The Nightmare Begins: Senator Sessions for Attorney General?

I have always had an interest in historical fiction. I especially like reading fiction about Black people during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Putting myself in their shoes – these people, who had just been freed from slavery, believing that their lives would be their own, and doing what they could to push themselves forward. Their accounts of the end of Reconstruction, and how, from my vantage point, we knew what was about to befall them.

Rev. Barber of North Carolina has a famous sermon that has been going around the internet called White Backlash Against Progress: The 3rd Reconstruction

There is a reason why Black people don’t vote for Republicans. We are very clear about who is hostile towards our progress. We understand those who vote against consistently what is just basic decency for all. Black people have been accused of being so open. So forgiving. So open to others’ causes.

I have always argued against that attempt to define Black people that way. I have always thought that what they mistake for openness, is just pragmatism. Black people are the most pragmatic folks with a focus on history, moreso than any other group. We know, because we know the history of AMERICA, that anything that starts out bad for one group, will ultimately make its way TO US. And, we’d just assume not to have it come our way, so let’s cut if off at the path. Other groups in America just don’t think folks are talking about them, unless it’s made explicit. Us? We understand dogwhistles, what they mean, and have no delusions about what they mean. And, we know that they are talking about Black people – PERIOD.

If nothing else, that is what the past 8 years have taught us. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are literally THE VERY BEST of what the Black community had to offer this country. They were EVERYTHING that folks say they think Black people should aspire to. And, look how they were treated. We understand, plain and clear what the treatment and the disrespect of the First Couple meant, and how those elements view ALL BLACK PEOPLE. Stop pretending otherwise.

During this campaign, I have routinely said the following:

Being non-White, there is NOTHING in the history of America, that would NOT make me take the man at his word.

I believed every hateful thing that came forth out of his mouth, because I couldn’t begin to give someone like that the benefit of the doubt.

And, my beliefs were validated this week with the news that Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III would be nominated for Attorney General of the United States.

A man considered too racist to become a judge during the REAGAN years, would now become the Chief Law Enforcement Office of this country?



For those of us who look to the FEDERAL Law Enforcement to be a check to the hatefilled, racist policies of state and local law enforcement around this country…what are we supposed to do?

How are we supposed to have any trust in a man who is plainly a racist, and used his previous positions of power to prosecute innocent Black people BECAUSE THE REGISTERED BLACK PEOPLE TO VOTE?!?!?


We’re supposed to trust in a Justice Department led by him?

What would a Civil Rights Division under Attorney General Sessions look like?

A man who called the Voting Rights Act – A piece of ‘intrusive legislation’?

Now, I am supposed to believe that this man would DEFEND IT and fight against Voter Suppression?



In what world?

I have said for awhile that the Trump supporters believe that they’re gonna get to party like it’s 1948.

It’s 2016.

And, NOBODY is playing with them.

He puts a White Supremacist Anti-Semite in his White House and is going to push a straight up racist for Attorney General?

And, WE are supposed to ‘ give him a chance’?

Give his Administration a chance?


NO. I don’t think so.

Ametia asked me to do this post.

You need to get informed about who this man nominated to become the Chief Law Enforcement Officer:

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Sessions

Here’s an instructive twitter feed about Sessions

Sessions Subordinate: I Thought I’d Be Fired If I Objected To Being Called ‘Boy’

Jeff Sessions Was Deemed Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge. He’ll Now Be Trump’s Attorney General

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Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General, Could Overhaul Department He’s Skewered

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4 Responses to The Nightmare Begins: Senator Sessions for Attorney General?

  1. Ametia says:

    Thanks so much for this, Rikyrah. Get busy reading, writing, and calling on your elected reps to take a stand FOR DIGNITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS, CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS.

    It’s easy to get before a camera and denounce, and feign outrage, it’s a whole other ball game, when you stand for ETHICS & MORALS.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      “Get busy reading, writing, and calling on your elected reps to take a stand FOR DIGNITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS, CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS.”

      I will do just that. You are right, this kind of action creates longer lasting results.

      Sadly, freedom IS a constant struggle. John Lewis used an analogy from his childhood to illustrate how we have to remain united and committed in the struggle. He told of a day when his fifteen cousins were in their aunt’s house playing and the high winds of a thunder storm started to lift up her house. His aunt directed the children to hold hands together and move and stand in the corner of the house that was being lifted up in order to weigh it down. Then, when the other end of the house was being lifted up, they all moved to that section to hold it down.

      John Lewis compared that kind of action by the children to what was needed to fight the winds and storms of racial injustice…all of us standing together, not abandoning the “house”, but pushing back against injustice as each threat came up and threatened civil liberties and social justice.

  2. Lonnie Starr says:

    :You need to put some share buttons on your site.

  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Thanks for writing this, Rikyrah, and leaving no doubt about where things stand.

    I am going to your links now.

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