Monday Open Thread | Cop’s Wife Blames Fake Robbery on Black Lives Matter

cops-wife-blames-fake-robbery-on-black-lives-matterThe wife of a police officer in Millbury, MA claimed that she was the victim of a robbery earlier this month where someone ransacked her house and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.  The woman also claimed the perpetrator spray painted “BLM” (for Black Lives Matter) on the exterior of the home.  However, cops are now saying the incident never occurred and the officer’s wife staged the break in due to her own financial problems.

According to the Boston HeraldMaria Daly reported a break-in at her home on maria-dalyOctober 17.  Millbury police Chief Donald Desorcy says officers began to question her account during the investigation into the incident, and Ms. Daly eventually admitted to fabricating the incident.  She also admitted to still having possession of the jewelry she reported missing.

Chief Desorcy said investigators believe Ms. Daly’s actions were motivated by her own financial troubles.  She was charged with filing a false police report and misleading a police investigation and is expected to be summoned to Worcester District Court in the near future.

Daly’s husband, Daniel Daly, is a K-9 officer with the Millbury Police Department, but Chief Desorcy said Officer Daly was not involved in the hoax and is not facing any charges.

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  2. MUST WATCH: Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Do Thriller Dance at White House Halloween Event

  3. Donna Brazile done fugged up. Y’all remember her dancing at the Democratic National Convention?

    • Liza says:

      I don’t get why people persist in thinking that email is so safe. But I can’t say I’m sorry that some of these folks are getting caught.

  4. eliihass says:

     I often think back to then Congressman Anthony Wiener’s palpable hostility towards a newly minted President…how Wiener never passed up on any opportunity to attack, contradict, undermine … poo-poo and step all over anything the historic President and head of his own party said or put forward…and how much ‘cozier’ he progressively got to be with the Clintons as he continued to try to ingratiate himself with them with his out of nowhere, stinging, but mostly grandstanding  and gratuitous attacks on the President…And who can forget how he was rewarded  – with Bill personally presiding over his wedding to Huma…and how much worse Wieners’ inexplicable rage against President Obama got after that…coincident? I think not..

    Anthony Wiener is a long established world class a-hole, but one got the sense that as he pranced about, gleefully indulging the media’s need to take the shine off and take the popular newly elected historic President down a peg or two..knock him off what they perceived as his high horse… the media – and the Clintons, had indeed found one more mouthpiece …the willing ‘rising star’ Democrat eager to articulate a  point of view that was consistently critical of the newly minted Democratic President…and as Wiener aggressively engaged in his nonstop theatrics on the House floor and on ‘news’ shows…as he raged on, and kept up his right out the gate ‘inexplicable’ hostility towards, and  criticisms of, the historic President that beat Huma’s boss Hillary…he was egged on, and of course the Clintons rewarded him with their much craved among the beholden, a ‘pat on the head ‘approval’ and ‘access’ – as Weiner continued to work hard to prove his worth and allegiance to them …and to earn his stripes…

    It harkens back to the other (flip) mercenary relationship the Clintons had with Donald Trump –  even as he picked up and ran – and dug in still, with the birther narrative that was initially test driven in it’s original incarnation by the Clinton campaign in 2008…..the Clintons kept on hitting Trump up for donations to their foundation and for her campaigns, socializing with him and consistently praising him as ‘gracious’, a ‘great’ businessman, and a good friend and golfing mate… until of course he wasn’t – and that was only when what was supposed to be a  ‘joke’ candidacy on Trump’s part, turned into a full-fledged nomination as his party’s presidential candidate…and he became a serious and direct threat to Hillary’s long-nursed and planned presidential ambitions…

    I’ve always contended that alliances formed or strengthened entirely on a mutual desire to hurt or destroy an innocent party, not only comes back to bite the aligned parties in the butt… but nearly always implodes and destroys the plotters..

