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Published on Nov 11, 2016
This week, the President welcomed the Cleveland Cavaliers, gave some words of wisdom to the final internship class of his presidency, and met with the President-elect. That’s November 4th through the 10th or, “Be Kind, Be Useful, Be Fearless.”

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  1. Ametia says:

    REPOSTING- My son-in-law

    When I picked up my son up from aftercare on Friday afternoon, the woman in charge pulled me aside and informed me that she had to speak to my son about hitting folks. Apparently while all the kids were outside, Son got a little handsy and hit this kid a few times. I told her thank you and my son and I walked back to the car. Once we got back to the car, I asked him what happened and he said that a kid had hit him twice on the playground and he was retaliating.

    I told him that was no excuse and then I politely reminded him of the rules of engagement where fighting is concerned: No hitting unless someone hits you, then you hit them as hard as you can, and go tell the teacher what happened. No exceptions. He said he understood.

    My wife cringes when she hears me say that to Son, but that advice is absolutely necessary in the mean streets of Pre-Kindergarten and aftercare. I’ve seen firsthand how kids around that age just hit people randomly and they keep going if they don’t get a sufficient amount of resistance. I also know that the adults in charge rarely see the kid who hits first, just the one who keeps retalitating.

    So I figured the best thing for Son to do in those situations is to retaliate, get his money’s worth with the hit(s) while doing so, and then tell the teacher: a) yes, I hit the kid b) I deserve whatever punishment you hand down, but c) he definitely hit me first. Who knows how well this will work, but I’d like to give it a try. I can’t have the aftercare and Pre-K staff thinking my son is a troublemaker.

    So this morning before I left Son in the classroom, we had a brief meeting by his cubby and I reminded him of the rules where hitting involved.

    The conversation went like this:

    Me (whispering): So no hitting right?

    Son (also whispering): Right daddy

    Me: And if someone hits you, what do you do?

    Son (at the top of his lungs): HIT THEM BACK!

    Me (still whispering): Please whisper man. And after you hit them what do you do?

    Son: (back on the whispering wagon): Tell the teacher.

    I did not know that Son”s teacher was within earshot, but when I turned around, she was standing over there laughing uncontrollably. I gave her the background story about what happened in aftercare, I asked her if Son had ever hit anyone in class (he hasn’t thank god), and asked if she was ok with the advice I had given my son.

    She said yes she understood but her face told a different story. She’ll get over it though, I can’t have my son turning into some punching bag. Once he gets a smart mouth like his dad, he won’t have to hit anymore…hopefully.

  2. Ametia says:

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2016

    Donald Trump the President of the United States of America and White Rage Against the Machine

    Republican Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election by defeating his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, though the exact margins of his electoral victory are still being calculated. To do this, Trump did what most of the professional pundits and so-called smart people thought was impossible: He defied polls to sweep Florida and nearly every battleground state.

    To win the presidential election, Trump drew support from white men and created a new electoral map in the Midwest. Early exit polls indicate he also won over “Reagan Democrats” and independents.

    What started as a right-wing populist brushfire at the beginning of the 2016 presidential season seems to have grown into an all out conflagration. Trump, the racist fascist is in control of the presidency; the House and Senate are also controlled by the Republican Party; America’s government is now unified with Trump, the child king, and his attendant the Christian theocrat Michael Pence as the public faces of America. This is a national embarrassment as America is now revealed to be a mockery before the world.

    In a Salon piece earlier this week, I used the analogy of visiting the surgeon and being given a 70 percent chance of survival as the best way to understand the threat to Clinton (and American democracy) represented by Trump. Consider: If a doctor gives a person a 70 percent chance of survival he or she had best make sure the last will and testament is in proper order. It would seem that my worries were prescient and well-considered.

    Like documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, I sounded the alarm — for more than a year — about the real possibility of Trump’s winning the White House for more than a year. Unfortunately, such warnings were not taken seriously and now we, the American people, are at one of the greatest nadirs in modern American political history.

    How did this happen? I offer the following preliminary explanations:
    Racism and sexism combined to defeat Clinton. This outcome is as much a backlash against President Barack Obama as it is against a woman being elected to the top office of the United States of America. America is a country divided against itself where political ideology and polarization are deeply intertwined with racial animus, sexism and hostility to the Other. If politics is a story of action and reaction, the age of Obama was punched in the face on Election Day by the age of Trump.

