Jury selection begins in Officer #RayTensing murder of Sam DuBose


CINCINNATI — One of the most controversial and heated trials in Hamilton County history begins in earnest Monday with attorneys starting the process of questioning nearly 200 potential jurors in court.

Ultimately, 12 jurors and four alternates will be chosen to decide the fate of Ray Tensing. The former University of Cincinnati police officer is charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Sam DuBose nearly 16 months ago. Tensions have been raised by the fact that Tensing is white; DuBose was black.

LIVE: Jury selection in Ray #TensingTrial

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57 Responses to Jury selection begins in Officer #RayTensing murder of Sam DuBose


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    You can listen to opening statements at this lifestream link:


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  7. Opening statements have begun in the #RayTensing murder trial


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    • Ametia says:

      The disparity in this jury selection is OBVIOUSLY GLARING & PREDICTABLE

      Yes; I’m very cynical and dismayed by these types of trials.

      IN THE END, they prove to serve no one but the white male CRIMINALS.


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    Excerpt from the linked article in the above tweet:

    Here is a quick recap of the major points of Monday’s jury selection:

    Judge Megan Shanahan said she “would be shocked” if the trial went on past Nov. 18. Witnesses are expected to be called Nov. 7.

    While talking to the first group of potential jurors, Assistant Prosecutor Rick Gibson said Tensing admitted that he “purposely caused the death” of Sam DuBose during an interview with Cincinnati Police homicide investigators.Tensing’s defense attorney, Stew Mathews, immediately objected and Shanahan directed Gibson to “stay away from evidence.”

    Mathews said the jury will see the Mount Auburn crime scene.

    Only two jurors out of more than 230 potential jurors who completed questionnaires said they knew nothing about the Tensing/DuBose case, Mathews said. During jury selection, more potential jurors said they knew essentially nothing of the case. Still, the vast majority of potential jurors said they knew some information about the shooting, the video and/or DuBose’s death. At the same time, some jurors said they have already made up their minds regarding Tensing’s guilt. They were dismissed.

    Mathews called one juror out for a Facebook post made last week while potential jurors completed questionnaires; the post said “Help, get me out of here,” Mathews said.

    Mathews emphasized that jurors could not consider race when deliberating. “This is not about the color of a man’s skin,” he said. “It’s about the facts.”

    Mathews also dropped a hint regarding his client’s defense, and said DuBose wasn’t stopped for a missing front license plate. “It was something more serious than that,” Mathews said.

    Shanahan said, in court, she believed a jury could be formed from the pool brought in Monday.



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  40. Ametia says:

    You CANNOT set aside RACE in this case, LADY!

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  46. Rolls eyes. Come on Judge?

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