    .. I also look at the CBC membership and their little press conference the other day  in Columbus, Ohio…called to  ‘express outrage’  and demand Comey and his FBI ‘immediately provide additional information’ on the Clinton emails…And one wonders why they never showed up in this way for the first black President – and what we must assume to be theirs and his  mostly aligned and shared policy agenda …in service to their constituents who sent them to D.C and who are mostly a significant part of the President’s base/ coalition..

    One wonders where these hastily called CBC press conferences  – or the constant parade of vocal and dogged Congressional Democrats and party poobahs on television in the past several months, ready to fight to the death for a mere nominee …but not for the head of their party and the historic President, for 8 long years…where were they all when the historic Democratic President and head of their party needed the same effusive support to counter the republican obstruction that stalled progress over the past 8 years…and amid so much hostile media noise…one also wonders where the elected black officials at the very least, previously mia …but who now have no qualms loudly shilling, traveling the country calling press conferences to express outrage – and loudly running interference for Hillary and Bill, have been as black lives have been snuffed out at the hands of armed civil servants aka police…and families have been destroyed for years,  poisoned and permanently damaged with lead contaminated water among other outrages, in their very own home districts…

    It’s common knowledge that I’ve never been taken with Comey…not when he was lauded for what I thought was merely an opportune turn of events in a calculated power play, and ego-preserving reaction to his own threatened ego and perceived sense of being overridden, and his attempt to (thankfully) counter by  thwarting and undermining a faction in the Bush administration that he’d always been at loggerheads with personally…and not necessarily out of some honorable imperative, or some moral high-mindedness on Comey’s part…in much the same way Romney and Jeb want to hide the self-serving, petty jealousies and a personal vengeance and vindictiveness that actually motivates and drives their anti-Trump/#NeverTrump sentiments, behind some convenient phantom sense of moral outrage and high-minded disgust at Trump’s supposedly now terrible, no good shenanigans .. Shenanigans no different and no less offensive than  when Romney made pilgrimages to Trump towers seeking Trump’s endorsement – and no less offensive when he received and very proudly and publicly touted said endorsement…appearing with wife Ann and Trump to share the good news with the world..

    I wasn’t any more impressed when Comey was nominated to be the FBI Director…besides the fact that I didn’t think he was necessarily the best choice in a Democratic presidency…and especially not based entirely on the retelling of his supposed high-mindedness re: the hospitalized Ashcroft/wire-tapping incident…the example constantly offered up as evidence of Comey’s ‘integrity and independence’…  I’ve  also never really understood the why behind Democrats giving away such prime and long term power positions to Repubs…what exactly is to be gained or proved…especially when republican administrations never ever feel the need to return the favor… But then again, one remembers that a-holes and rats abound as self-described  Democrats too.. and are as unpredictable and dubious as any republican looking to undermine a Democratic president…e.g Leon Panetta…Fact is, there’s a dearth of honorable folks, people with integrity, in our politics..

    I wasn’t impressed still with Comey’s  handling of things in July…I had the sense that he wasn’t as involved and relied on others to shape and frame – ending up downplaying what was actually so much mor serious than it was eventually dismissed as…I have absolutely no problem with the letter he sent to the congressional committee on Friday, …consistent with his and their agreement in July that he’d keep them apprised of any new developments if any…

    The fact that there are ‘unspoken protocols’  at the DOJ …protocols that do not necessarily serve justice, honest and above board practice, transparency – or our democracy well, but are now being twisted and used to argue to protect Hillary’s coronation – should really give us all pause…

    The idea that the media is now trotting out Bush guy Alberto Gonzalez to not only opine, but to be the republican voice on the bandwagon to help shut down this inquire so that it will be too late when the details are released post-election…and to further deprive  Americans the full information to make informed decisions ….Alberto Gonzalez who hasn’t really gotten much play because he wasn’t deemed bright or deserving of or up to the AG job… And one of the players Comey thwarted in that wire tapping/Ashcroft incident…and the guy who would go on to succeed Ashcroft as the next AG…an undeserving and unqualified one as far as Democrats – and some republicans were concerned..