  3. Ametia says:



    • Liza says:

      Maybe when he figures out that the work is too hard and pay is too low he will just resign.

      However, that doesn’t help much with the VP he picked.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      “Trump is reportedly talking to his adviser about splitting his time between Washington and his penthouse apartment in Manhattan.”

      He asked for it…he got it. He should have thought about being homesick for his Trump Tower apartment before he ran for office. Make him live in the White House.

      Taxpayers should not have to pay for his transportation and security every weekend in another location.

    • Ametia says:

      Didn’t this turd just get away with not presenting his TAX RECORD & got elected to the highest office in the land?

      He’ll get away with this too.

  4. Ametia says:

    And fuck Oprah & Russell Simmons with RUSTY PITCHFORKS, for all this coming together, unity bullshit.

    White America does not, or have they ever wanted UNITY


  5. Ametia says:

    Did I tell you all how much I love my son-in-law? He knows the deal and I teaching my grandson how to carry himself, protect himself in this very, cruel, ugly, hostile world.

  6. rikyrah says:

    ‘We are witnessing the politics of humiliation’ – Siri Hustvedt, Joyce Carol Oates and more on the US election


    Siri Hustvedt
    There is an old phrase often credited to the American demagogue Huey Long, but which was actually written by an obscure American professor: “When fascism comes to America, they will call it Americanism.” It has come, and it has come by public vote. I am convinced that we are witnessing the politics of humiliation. People who grew up with a powerful sense of white, masculine privilege (as well as others who sympathise with that image of power), people for whom that sense of superiority was always precarious and always needed protection, found in Donald Trump a figure for their own fantasy of the restoration of an era now gone.

    The demographics in the US have changed. Growing numbers of Hispanic and Asian people, as well as a larger black middle class and more women in positions of influence, serve as an affront to the fantasy. “Those people” are held responsible for the white man’s fall from grace, just as the Jews were blamed in Germany. Obama, a highly educated, elegant, moderate and well spoken black man who was president for eight years, fed the racist fear of the Other. His very presence was an offence. From this point of view, electing a woman would add insult to injury.

    The role misogyny played in this election should not be underestimated. Hillary Clinton lived squarely in the world of realpolitik. Those who voted for Trump are living in a state of vicarious narcissism. The man’s grandiosity, his sense of entitlement with impunity, his open cruelty toward women, minorities and disabled people were adopted by identification. Policy did not matter. Reality did not matter. He made humiliated, emasculated white men (and the women who identify with them) feel better about themselves. Now all of us will pay for a collective fantasy that belonged to only half of us.

  7. rikyrah says:

    When I say that this vote has snapped Black America’s last Black nerve, I mean it.

    And 2520’s aren’t ready for the result of it.

    They never thought we’d get to this point. A collective Black Nerve snapped.

    But, here it is.

    They talk about working together, AS IF Black folks have been on Mars for the previous 8 years.

    AS IF we don’t know that everything PBO did, he did WITHOUT GOP help.

    AS IF we don’t know that they met on JANUARY 20, 2009, to decide to commit ECONOMIC TREASON against this country.

    AS IF we don’t know that THIS MAN was the BIRTHER-IN-CHIEF.

    AS IF we didn’t sit through the GOP leadership playing fast and cute with their GOP Birther voters, never coming out saying that they were phucking crazy, because OF COURSE, the President was born in the United States.

    AS IF we hadn’t watched how they had disrespected the Presidency itself, in a way that HAD NEVER BEEN BEFORE, with the previous 43 White Presidents.

    AS IF we didn’t see them disrespect not only this President, but his wife, his children, his mother-in-law, in a way that NO other President’s family was attacked.

    Stop trying to play innocent that this is about a ‘vote’.

    No, muthaphuckas. It’s not about a ‘ simple vote’.

    It’s about what that vote represents.

    And, we understand, plain and clear what that represents.

    But, unlike the other Reconstructions of America, you don’t understand that times have changed.,

    Nobody is playing with you.

    NOBODY is gonna let your party like it’s 1948.

    You 2520 women better call those children that you didn’t home train…before they roll upon the ‘wrong one’, and get a lesson they will never forget.

    This isn’t 1948.

    It’s 2016.

    And, we are not about to let you weasel out what you have brought on this country. And, we’re not about to let you try and ‘ whitesplain’ it to us.

