Ohio police shoot unarmed black mother and infant

Police Shoot Unarmed African American Mother and Infant -tarika-wilsonSome stories make national headlines, but many do not. One of those that was swept under the rug and ignored by almost all of the national mainstream media, was the shooting of 26-year-old Tarika Wilson and her 14-month-old infant child. Now, community activists are calling for this case to be reexamined and brought into the national spotlight on police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

“This thing just stinks to high heaven, and the police know it,” Jason Upthegrove, the president of the Lima chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. said. “We’re not asking for answers anymore. We’re demanding them.”

That was 7 years ago to the month. No answers ever came, in spite of the demands. So much of the corporate media ignored this blatant story of police abuse and murder. But with many high profile cases like those of Crawford and Rice at the tip of the nation’s collective tongue, some believe that maybe now the rest of the country will listen about this assassination that was carried out by Ohio police officers.

Back in 2008, a SWAT team showed up at Wilson’s house in Lima, Ohio’s Southside neighborhood. It was early in the evening on January 4th. The warrant the SWAT cops had was part of the failed so-called “War on Drugs.”

But it was not Wilson who was named on the warrant, it was her companion Anthony Terry. Without any warning, officers smashed her door down and entered with machine guns drawn, according to neighbors who witnessed the raid.

In just seconds, SWAT officers shot and killed Wilson, 26, and wounded her 14-month-old son.

The shooter, Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, a 31-year veteran of the Lima police force, was placed on paid administrative leave.

The New York Times reported that “Black people in Lima, from the poorest citizens to religious and business leaders, complain that rogue police officers regularly stop them without cause, point guns in their faces, curse them and physically abuse them.

“They say the shooting of Ms. Wilson is only the latest example of a long-running pattern of a few white police officers treating African-Americans as people to be feared,” the paper added.

“There is an evil in this town,” C. M. Manley, 68, pastor of New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church told reporters. “The police harass me. They harass my family. But they know that if something happens to me, people will burn down this town.”

As you might have expected, an internal investigations said that they found “no evidence of police misconduct,” according to Chief Garlock.

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4 Responses to Ohio police shoot unarmed black mother and infant

  1. I liked Baby-girl dancing with her Daddy a lot more.
    I remember this story and I am ashamed to say that I allowed it to get lost at the time. I expected to hear more; a cry for action; protests in the streets.
    What happened? Why were the people not moved by this young woman’s murder?
    It somehow seems worse or at least as bad as the murder of the young men we do hear so much about.
    If you could hear what I am not saying; you would understand why I am “Angryman”.
    But as much as I want to rage and threaten retribution or wish vengeance upon this Cop; it seems it is a waste of breath in a nation so filled with hatred as this one is.
    Free Country? Free to hate and slaughter and free to ignore the reasons this nation was supposedly formed.
    Another line of bullshit that. This nation was formed out of greed and arrogance.
    This nation is a bigger shame than others because it professes to offer freedom but purposely fails to provide it.
    At least with “Up-front” Fascists; you know where you stand.

  2. majiir says:

    Not only are these totally unnecessary shootings and deaths of Black Americans examples of terrorism and brutality, they’re being committed by those who call themselves Christians. I also have not failed to notice that these are the same people who claim that no Christians ever commit acts of terrorism against others.

  3. Moor Shabazz says:

    The killing of Black women and children is continually ignored mainstream news and BY BLACK PEOPLE. Really disgusting and I’m so sorry this happened. May she rest in paradise with Allah.

  4. Ametia says:


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