The Killing of Unarmed Black Man #TerenceCrutcher in Oklahoma

Killing By Police TulsaTulsa, Okla., police released video footage Monday that shows a white police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man — footage that the city’s police chief called “very disturbing.”

“It’s very difficult to watch,” Police Chief Chuck Jordan said at a news conference Monday. “The first time I watched it I watched it with the family … we will do the right thing, we will not cover anything up.”

Jordan said investigators never found a weapon on Terence Crutcher or in his vehicle after the 40-year-old was shot and killed Friday as he stood beside his stalled SUV.

Crutcher died in a hospital later that evening.

Police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie had earlier told reporters that two officers were walking toward the stalled SUV when Crutcher approached them from the side of the road.

“He refused to follow commands given by the officers,” MacKenzie said. “They continued to talk to him; he continued not to listen and follow any commands. As they got closer to the vehicle, he reached inside the vehicle and at that time there was a Taser deployment, and a short time later there was one shot fired.”

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams has announced that the Justice Department has opened an independent investigation into the shooting.

The footage is the latest in a series of controversial videos showing white police officers fatally shooting unarmed black men, and promises to add a new chapter to an already bitter and divisive debate about race and policing in America.

betty-shelbyOfficer Betty Shelby who gunned down #TerenceCrutcher while his hands were in the got damn air. ARREST THIS KILLER COP!

The guy in helicopter says #TerenceCrutcher looks like a bad dude. All he saw was a big black man. How is he a bad dude? We need the punk ass bish in the helicopter to tell us what did he see that made #TerenceCrutcher “look like a bad dude”? What was it, punk? His blackness, his size?

If white police are so afraid of black people they need to stay OFF the police force. Take your fear & go find another source of employment.

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  1. They’re going to wipe her crime away as if the black man is unworthy of even having his murder on record. May they all rot in hell forever

  2. Breaking News: 1st degree manslaughter charges has been filed against Officer Betty Shelby in shooting death of #TerenceCrutcher.

    • Liza says:

      Yes. These are executions. This is not about cops fearing for their own safety. And, if there are cops who fear for their own safety when they are armed to the teeth, but a person’s size and/or gender and/or skin color terrifies them, then perhaps they need a desk job.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Black man in North Carolina waiting for his son, killed by police.

  4. Ametia says:



    • Ametia says:

      Because there are SECONDARY GAINS for those kinds of folks.

      For white folk, it’s PRIVILEGE-UPHOLDING WHITE SUPREMACY-status quo.

      For black folk, it’s Good old fashioned slave-plantation-MASSA mentality. “I be good boss.” so they can maintain the few crumbs they’re allowed to catch.


  5. rikyrah says:

    After another police shooting, silence from Kaepernick’s critics speaks volumes
    September 20, 2016 10:38am EDT

    On Sunday afternoon, Colin Kaepernick knelt for the national anthem before another game. On Monday, video went public of unarmed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher being shot to death by Tulsa police, as he walked beside his stalled car with his hands clearly raised.

    Kaepernick responded to it on Twitter several times that day. His point was being made for him in the most horrific way, a graphic example of the police brutality against citizens of color he told America from Day One was the primary target of his protest.

    As of Tuesday morning, his critics across the sports world the last three weeks had said of the Tulsa video … absolutely nothing.

    Thunderous silence. Complete absence from the discussion. Utter disinterest in a full-color, blood-soaked illustration of the very issue they obstructed and deflected in their rush to condemn Kaepernick and his method of protest.

  6. nedhamson says:

    Murder, is murder, is murder. Too many police – ill-trained, ill-suited for the work, biased and afraid of all Black-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Muslims, Anyone darker than a supermarket paper bag, and thinking that every report about people protesting police killings means any POC they stop is one of “them” and to be feared. Every police chief has to talk to his officers with the idea that they may be next to react against training, out of unrealistic fear and kill murder someone in name of false self protection or out of hate and delusion that they can because they can.

  7. PCP just suddenly appeared in his vehicle. Fuckouttahere Oklahoma police.

  8. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Words of the 2 helicopter officers:

    1st voice: “Betty Jo, where you at?” (video timestamp 00:00 to timestamp 00:01)

    2nd voice: “He’s got his hands up there for her now.” (video timestamp 0:05 to timestamp 0:07)

    “I’m going to hit the recorder.” (video timestamp 00:14 to timestamp 0:15)

    “This guy’s still walking.” (video timestamp 0:16 to 0:17)

    “and not following commands.” (video timestamp 0:19 to timestamp 0:20)

    1st voice: “Time for taser, I think.” (video timestamp 0:20 to timestamp 0:21)

    (at timestamp 0:24 Terence, probably following a command turned to face the officers…not touching his car. I think he was actually shot at timestamp 0:26…remember that he was hit in the front right arm/chest area. He then turns back towards his driver’s door. At the end when he is on the ground dying, you will see a line of blood at the driver’s door handle and a pool of blood beneath that.)

    1st voice: “Got a feeling it’s about to happen.” (video timestamp 0:26 to timestamp 0:27)

    1st voice: “That looks like a bad dude, too.” (video timestamp 0:28 to timestamp 0:29)

    Video timestamp 0:29 – – you can see Terence begin his slumping to the ground.

    1st voice: “Might be on somethin’ “ (video timestamp 0:30)

    Dispatcher voice: “Which way are they facing?” (video timestamp 0:31 to timestamp (0:32)

    Terrence fell back away from car onto the ground at video timestamp 0:33 .