    No dear.

    It’s done.

  8. Liza says:

    This woman is delusional…

    Hillary Clinton blames one Comey letter for stopping momentum and the other for turning out Trump voters
    By Anne Gearan November 12 at 1:54 PM

    Hillary Clinton blamed the renewed FBI inquiry into her State Department email system for blunting her momentum in the presidential election and the closure of that inquiry two days before Election Day for energizing voters for Donald Trump.

    “There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Clinton told top donors on a farewell conference call Saturday.

    “But our analysis is that [FBI Director James B.] Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum,” she said.

    [“We dropped, and we had to keep really pushing ahead to regain our advantage — which going into the last weekend, we had. We were once again up in all but two of the battleground states, and we were up considerably in some that we ended up losing. And we were feeling like we had put it back together,” she continued.

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said the letter from FBI Director James Comey announcing an inquiry into additional emails was “pretty strange” and “unprecedented” with days to go before Election Day. Clinton told supporters at a rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., that voters “deserve to get full and complete facts.”

    The surprise announcement of a revival of the shuttered FBI inquiry came at a time when the campaign was riding high, Clinton said.

    Clinton’s campaign insisted the reopened inquiry would turn up nothing, and many Democrats accused Comey of partisan motives. He was once a registered Republican. Clinton did not make that accusation Saturday.

    But Clinton did say that what should have been good news essentially backfired. Comey issued another letter to Congress on the Sunday before Election Day, concluding that the nine-day examination of newly discovered emails had turned up nothing to change his earlier conclusion that there had been no criminal conduct.

    “Just as we were back up on the upward trajectory, the second letter from Comey essentially doing what we knew it would — saying there was no there there — was a real motivator for Trump’s voters,” Clinton said.

    • eliihass says:

      With this election, Perhaps they won’t be too much boasts from the usual suspects who boast of being svengalis …and about ‘manufacturing Presidents’…

      No more thinking that it was *their* magic that propelled the historic President…no more boasts of how they worked and manipulated us…

      • Liza says:

        Interesting you should mention that, Eliihaas, I was thinking about that earlier today.

        I wonder if some of these yahoos who ran Hillary’s campaign had a bit too much confidence that she could (and probably would) win any state that PBO won except maybe Florida and North Carolina. If so, that was a grave error.

      • Liza says:

        She is as much associated with NAFTA as her husband, fair or not.

    • Liza says:

      Can’t you just hear all those last minute deciders out there going, “Well, fiddle-dee-dee. I was going to vote for Hillary but now James Comey has exonerated her a second time and I’m voting for Trump”?

      Lord, throw me a line before I implode.

    • Ametia says:


  9. Ametia says:

    Media is so predictable, pushing this nonsense about white folks being angry and Trump’s appeal to their voices as their savior.

    unarmed Black men, women, and children being shot and killed, folk being poisoned by water in Flint, MI, and Native Americans being threatened and forced off their sacred lands by pipelines,


  10. Ametia says:

    I see Michael Moore is making the rounds on cable, plugging his next documentary.

    Because heaven knows he’s the expert on all things Trump now.

  11. Ametia says:

    Let’s cut the crap about white working class/rust belt, whatever ya’ll want to call them- folks are angry and that’s why they voted for the DUMPSTER.

    They just want to hear that they are the VICTIMS of those OTHER FOLKS taking away what they feel & thought is rightfully theirs, simply because they are white.

    Those uneducated white males NEED to step it up and get tech savvy, because those fucking job are NOT coming back.
    Being white in America is NO LONGER A GURANTEE that you will get a high-paying job, better schools, insurance, etc., you know every day activities of daily living that ALL FOLKS have to contend with.

    So vote for the RACIST BIGOT, I don’t give a fuck about Trump’s supporter, Michael Moore & CO.

    Some of u are very clear why and howTrump won.

    Black folks have been struggling for centuries to obtain basic HUMAN RIGHTS in this country. When we get ahead, the white cries of anger shows it ass

  12. Ametia says:
    • eliihass says:

      There’s a lot to be said…so much we really need to talk about Ametia..

      I’ve had a whole lot to say since before the primaries, but I’ve been keeping much of it to myself… I know that’s hard to believe with my many epistles where I just go off…And then realize I’m all alone talking to myself..LOL..

      But there’s so much that still needs to be said…plenty..

