Freddie Gray case | State vs Officer Caesar Goodson | Day 3

Caesar Goodson Trial 13The third day of testimony in the murder trial of Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson Jr. on Monday is expected to feature testimony of fellow officer William Porter.

Porter could be seen waiting in the courthouse hallway ahead of Monday’s proceedings. Both officers are charged in the death of Freddie Gray, and prosecutors attempts’ to compel Porter as a witness with his own charges pending held up proceedings for months.

Prosecutors are looking to call Porter to help establish a timeline of events regarding Gray’s transport, though Porter testified at his own trial that Gray showed no clear signs of injury. Porter also testified, however, that he told Goodson that Gray should be taken to a hospital, which did not occur.

Prosecutors accused Porter, in closing arguments at his trial, of lying about what was said between the two officers when they looked into the back of the van to check on Gray at the van’s fourth stop. The medical examiner who performed Gray’s autopsy said she believes his injuries occurred between the second and fourth stop of the van.

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104 Responses to Freddie Gray case | State vs Officer Caesar Goodson | Day 3

    • Ametia says:

      Freddie Gray would be alive today, if he hadn’t been chased down like some wild animal, dragged and tossed about like a rag doll, for what?

      HE COMMITTED NO CRIME. Even if he’d gotten med rx after the dirty, filthy, rotten, cops got done with Freddie, he’d be a fucking vegetable.

  1. How can anyone do this to another human being? No medical attention. Such disregard for human life. I want to cry.

  2. Lying liars and the lies they tell. Porter is lying his ass off.

  3. How so? Freddie Gray couldn’t use his legs to walk to the van. Police dragged him.

  4. Now Porter doesn’t know anyone. I oint know them. I oint’ know nothing bout nothing.

  5. Ametia says:

    As close as Freddie Gray’s HEARTBEAT, and Porter said he’ “didn’t see any immediate medical distress.”

    What we saw and what he claims he saw… I.CAN.T with these BARBARIANS.

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