Sunday Open Thread

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  1. Hollaring! Black folks need to quit.

    Grandma what you cooking for Thanksgiving

  2. rikyrah says:

    These Babson College frat bros messed with the wrong Wellesley women of color – because we fought back
    After a night that can only be described as a horrific emotional roller coaster, Wellesley students awoke to the first day of Trump. This is what went down.
    By Jalena Keane-Lee on November 11, 2016

    After a night that can only be described as a horrific emotional roller coaster, Wellesley College students awoke to the first day of Trump. At approximately 1pm a large truck drove slowly through campus with a Trump flag flying off its back, harassing students. The two men in the truck went to the house for students of African descent, rode around campus yelling at students, and spit towards a student when asked to leave. The two men turned out to be Edward Tomasso and Parker Rander-Riccardi, students at Babson College, a neighboring college.

    How were we able to ID them? Well, that’s the key to surviving in Trump’s America.

    These men have been called out on social media, in a post by a Wellesley student that has gone viral. How were we able to identify them? Well, that’s the golden question and the key to surviving in Trump’s America. Wellesley students, current and former, mobilized around the country. Students looked up their license plate and found one identity, which led to finding the other.

    They tried to make us feel unsafe.

    These men came to our campus. They sought us out. They came to our space in a purposeful effort to make us feel unsafe. But we found them.

    We found their gloating snapchat.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Bruce P. Knight ‏@brucepknight 5h5 hours ago

    Let’s all ponder what the media and GOP would have done had President Obama named Louis Farrakhan his Senior Counselor. Hmm..

  4. rikyrah says:

    Kumail Nanjiani ‏@kumailn 6h6 hours ago

    A huge way that totalitarian regimes have worked is by redefining words. Verbal engineering. It’s not mass murder, it’s the Final Solution.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Just read all of the comment posts here…whew!

    It’s time for the haters and racists to scurry back under the refrigerator. Let’s shine the spotlight on them.

  6. Our little princess. She has a ponytail too.


  7. The country will never recover from Donald Trump

  8. 3chicspolitico sending out some love to the people of New Zealand. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  9. Liza says:

    Leon Russell Dies; Southern-Rock Legend Was 74
    November 13, 201610:09 AM ET

    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell has died in Nashville at the age of 74. His wife, Jan, said through an intermediary that the legendary musician and songwriter had passed away Sunday in his sleep in Nashville.

    Russell “had heart bypass surgery in July and was recovering from that,” his record company tells NPR in confirming Russell’s death. The musician had been hoping to resume touring in January.

    A native of Oklahoma, Russell’s talents — and his unique ability to span country and gospel, blues and rock — led him to collaborate with many of the finest musicians of the past 50 years, from Joe Cocker and B.B. King to Elton John and Willie Nelson.

    Russell was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2011, and the range of people who recorded his music reflected the breadth of his ability.

  10. In this election not only did racists lose their mind…some black folks did too.

  11. Ametia says:

    Media watch: Trump is out there tweeting his beef with the NYYT reporting on him.

    Meanwhile cable networks are busy reporting on what Trump will do for America, just the opposite of what he has aid he will do, and what he is still saying he will do.

    It’ all to confuse and distort, while continuing to prop up this FACIST PIG

    We’re not falling for it..

  12. Ametia says:

    James Carville’s (Skeletor’s) wicked witch wife got her ass kicked. I loathe these folk!

    • Liza says:

      The advertising decisions that helped doom Hillary Clinton
      By Jim Tankersley November 12 at 3:44 PM

      In the closing weeks of the presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s campaign — and the outside groups that supported it — aired more television advertisements in Omaha than in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin combined. The Omaha ads were in pursuit of a single electoral vote in a Nebraska congressional district, which Clinton did not ultimately win, and also bled into households in Iowa, which also she did not win. Michigan and Wisconsin add up to 26 electoral votes; she appears not to have won them, either.

      Strategic decisions can make all the difference in a close race. Clinton lost the White House (despite winning the popular vote) to Republican Donald Trump on the strength of about 100,000 votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. That is the definition of a close race.

      But a review of Democrats’ advertising decisions at the end of the race suggests Clinton and her allies weren’t playing to win a close one. They were playing for a blowout. And it cost them.

      Clinton and the groups backing her aired three times as many ads as Trump and his supporters over the course of the general election, according to data from the Wesleyan Media Project. Despite that advantage, the Democrats left several key states essentially unprotected on the airwaves as the race came to a close.

      From Oct. 14 through 30, they ran almost no ads in Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia, and they aired less than half as many ads as Trump and his backers did in Colorado. By virtue of their spending choices, the pro-Clinton groups were essentially acting as if she had locked up as many as 248 electoral votes already. That is, of course, more than she would end up claiming.

      The Clinton camp…was playing for a blowout. They aired almost 3,000 ads in Arizona, 3,600 in Iowa and nearly 10,000 in Ohio. They were hoping for a landslide-case scenario of 375 electoral votes…

      … By playing so aggressively for a blowout, Democrats allowed the Trump team to poach two of their must-win states. A swing of 50,000 voters from Trump to Clinton across Wisconsin, Michigan (which has still not been called, officially) and Pennsylvania would have tipped the race to Clinton. There’s no guarantee that shifting pro-Clinton ads from Phoenix and Des Moines to Detroit, Milwaukee and Erie would have done the trick. But it might have.

  13. Ametia says:


    Dear White People, Your Safety Pins are Embarassing

    Why not just wear a sign that says “My white privilege makes me feel better?
    Seriously? This is a thing now? Wear a safety pin to show “you’re an ally?” So immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ people, and others who were targetted and persecuted and (further) marginalized by the Trump Campaign will know they’re “safe” with you?
    No. Just no. Please, take it off.

  14. The US media helped elevate a white supremacist to power and has now put Blacks and POC lives in danger across this country. This won’t end well.

  15. Ametia says:

    The DUMPSTER needs to get out there among the protesters and assure them he is the president for ALL AMERICAN.

    It’s not anyone’s else responsibility to quell the anger, outrage, fears and anxieties but the very RACIST BIGOT that stirred it up.


    And to all you NEGROES out there saying give him a chance, let’ have unity, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, THE ENABLER of the BIGOT & RACISTS.


    • Liza says:

      I listened to some of the gasbags on TV this morning. People who are saying, “Naw, he didn’t mean it, he’s already walking it back blah blah” could not be more dangerous. People calling for unity are just certified loons, IMO. When has there ever been unity? Why would now be any different when these Trump voters are gloating?

  16. rikyrah says:


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