#DylannRoof Death Penalty Trial | Day 7

dylann-roof-target-practiceCharleston, South Carolina (CNN) — Polly Sheppard dove under a table as soon as the bullets started flying.

The stranger who had just been warmly welcomed into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church began unloading his pistol on a Bible study group, killing nine people.

Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) — Polly Sheppard dove under a table as soon as the bullets started flying.

The stranger who had just been warmly welcomed into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church began unloading his pistol on a Bible study group, killing nine people.

As Sheppard hid under the table, she saw the shell casings fall and heard the gunman’s boots marching toward her.

“Did I shoot you yet?” the killer asked.

>b>911 call from Emanuel AME after Dylann Roof shot 9 parishioners

When it became clear the answer was no, the gunman told Sheppard he had a different plan for her.

“You’re going to tell the story,” he said.

That’s exactly what Sheppard did Wednesday when she testified in the Dylann Roof murder trial.

Roof, a 22-year-old self-declared white supremacist, has admitted to the killings. Now, after watching an on-camera confession by Roof, jurors could decide not just whether he’s legally guilty but also whether he should get the death penalty.

The prosecution and defense rested Wednesday and will make their closing arguments Thursday morning.

During her testimony Wednesday, Sheppard pointed in the courtroom to Roof as the killer.

She also described heroic acts by some of the slain victims.

Dylann Roof Films Target Practice

The Rev. Daniel Simmons tried to lunge at the gunman before he was shot, Sheppard said.

Tywanza Sanders, a barber who attended the Bible study, tried to divert the gunman’s attention from others by talking to him and trying to convince him to stop.

“Why are you doing this?” Sanders asked, according to Sheppard.

Roof said he “had to do it — you’re raping our women, raping the nation,” Sheppard testified.

Shortly after, Sanders was killed.

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149 Responses to #DylannRoof Death Penalty Trial | Day 7

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  4. Ametia says:

    Premeditated, cold-blooded KILLER

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  15. What is this fuckery? I wonder what are they looking for? Was he remorseful? He was laughing. Oh God I can’t take it. Stop the nonsense. Just convict him already!


  16. Felicia Sanders so brave in protecting grandbaby & shielding her frm death. May God’s Mercy & Grace be w/ the victims & their families #RoofTrial

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  17. Dylann Roof case is now in the hands of the jury, folks. I have tears. Let a verdict come quickly. #RoofTrial

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    • Ametia says:

      There is no looking beyond the surface here. THE FACTS ARE CLEAR




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  74. I don’t believe for one second Roof acted alone and radicalized himself online.


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    • Ametia says:

      This piece of SHIT had help from outside sources, the online bullshit is mentioned to deflect & distort his hateful beliefs and acts.

      WHO IS THE MASTERMIND behind this ignorant, stupid, bigoted piece of white trash?


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  122. Dylann Roof walks into a church slaughters 9 people but African Americans are violent?


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