MAKE IT STOP! Cop Interrogates Man for Walking With Hands In Pockets While it Snows On Thanksgiving

What in the living fuck? Walking in the cold with your hands in your pockets is now suspicious? Brandon B Waxx McKean from Pontiac, MI was stopped on the street and interrogated by an Oakland County Sheriff on Thanksgiving Day for walking with his hands in his pockets while it was snowing.

I mean Dammmnnn…black men aren’t even allowed to walk down the street with their hands in their pockets otherwise it raises suspicion? Racial profiling must STOP!


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12 Responses to MAKE IT STOP! Cop Interrogates Man for Walking With Hands In Pockets While it Snows On Thanksgiving

  1. American police officers are out of control. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Ametia says:

    When are cops going to stop white boys with backpacks, from entering schools, theaters and shopping centers?

    Probably could’ve have prevented all those MASS SHOOTINGS IN TUCSON, AURORA, NEWTOWN, & OAKCREEK, huh?

  3. E says:

    Jeez H Cristo. In what world do we, AMERICANS, live in where a person can be stopped for any benign behavior? This is blatant racist behavior by a disgusting pig. EVERY single cop in this ‘great’ democracy that exhibits this sort behavior needs to be immediately fired and charged with felony harassment. F the police, man. F em, F em.

  4. Black men are stopped for walking down the street with their hands in their pockets. Black man strangled to death on the street, in broad daylight, because police suspected him of selling loose cigarettes, 18 yr old shot dead for jay walking,12 yr olds are being shot dead without blinking.This is a national crisis that must be addressed.

  5. Liza says:

    Civil rights, with a focus on police murdering (mostly black) citizens, police brutality and harassment of (mostly black) citizens, and police militarization MUST be a presidential campaign issue in 2016. And until then, it must be a campaign issue in local and state elections. Mayoral and city council candidates must be forced to speak to this, to take a stand one way or the other.

    And what I DON”T want to hear are the distracting, say-nothing, do-nothing statements about the need for better race relations, better communication, and blah blah blah.

    This is a life and death issue, as it has always been, from slavery to lynching to Jim Crow and wrongful convictions and excessive punishments resulting in mass incarceration. We are talking about stolen lives, centuries of stolen lives. From outright murder to stealing decades from lives to forcing people to live with fear of punishment for just existing.


  6. rikyrah says:

    they are fucking OUT OF CONTROL!!

  7. Well now; let’s have a little looksee here; see if we can’t ascertain the reason for this officer’s concern. I’m sure he must have a reason.
    Well; there it is. How is a citizen to know that he doesn’t have a knife in his hand if his hands aren’t in plain sight?
    He might be looking for place to stick that knife he’s hiding in that pocket.
    I mean he might be one o’ them “Black Militants”.
    He already got “X’s” in his name.
    Walking while Black with a hidden knife in one pocket and a weapon of mass destruction in the other.
    What’s next?
    What can we do out here in “Vanilla Cream Angel Food Land” to protect ourselves?
    Help! Help! There’s Black folks with WMD’s hiding behind every bush out here and now they done thru that little white girl down the well.
    Now they thru in a knife and a WMD.
    See what happens when you let a black man walk down the street with his hands in his pockets.
    Fear and Loathing in Hometown, USA.
    And a little white girl down the well with am WMD and a knife.
    And you say this fine young officer was being unreasonable?
    And you say your afraid to let your kids out alone in your own neighborhood; in your own country; for fear they might get cold hands and do something threatening to some white Cop?
    Hmm. Imagine that.
    You say your people have been living here longer than all but a few of the other ethnic groups who settled here?
    Some four hundred years and still they treat you like you need a pass from “Massa” to walk the roads of America?
    And you say they shoot you down like rabid dogs if you even think about standing up for yourself?
    And you say that the promise of America is a lie and the freedom they said they were giving you was just an illusion?
    Hmm. Me too. Except the race specific stuff. I think that says clearly that things are getting worse…and worse.
    Bold Progressive Policy
    It’s time to leave these knuckle dragging racist pig bastards behind with the rest of the dross of history and really embrace a plan that actually changes things. Bold; Progressive.
    It’s either that or we keep watching your children gunned down for being Black and wait for them to feel brave enough to begin shooting mine for being poor.
    I’m thinking Elizabeth Warren. Hilary is way too far right to effect any real change. Her nomination may well be unavoidable however.
    What is needed is a nationwide grassroots movement to effect change on a local level; everywhere.
    Change in who runs our Police; hires, trains, and sets the practices for our Police. Not to mention doing away with laws that encourage harassment of the citizenry.
    And Good Day To You Ladies.
    I hope you are all three well and feisty.
    Who asked why I am so angry?
    How can you not be angry when this shit is going down.

  8. Wow, that’s not probable cause. Why’d they even respond?

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