Scott Walker Unravels Before 7 Year Old Aaron Stark With Gibberish on Climate Change

No! Scott Walker is not SMARTER than a Second Grader.


7 year old Aaron Stark asks Governor Scott Walker 2 questions:

Aaron: 1. If you were President, what would you do about climate change?

Governor Scot Walker:


Aaron: 2. Do you care aboout climate change?

Governor Scott Walker:


Dumb as a bag-o-ROCKS, Walker, you can’t bullshit kids who are smarter than you.

Do NOT, I mean DO NOT ever underestimate our children’s ability to bring it to us straight, NO CHASER.

And 3 Chics’ own Haley’s response after seeing this video:


SG2: Hey Chicas! Haley & Jay are on Spring Break this week. She noticed the cartoon video I was playing and she had this look and frowns while watching the video. Then she said, granny, I don’t like that video b/c they’re doing black people bad. Well, there you go, folks!

Haley on 3Chics!

Aaron & Haley are America’s future VOTERS & LEADERS, if there’s still any semblance of a democracy left.

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10 Responses to Scott Walker Unravels Before 7 Year Old Aaron Stark With Gibberish on Climate Change

  1. Ametia says:

    You put out campfires in Boy Scouts?

    WTF does that have to do with CLIMATE CHANGE, Scott Walker?!

    Aaron wasn’t going for that NONSENSE! That follow up questions was GENIUS, Aaron!

  2. Ametia says:

    And this ID-JIT right here scaring the BeeJEEBUS out of that child.

    Ted Cruz frightens little girl by shouting ‘Your world is on fire!’

    What a CRAZY MOFO!

  3. Me: Haley, do you know what it means to be racist?

    Haley: Yes

    Me: Tell me, what does it mean?

    Haley: It means someone treats you differently based on your skin color or race.

    Me: surprised smiley

    • Ametia says:


      It’s smart kids like Haley & Aaron who I dearly HOPE will be our future leaders!

      Remember, Scottie didn’t finish college

      Scott Walker, dropout president?

      Our colleague David Fahrenthold traveled to Milwaukee to check out why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker left college without graduating. The simplest answer is Walker’s own: He got a job — though whether there is more to that story remains unclear.

      What is clear is that if Walker ascended to the White House — he’s holding his own in most GOP primary polls — he’d be the first president in more than 60 years without at least a bachelor’s degree. Of America’s 44 presidents, just 11 didn’t graduate from college.

      But he thinks Koch $$$ will buy him the White House, though.

  4. Listen to cute little Aaron Stark asking the tough questions and Walker thinks he can bs him. Kids are smart. You can’t just brush them off. Big mistake! Huge!

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