    When Alberto Gonzalez, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Dan Señor et al are united in trying to shut down Comey for notifying as promised, the congressional committee of new developments in a  pertinent  national security case that involves a Sec. of State turned presidential candidate…I call foul… Brian Fallon, Hillary’s campaign spokesman and former Justice Dept spokesperson, must be so proud..

    This time, I side with Comey…

    Try as they may, in the end, more than just many more of these damaging emails will ultimately come out…and the attempts at cover-up will only do more damage to these various institutions …And the credibility of so many individuals…

    The election phase of this whole extended and never-ending dog and pony show will soon end, but the corruption, greed, brazen manipulation, strong-arming and overall questionable tactics, actions and mindset, dubious motives and despicable behavior, brazen cover-ups, extreme narcissism, intrinsic  negative character flaws and enabling, that drives it all – and our democracy, will remain…and the world is watching…even as we arrogantly assume that we’ve succeeded in completely fooling everyone – even as they watch the so-called greatest democracy in the world expose itself with its glaring double standards…even as we believe that we can distract from the obvious failures and disgraceful conduct of our own party folks by choosing to…and steering everyone else to focus entirely on Trump and his many shortcomings… Since when did the elections being a few days away preclude our Justice department and the FBI from sharing pertinent details and the truth with the American people..? So what happens after the elections and the damaging information is then released….will the Clintons paid to play enablers and protectors continue to blanket the airwaves and continue to collude with the media to twist and spin what is so blatantly obvious …will the Clintons and their team – per some of the wiki leaks released emails, continue to disseminate prepared propaganda packages to so-called social media/twitter ‘influencers’…I always wondered why everyone was suddenly on the same page…and why so many blogger types were suddenly trolling regular twitter users intent on force-feeding them pro-Hillary crap…or trying to bully anyone with a different point of view…no different from the awful rightwing trolls…

    By the time this is all over, so much longterm damage will have been done in this desperate bid to protect a particular candidate and more importantly, to engineer a particular outcome of this election …something that started long before the primaries and Trump …

    And in the end, a whole lot of folks would have lost our respect…and their credibility, integrity and legacy of others would have been unnecessarily gambled – and lost and undone…so much worse than can presently be imagined…and this will have very little to do with Trump..

    And they wonder why many of us are now so jaded and turned off..?

    Can’t quite decide if it’s a shame or a tragedy….but I do know that it certainly is a disaster – right now …and spells disaster for – and in the future…

    • Ametia says:


    • Liza says:

      Well said, every word. The hell of it is, Hillary doesn’t care about the damage done to the Democratic party or to those who got caught cheating and lying on her behalf. And she doesn’t seem to care much for the democratic values and beliefs that many folks believe in and hold dear despite everything. Hillary just wants to be the president of the most powerful nation in the world.

      • eliihass says:

        The Clintons are supper messy…everything they and their flunkies touch, turns to crap…

        And the fact that some folks are sacrificing not just their own personal and professional reputation, credibility, integrity – and legacy….but also staking their own marriage, well-being, and peace of mind to specifically…and to the exclusion of everything and everyone else…to further the Clintons careers, influence, power, wealth… and all around never-ending self-serving, self-advancing agenda…even as the Clintons seem to not ever have to sacrifice anything …or do much of any of that…not even for themselves..little less anyone else..

