Freddie Gray Case | State vs Officer William Porter | Day 5

Freddie Gray sketchBaltimore (CNN)—Cell phone video recordings of Freddie Gray screaming and being dragged to a transport wagon on April 12 were too much on Thursday for Gray’s mother, Gloria Darden.

She was in court while the recordings were being shown to the jury in the trial of Baltimore Police Officer William Porter.

He’s the first of six city police officers to go on trial in the closely watched case involving Gray, a 25-year-old black detainee who died after being shackled and placed without a seat belt in a police van. The case set off riots in this port city this past spring.

At the conclusion of this important evidence for prosecutors, Darden began to sob — the only sound in what was a very silent court room.

Jurors who had been taking extensive notes on the video recordings turned their attention to this mother still overcome with grief.

Judge Barry Williams immediately called for a break as Darden was led out of the courtroom. She later returned for the remainder of the day’s testimony.

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    • racerrodig says:

      “..or thought they were speaking as witnesses, not suspects”

      But we know them as “Defendants” My how things changed for them.

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