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Happy HUMP day, Everyone.


“This is what the election is about now, folks. Trump is a monster. He calls Hillary names and he is apparently guilty of sexual assault.
I have vague memories of real issues being out there when Bernie Sanders was competing in the Democratic primary elections. After that, not so much.
Somehow, for the much admired Elizabeth Warren to be on the stump raging about Trump calling Hillary a “nasty woman” seems like a major low point for an election that is already the most disgusting of all time.

I’d like to tell EW to stuff it. She didn’t have the courage to support Bernie Sanders, a true progressive, which is something she espouses to be herself. IMO, she’s making a fool of herself for Hillary, all in the name of defeating a monster who has already defeated himself. Makes me wonder what Hillary has promised her.

I will always see Ms. Warren as a sell out. And if you sell out once, you’re likely to do it again and again and again.”


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  1. rikyrah says:

    Sorry that I didn’t stop by yesterday, but work is hectic. And I just came home and went to bed.

  2. Liza says:

    Obamacare Price Hikes Lead to Calls for Repeal & Single-Payer

    In healthcare news, the Obama administration has announced the average premium for Obamacare insurance plans sold on will rise 25 percent next year in the biggest jump since the Affordable Care Act was passed. Republican lawmakers jumped on the news, saying Obamacare should be repealed. Meanwhile, advocates of single-payer healthcare also reacted to the news. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote on Facebook, “We need a ‘public option’ allowing people to choose a less-expensive Medicare-for-all alternative.”

  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:
    “Michael Brown’s mother at Xavier: ‘The only thing told to me was to be quiet and calm down’ “
    October 24, 2016

    “McSpadden spoke almost 9 minutes without using any notes. There’s no good way to convey how long and how intense the silence was between some of her sentences; there’s no way to adequately represent the sounds of her sighs, the moans of maternal agony that occasionally escaped her throat. But as this from transcript reveals, in her almost 9-minute address she didn’t use many words.”

    Excerpt from her speech:

    “The person that took my son’s life gave an interview, and they said that he had a 45-second encounter with my son. Forty-five seconds.

    “So while I was at work – going on break at 12 o’clock to take a breath, to catch my breath – my son was taking his last breath.

    “And I didn’t know.

    “When I got the phone call that he was shot I didn’t ask any questions. My immediate response was to get to him, to get to Canfield.*

    “And when I got to Canfield, I saw nothing but police cars and a long road. I ran down that long road looking for one face.

    “And I never saw it. I never saw that face again until Aug. 25. August 25 was the first time I had seen my son since he had been shot. I was not given any answers, any (inaudible). The only thing told to me was to be quiet and calm down.

    “I was numb for at least two weeks to maybe two months. And on the television I kept hearing all these negative, nasty things about my son Mike-Mike. And they weren’t true. They knew nothing about Michael. They had just learned his name Aug. 9.

    “They didn’t know that he had a loving family, grandparents; he had a brother and two sisters. They didn’t know the sacrifices and compromises that I made as a teenager to raise him the right way, how I grew up in a neighborhood filled with crooks, thugs (inaudible) drugs, (inaudible) whatever you want to call it, right around the time they created “Boyz N the Hood” and had me terrified that I was bringing a son into this world. But I knew that I wouldn’t have any of that for my son. Any of that. And I raised him the best that I could. And I’m proud to say that my son was never in a gang. He never had a fight in school. And he did graduate, on time, three days after he turned 18. So why not let him have the summer to enjoy himself?”

    Referring to her advocating work and speeches:

    “I come out and I do these things ’cause I look for hope. (Pause) And I try hard to keep my faith. But I’m not getting any answers. And neither are you. So we all are searching for that one resolution to justice so that we can have some peace. So the saying is very true: no justice, no peace.

    “I don’t know what (sigh) tomorrow may bring, but I know that each night I go to sleep with this pain, and every morning I wake up with it. And I ask every organization that has gotten involved with Black Lives Matter: Hands Up United, and all the others that have been created since we’ve seen our strange fruit lay on the ground to unite with these families, hear them, see them and try to understand them.

    “This isn’t an easy journey, and it doesn’t get any easier. Time has not healed this wound. I just ask for your continued prayers and to be a voice for change. And if you don’t see something wrong with what’s happened in the last – not two years – hundreds of years, then you are a part of the problem.”

  4. Liza says:

    Thanks for posting me, Ametia. I’ve already voted and I’m trying not to pay too much attention to this election anymore, but sometimes I just gotta vent.

  5. Brittany’s Arts & Crafts, y’all. She made my Christmas wreath. I can hardly wait to hang it on my door. She makes beautiful Arts & Crafts.


  6. She’s getting hair, y’all. It’s growing.


  7. I’m not voting for Hillary. I hate this election with everything in me.

  8. Ametia says:

    STUFF IT, Elizabeth Warren.


  9. Good morning, everyone!

    Go, Liza! Love how you throw down, girl!

  10. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone. :-))))

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