        Folks are going to jail, committing suicide, losing their own marriage…losing everything just for – wittingly and unwittingly…not much… as they get entangled in the Clinton mess…and still and yet, it persists…

        It’s like everyone has lost their minds….or are being held at gun point …just look at so many of those celebrities and high profile folks and you can see that many are being literally forced to declare their support for Hillary…there is absolutely none of that enthusiastic and earnest and palpable excitement – or a sense of unforced commitment ….compare that to 2008 when the enthusiasm was palpable …and folks were on their own, eagerly coming up with unconventional ways to show their support for then candidate Obama…even in 2012 too…which is such a far, far cry from this hostage holding situation righ now…it’s like everyone is reading from a forced script…even those trying their darnedest to make Hillary’s whole ‘first’ woman president bit…a thing…trying hard to make it catch on…to make folks feel something…and failing…utterly…

        The forced ‘pantsuit’ mob dance…the many other contrived attempts to rip off the 2008 campaign and the love of and enthusiasm for the candidate ….feels so…contrived …and sad…most people aren’t just feeling it…probably because it wasn’t won fair and square…but also because the candidate sucks and has needed the extraordinary assist of everyone – including the sitting POTUS and FLOTUS …who she’d never have done the same for- had the tables been turned…to even stay marginally ahead of Trump for Chrissakes…will the Obamas also have to put off living their own lives and have to keep working to pick up the slack for Hillary…if she gets elected…

        To many folks are giving up way to much for this ….the folks who have long hitched their wagons to the Clintons, aren’t necessarily ‘winning’…and most their lives have been turned upside down as they continue to jig and coverup for Hill and Bill…

        It’s fair to ask if the Clintons are threatening …or seriously blackmailing folks behind the scenes -…because just pay to play …and the promise of reward in some form or the other – access, position, financial connections, shallow ‘influence’…can’t really possibly be worth what folks are sacrificing … Especially if in the end, as is the case in many of these folks lives… there is not even the life left to live after they destroy thir own marriage,family and lives in the process of helping out the Clintons …helping the Clintons to protect their own marriage, extend and deepen their own wealth, extend their own power and influence…and live happily ever after in the White House – maybe even twice if things pan out or hold as they’ve planned, this time around…and secure for them undeserved and unearned and carefully massaged, ‘glimmering’ historic legacies …

        As kooky as some of the conspiracy theories out there are, sometimes it proves more than tempting …if only as a way to explain some of this crazy and frankly, unnecessary mess…and the hard to understand how and why …to make sense of what simply doesn’t make sense or add up…

    • Where was all the outrage at Comey and FBI when no charges for Darren Wilson?

    • eliihass says:

      They were served those cheap cocktails last year …and made to feel important…and so many of them are falling all over themselves, mortgage their souls and even risk jail…looking to outdo each other to prove to Massa Clinton that they is loyal…

      It’s all about being allowed in and getting to boast of being invited for mass shrimp feeds at the White House if the Clintons get back in…it’s really just all about really shallow stuff…like being invited back stage to take a quick selfie…or staking a spot at some random White House event and the like…while others are gunning for ‘bigger’ rewards like a spot in the administration…

      There are going to be so many disappointed folk..And by this time next year, they’ll all be singing like a canary…

  5. Liza says:

    OCTOBER 27, 2016 5:36 PM
    ‘I can’t imagine he did something of that nature’

    Bryant Mosley, the former college football lineman accused of body-slamming a 13-year-old boy at a Columbus alternative school so severely that his right leg was amputated below the knee, was “an excellent kid,” “a leader,” “mild-mannered” and the type of person “you would want your son to be,” one of his coaches told the Ledger-Enquirer.

    In fact, former Stillman College coach Teddy Keaton said he never saw or heard of Mosley being hostile off the field during the one season they were in the football program together, 2011, when Mosley graduated from the college in Tuscaloosa, Ala., that December.

    “That’s why I’m shocked to hear that,” Keaton told the Ledger-Enquirer after hearing a summary of the allegations against Mosley. “He was very smart. He did what he was supposed to do when he was supposed to do it. He never got in trouble. … I can’t imagine he did something of that nature.”

    Mosley, listed on the roster as 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds, was Stillman’s defensive captain and starting right end in 2011.

