated the same as everybody else.”

    The man next to her, who give his name as Big Woody, interjected.

    “It’s going to get real ugly if they don’t indict him,” he said.

  12. racerrodig says:

    Fuckin’ New York Times !!!!!!!! Excuse my French.
    Just yesterday I got a bill from them for $1,049.00 claiming it’s from my subscription which is delinquent !!!! They’ll take $949.00 to settle it.
    I’ve never gotten it, nor would I want to. That being said.

    Any media who can continue to publish what are obvious lies should be boycotted or ignored.

    No shit, if Wilson has a hold of Brown and shoots him, where the hell would his blood be ?? But if Brown was beating Wilson, why no exchange of blood……I also refuse to buy into this he was reaching for my gun shit…….HTF does Mike expect to get to it ?? Just like the Trayvon X-Ray eyes crap. These pathetic liars.

    All the blood inside the car / on the gun does is confirm Dorian Johnson’s account and the other witnesses who confirm that account.

    Wilson has 0 documentation of an real injuries…….gee, haven’t we been down that road.

    So as Wilson pointed his pistol at a kid with his arms up, what did he say ?? “…..stop right there before I get even more scared !!!”

    Get real !!!!

    • racerrodig says:

      Just a fracas eh ?? Is that a white young girl in the sleeveless top stomping on the bottom of the overturned car ?? How ladylike !!! I’ll bet she’s a hoot on a date.

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