Moving Forward: Taking the Fight to Save Obamacare

In case you missed it, had a reply yesterday from Washington Monthly…

the GOP has their Frank Luntz-approved language..

The GOP isn’t trying to REPEAL Obamacare…

They’re trying to ‘ RESCUE’ Obamacare…

RESCUE…like they’re phucking heroes.

Heroes about to take healthcare AWAY FROM TWENTY MILLION AMERICANS.

The weasels seem to be getting that they are going to have it on themselves – ALONE.

So, it’s time to get to work to fight for our fellow Americans.

1. Time to call your local Congressman and Senators. You don’t have to call their Washington, DC Offices – call the local ones too.
2. Make it clear that you expect for them NOT to take away healthcare from 20 MILLION AMERICANS.
3. If your Congressman/Senators are hostile to Obamacare, make it known that the old system was intolerable, and the GOP doesn’t have anything to replace Obamacare.
4. If your Congressman/Senators are pro-Obamacare, thank them for it , and tell them to keep the fight going and that there is NO COMPROMISING in taking away healthcare for 20 MILLION AMERICANS.

From Sam Wang: Senators to contact:

To weigh in on ACA repeal:
(ME) Collins (207) 622-8414
(NV) Heller (775) 686-5770
(CO) Gardner (303) 391-5777

Be sure to call Senator Charles Schumer – New York – and inform him that you expect for him – as Senate Minority Leader – to say NO to any compromise on Obamacare.

From Balloon Juice:

In the House, it is the 20+ Republicans who represent districts that Hillary Clinton won who should be prime targets for local constituents to call. We’ll also need to make calls to the 12 House Dems who represent districts that Trump won to tell them that opposition will be okay.

Keep the numbers ready and available. We will have to fight for Medicare, Social Security, and for our Veterans.

We must fight for the American Social Safety Net.

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  1. eliihass says:

    And the media plays along, placing bets …

    The ones who aren’t strictly acting as spectators…are busy collecting as much gossip and details which they won’t share with the American people, but save for the future book they’ll be hawking around to publishers in no time…and if they can withhold as much pertinent information that would otherwise save the American people from the ensuing madness, and instead, drop more bombshells in their books – after the fact…perhaps there’ll even be a movie deal to be had….even as the country – and the world, reels from their dereliction and absconsion of duty as the legitimate Fourth Estate..

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