      I keep trying not to annoy or offend some of my fam here with my very strong opinions which aren’t always as uplifting or comforting or forgiving…or conforming…I’ve written several comments through the course of these last few weeks of this election season…which I never posted because by the time I finished making my point,  it’d all turned into yet another rambling but infinitely cathartic epistle that veers off on a tangent, but ultimately connects the dots as I try to show just how so much of the stuff happening today, cannot be presented in isolation…or separated from all that we’ve witnessed since 2007/2008… And in the intervening years…

      I see for instance Ana Marie Cox up there acting all shocked ..and taking over the convo…talking like she gives a damn about racism…same Becky who couldn’t stop hating the Obamas…and who always had an extra heaping of spite, malice and condescension towards Mrs Obama specifically…

      When Ana Marie Cox wasn’t pushing 3rd party so hard in 2008… And only so that then Senator Obama who she could never hide her near loathing for, would lose…

      Ana Marie Cox and her pals literally turned the Guardian ..its editorials and comments section, into a very hostile and very anti-Obama paper for so long…and actively suppressed turnout for midterms…to teach ‘Obama’..

      When she wasn’t taking on Candidate and then President Obama, she was always so eager to savage FLOTUS…going on every show that would have her to turn her nose up at her as she lambasted the black FLOTUS for no reason..

      That Ana Marie Cox is who folks are supposed to pretend cares or is somehow offended by racism and racists…LOL..let’s not get it twisted fam…racism is as wrapped up in that 70 year old hollow orange pretender…as it is wrapped up in that Becky..

      Think about this too…

      David Axelrod is the only one in that Obama sphere who ever even marginally acknowledged – and treated FLOTUS with any sort of respect…long before the recent turn of events on the campaign trail with her as a popular surrogate for Hillary…

      Some of the others then suddenly remembered after her convention speech that the black wife of the man they hitched their political wagons to, did in fact matter and did in fact exist….but not before condescendingly and dismissively couching their agenda-laden sly/exploitative and contained acknowledgment of the black FLOTUS and her successful  appearances…in effusive praise and announcement of the supposed speech writer..

      Think about it…

      If this guy Axelrod was the only one who even half way acknowledged  and treated the historic black FLOTUS somewhat decently…I want you to begin to imagine what the black FLOTUS had to put up with with all the other a-holes… All these years…and that is just within her own husbands White House…and from the very folks who work/ed for her historic President husband…So-called liberals no less who insist they cried when history was made in 2008…and that altruism sent them working for the candidate..

      (I’m on the road at the moment, but will share a few pertinent and very telling…instructive videos when I get home..)

      I say this to say what I’ve been saying for the longest time…I am less surprised or offended by racists and racism perpetrated by obvious racists and right-wingers …or the nut jobs they cultivate to support their professional and political agenda…I have so much less tolerance for those who are supposed to be on our side…the so-called ‘evolved’ and ‘open-minded’ white liberal class whose racism is as insidious and as condescending and dismissive…and only just ever so slightly less in your face and heartless than their upscale/faux intellectual right wing compadres who strive to paint over their Kentucky camo/confederate flag deep-seated roots and racist sentiments with their phony Libertarian- ‘progressive’ rubbish..

      Axelrod’s sentiments don’t surprise me…perhaps it has to do with my intimate familiarity with that mindset…the mindset of many a white man who regardless of party affiliation, consciously and subconsciously pretty much  hold the same perspectives…insecurities and interpretations of actions and motives…however differently they try to spin or articulate it all …

      Don’t be surprised if more start defending and excusing Trump…it’s a brotherhood after all….they may have wanted/needed the jobs and hookups a Hillary White House might have provided or afforded hem…but many are proud and  glad that one of their own has once again taken up residence there…

      And most of them are so much less impacted or offended by Trump’s racism than they are freaked out and offended and annoyed by all that pesky talk by lots of young folks especially…  about wanting FLOTUS to run in 2020…and they are determined to preemptively take down FLOTUS before they will call out Trump on anything least of all his racism..

      Heck, even Oprah is back out trying to shine up Trump…in much the same way she enabled him and talked up his ‘wonderful’ kids…when she had him and his entire family for the whole hour on her show …even as he was loudly and obnoxiously driving the birther train…

    • rikyrah says:

      The people who were rejected from renting in his buildings because they were Black, would disagree with you, David.

