Breaking News: #CedrickChatman shooting video released

A Judge scolded city of Chicago & ordered the immediate release of video of Chicago teen #CedrickChatman being shot. Watch as cop puts his foot on the dead teen’s body like he had bagged himself a trophy. So disturbing!

God help us!

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10 Responses to Breaking News: #CedrickChatman shooting video released

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  2. I had such high hopes about Loretta Lynch. But not anymore. I am so put OUT with her.

    • Liza says:

      When the DOJ Civil Rights Division shows a preference for investigations, reports, consent decrees, etc… over prosecuting the individual cops who commit these murders, then guess what happens? They NEVER build a prosecution team that can get convictions. The DOJ keeps talking about the high bar and blah blah blah and you know they don’t want to lose, that’s understandable. But the logical solution is not to give up, the logical solution is to build a f***king prosecution team, pay them some decent money, indict some of these perpetrators and have some trials. Become brilliant at jury selection. No one expects a win every time, but if you seldom or never prosecute especially in these high profile cases, then you lose, everyone loses except the the kind of cops who want to kill with impunity.

  3. Change MUST come, Lord!

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  4. Cop puts his foot on the body of dead teen like he was a trophy killing.

    Heal my mind, Lord!

    • Liza says:

      The kid is bleeding out on the asphalt and the cop has his foot on the child’s body. Dear God, this must stop.

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