    1st voice: “Police1, they are facing westbound.” (video timestamp 0:33 to timestamp 0:35)

    1st voice: “Uh, I think he might have just been tasered.” (video timestamp 0:35 to timestamp 0:37)

    (The 1st voice’s guess is incorrect because as he pans the helicopter around, you can see Terence bloodied on the ground and away from the initial pool of his blood by his vehicle.)

    Finally, at video timestamp 0:39 to 0:40 do you heard a woman’s voice say, ”Shots fired!”

    At timestamp 0:40 you can hear a helicopter voice (seeing Terence bloodied) letting out the word “Ooooh.” (The tone of the “Ooooh” is that of when something awful is seen. It’s not an “Ooooh” with a positive or upbeat tone.)

    At timestamp 0:41 to 0:45 – – One of the officers on the ground says to the dispatcher: “331 We have shots fired. We have one suspect down. We need (?) here.”

  9. If you have any issues that you’d like to be addressed during the upcoming presidential debate, post them and I’ll tweet them to Lester Holt.

  10. Ametia says:

    Those DIRTY MOFOs let Mr. Terence Crutcher bleed out without aid.
    So inhumane, but then, they are disgusting beyond animal behaviors. animals kill and maim for survival, these cops kill for the SPORT OF RACISM & HATE.

  11. sunshine616 says:

    I’d really love for this to be covered in the “presidential” debates. But alas no one will bring it up I’m sure. all of a sudden my local news doesn’t want to show the full video of the shooting because it’s graphic but their reporting of the shooting elects the cops narrative and then the only thing they say is cops found no gun. Uh huh! I see u media.

  12. Police violence in America against unarmed black citizens is a human rights issue. The govt won’t step in so take it to the world court.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Every single celebrity and entity that had something to say about Kap should be getting their Twitter feeds inundated with the video proof of the truth of Kaps position. Maybe we ball up that flag and use it to plug the bullet holes and stop the bleeding that none of the cops seemed to care to do in Terence cutcher, cuz that’s the only way the flag could’ve been useful to him.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Gonna post this again:

    From POU:

    This comment is PURE GOLD:

    TresL Miranda • 8 hours ago
    It finally dawned on me yesterday why the kkkops hate these protests, other than the obvious reasons. They can’t do anything about them. When protesters march or rally outside of a courthouse, a residence or a park, the kkkops are quickly dispatched, sometimes in full riot gear, and in Ferguson they brought tanks. They can use pepper spray, tear gas, dogs and batons to intimidate and disperse the crowd. They can lie on and blame the protesters for the damage incurred when the paid provocateurs or anarchists show up throwing bottles, setting fires and destroying property. All bets are off if they can claim a kkkop was injured by a protester. They can arrest people and hold them indefinitely. None of this is possible with these on the field protests. #VeteransforKaepernick was a game-changer and probably stunned them. They’re helpless as more and more athletes (amateur and professional) and students silently kneel for the brief length of time it takes to perform the NA; yet, the point is made and I would say probably more effectively than the marches because of the aforementioned.

    That’s why they’re so mad. Every time someone kneels and is either lauded or criticized for their stance, it is a public reminder of the brutal and sadistic nature of kkkops in this country toward POC because they want to continue to murder us quietly, without scrutiny believing their version of events. However, subsequent shootings will prove to justify the protests even more. This will over time strip them of their untouchable hero status in the minds of some white Americans and maybe the shootings will decrease and/or we’ll see some of these fuckers finally go to prison.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Since Mr. Crutcher has no mug shot, they don’t know what to do with him. Believe me, they are scouring, trying to find the most menacing picture they can find, in order to justify the racial profiling done from the helicopter above.

  15. Ametia says:

    Dear God, not another murder in cold blood by the cop.

  16. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Why, why, why do so many White individuals have unfounded fear of large Black men??? This must stop!

    Rest in peace Terence Crutcher.

    I cannot rest until the Black community feels safe and is treated respectfully with NO unfounded negative assumptions and prejudice.

    Also, by the officers walking away from Terence after shooting him without attempting to give him first aid, they showed that his Black Life did NOT Matter to them. This is what the movement is protesting. When will Black lives matter as much as White lives???

    • Liza says:

      I don’t think the killer cop was afraid of Mr. Crutcher. He had his hands up. She was behind him with her weapon drawn. Other cops were on the scene.

      She killed him for some other reason, it wasn’t fear. Right now I’m calling it a race killing because there would be no other reason. Everyone is calling it cold blooded murder, which it is.

      Freddie Gray’s killers were set free. Eric Garner’s murderer is still a cop and got a pay raise this year. And everyone knows by now the DOJ won’t prosecute these cops.

      The bad cops think they can kill and maim with impunity. And that seems to be where things stand right now. So some cops are doing it. Betty Shelby is one of them. Maybe she thought she was proving herself to the guys, who knows?

      All we do know is that Mr. Crutcher was not a threat to anyone.

      • Liza says:

        And another thing, I don’t give ANY credibility to these “imagined” threat theories. It is nothing but talk to support cop lies after they kill someone.

        Poor little Betty Shelby with weapon drawn is afraid of the big, black guy with his hands up? Nope, I’m afraid not. Mr. Crutcher was trying to do what he had to do to stay alive. We know, of course, it doesn’t always work.

      • sunshine616 says:

        Mr. Crutcher was probably more deservedly scared of her than she could ever be of him.

  17. Betty Shelby and her racist racial profiling husband. You mofos!

  18. rikyrah says:

    Things Black people can’t do :
    Have car trouble 😠😬😡

  19. The police shot Terence Crutcher and then backed off and let him bleed out and die. Cold ass inhuman mofos.

  20. Liza says:

    It looks like a race killing to me. That white female cop murdered this man.

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