      The Central Park 5 would disagree with you, David.

      He was the BIRTHER-IN-CHIEF, David.

      We will pull receipts on ANYONE who puts forth nonsense like this.

  13. Ametia says:

    what the fuck, Axelrod?

  14. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLES!

  15. Liza says:

    Michael Tracey: The epic nature of Hillary’s collapse
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, November 12, 2016, 5:00 AM

    It’s staggering, and could well be the most remarkable electoral implosion of all time.

    On Election Day, Hillary’s much-touted “ground game” was M.I.A., despite months of media bloviating about her organization being second-to-none. Remember when Trump was supposedly doomed because he didn’t hire enough professional operatives to run get-out-the-vote efforts? It turned out to be just another phony pundit talking point.

    It was likely Trump who ended up having a superior ground game: He ran up stunning numbers in places like Southeastern Ohio and Northeastern Pennsylvania. In Luzerne County, Pa., Trump improved on Romney’s 2012 vote total by a whopping 34%. It should come as no surprise that Trump held multiple huge rollicking rallies in the area, and the tactic — long derided by media know-it-alls — paid off. He won Pennsylvania by 1%.

    Clinton partisans were in denial about the true breadth of Hillary’s electoral liabilities. Throughout the Democratic primary process earlier this year, they ignored that the FBI’s criminal investigation into her official conduct as secretary of state would be politically salient. They chastised anyone who brought up the specter of Clinton Foundation scandals, which also erupted down the home stretch and damaged her standing with voters.

    By the end of the campaign, Hillary and Trump were equally despised. It’s in keeping with a trend that bedeviled her from the beginning: The more she is in the public eye, the more the American people tend to disdain her.

    Maybe that’s why, instead of going out on the campaign trail over the summer, she opted to hobnob at wealthy donor confabs on Martha’s Vineyard and in the Hamptons.

    In their arrogance, Clinton operatives projected that a “demographic firewall” would propel her to victory no matter what. But this was yet another boneheaded assumption. Obliterating conventional wisdom, Trump outperformed Mitt Romney among black and Hispanic voters — at least if you believe exit polls. (If you had suggested that might be the case several months ago, you’d have been denounced as a total lunatic.)

    The Clinton loyalist crowd will try to blame anyone else for the failure: Bernie Sanders, James Comey, the media, Vladimir Putin, and on and on. But the crux of the failure lies with Hillary herself.

    … She and her loyalists, convinced with a faith-based devotion that she was the only person for the job, stifled a genuine populist insurgent in Sanders, and then ran a tin-eared general election campaign whose principal message was little more than “Trump is bad.”

  16. Liza says:

    So, yesterday I paid some attention to some of the Democrats trying to assign blame for Tuesday’s debacle. I suspect there are many who disagree, but this is my opinion about third party spoilers and the popular vote versus the electoral vote.

    First, I looked this up on “Between Hillary for America, her campaign’s main arm, and outside groups like Super PACs, Clinton raised $687.2 million and expended $609.1 million.”

    That is a hell of a lot of money. That kind of money really should buy the best of everything in the world of political campaigning. Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect that they would understand just about everything related to presidential elections including the fact that third party candidates are an INTEGRAL part of these elections AND they will win a relatively small percentage of the votes.

    If the Democratic establishment wants to talk about the voter suppression strategy used by the GOP or SCOTUS gutting the VRA, that’s different. Those are very legitimate arguments. But when a voter shows up at the polls and votes for the candidate of his choice and that candidate happens to be third party, well, that’s how democracy works. A good strategist understands this and God knows that in today’s world there is a mountain of easily accessible information about elections and how people are voting. No excuse is accepted. Third party candidates did not rob Hillary of her crown.

    As for the popular vote versus the electoral vote, if people want to get rid of the electoral college then they should work to that end. Maybe now it will be more of a priority. But in 2016, the electoral college exists and that is how the final result is determined. Again, Hillary had more than sufficient funding to hire the best campaign strategists in the world. These people are paid to know the system that they are working within and to develop a winning strategy for their candidate within that system.

    You can’t lose the election and then cry foul about things that have 100 percent certainty.

    Just sayin’…

  17. rikyrah says:

    Morning, Everyone 😒😒😒

  18. Good morning kind people. Winter arrived this morning and I love it. My heart is warm because hope burns external inside me.

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