    Mosley, a contracted behavioral specialist, threw seventh-grader Montravious Thomas to the floor three times Sept. 12 at the Edgewood Student Services Center after the student tried to leave the classroom to call his mother, Thomas family lawyer Renee Tucker has said. Montravious’ amputation was performed Oct. 18.

    Leaked video on the All On Georgia website reportedly shows Mosley carrying Montravious over his shoulder before putting him on a school bus for his ride home.

    The Ledger-Enquirer obtained a redacted copy of Mosley’s resume from MCSD through an open records request. Nobody representing any of the employers listed on the resume was willing to comment about Mosley.

    In addition to his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stillman in 2011, Mosley earned a master’s degree in clinical mental health from Troy University in July 2016, according to his resume, including an internship with 900 hours at Midtown Recovery Center in Columbus. His listed certifications include CPR, First Aid, Non-Violent and Crisis Intervention, and MindSet.

    Read more here:

    • Throw his ass in jail!

      • Liza says:

        He needs to be charged with mayhem, IMO.

        Mayhem – definition – Law. the crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim.

    • Liza says:

      OCTOBER 27, 2016 8:22 PM
      MCSD: Leaked video only part of story

      Here is partial surveillance video showing student being carried from school 0:57

      In an email sent Thursday to the Ledger-Enquirer, the attorney representing the Muscogee County School District called a video allegedly showing 13-year-old Montravious Thomas being carried to the front of Edgewood School by behavioral specialist Bryant Mosley “obviously an incomplete picture.”

      On Sunday, the website All On Georgia posted “exclusive surveillance video” from “sources in the school system” that reportedly showed Mosley throwing Thomas over his shoulder before loading him onto a school bus. The video lasts 56 seconds and incorporates footage shot from two angles.

      In the email to the newspaper, the attorney, Greg Ellington of Hall Booth Smith P.C., wrote that the video included “a brief segment of time” and did not contradict or refute a statement issued to media two days earlier by the district.

      In that email statement from the Muscogee County School District, Valerie Fuller, the district’s director of communications and open records requests, wrote that “witnesses indicate that the child was up and walking and not in distress following the administered restraint.”

      The incident occurred Sept. 12, and Thomas’ right leg was amputated below the knee on Oct. 18.

      Renee Tucker, the lawyer representing Thomas and his family, said she has unsuccessfully requested surveillance videos of the incident from the district.

      On Tuesday, after viewing the leaked video, she told the Ledger-Enquirer: “We believe that the video, without dispute, contradicts the statement from the MCSD. It is clear that the MCSD employees and Mr. Mosley knew that Montravious was seriously injured and unable to walk on his own, and despite that knowledge, they all violated their duty to obtain emergency medical attention.”

      Read more here:

  6. Ametia says:
  7. Ametia says:
  8. Jury selection in the Ray Tensing trial in the murder of Sam Dubose

  9. Good morning folks. How they say, “Keep Hope Alive!”

  10. Ametia says:

    Eric Holder: James Comey is a good man, but he made a serious mistake
    Eric Holder October 30 at 10:38 PM

    Eric Holder was U.S. attorney general from 2009 to 2015.

    I began my career in the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section 40 years ago, investigating cases of official corruption. In the years since, I have seen America’s justice system firsthand from nearly every angle — as a prosecutor, judge, attorney in private practice, and attorney general of the United States. I understand the gravity of the work our Justice Department performs every day to defend the security of our nation, protect the American people, uphold the rule of law and be fair.

    That is why I am deeply concerned about FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to write a vague letter to Congress about emails potentially connected to a matter of public, and political, interest. That decision was incorrect. It violated long-standing Justice Department policies and tradition. And it ran counter to guidance that I put in place four years ago laying out the proper way to conduct investigations during an election season. That guidance, which reinforced established policy, is still in effect and applies to the entire Justice Department — including the FBI.

  11. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone.

    Notice Maria Daly’s face is splattered all over the TV in that segment

  12. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh
    About this story 😒😒😒

  13. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😃, Everyone 😉

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