The entire threatening of Chicago…..

Looked Twitter and saw that MSNBC was going to send Chris Hayes to Chicago for a townhall on violence.


Chicago isn’t #1 on the violence in the USA. It’s simply not. Not even in the top 10 of most violent of America’s cities.

So, why send him here?

So, he can be a useful idiot in fueling the propaganda for whatever President Bannon and his ilk THINK that they’re going to do to ‘Urban America’.

Why doesn’t Hayes take himself back to Wisconsin and check in with those Trump voters from his Townhall. Check how they’re doing, and are they fine with the direction of America.

Oh, what’s right…we’re supposed to coddle the WWC who voted for THAT MAN. That’s right…we’re supposed to ‘understand’ what moved them to plunge this nation into an unlawful chaos?


You are not needed, nor wanted in Chicago, Mr. Hayes. You will bring absolutely nothing to the table.

And, anyone Black sitting on a panel – you are being pimped and used.

Now, if Hayes said he was going to spend the hour going over the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT’S SCATHING REVIEW OF THE CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT, I might watch.

THAT might be worth listening to.

But, I know that he won’t, which is why the program will be absolute garbage.

Just in case anyone has doubts about Chicago and why President Bannon and Co. are so focused on it:
1. It’s where #44 is from.
2. They need a place to make an ‘example’ of ‘ those people’ (and you know who those people are)
3. Chicago ran his ass out of town during the election cycle, and prevented him from having one of his Klan rallies. Been pissed ever since.


But, we know which way is up…in cast you’ve forgotten, here’s an on point and educational Twitter feed

I will post this Twitter feed:

Mikki Kendall Verified account

Trump is going to use Chicago to test drive a plan to break cities with military force. They’re going to try to normalize racist violence.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

It will look like the Red Summer of 1919. Like Black Wall Street in Tulsa. And they will claim they did it to save the city.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

He won’t mobilize the Guard units in the city. Those are full of POC who live in the areas you keep being told are war zones.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

I live on the South Side. There are occasional shootings in my neighborhood. But this is far from a warzone. Trump wants to make it one.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

No talk of fighting actual domestic terrorists, but you’re being sold a bill of goods about Chicago & we tried to tell you that for years.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

When it starts, because I expect no resistance from our useless governor & mayor, remember that the South & West side were full of families

Mikki Kendall Verified account

That the people fighting lived & loved & told you stories on Twitter & had people they loved. Remember that, not the lies.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

This is my home, I won’t let it go. Won’t let my kids & their futures be destroyed without a fight. We are a city that fights. Know that.

Mikki Kendall Verified account

And listen, stop pretending a president threatening military intervention in a city is normal. Stop lying to yourself about what’s happening

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22 Responses to The entire threatening of Chicago…..

  1. chitownbulls says:

    Hayes frequently discusses Chicago issues/stories. I wasn’t surprised to see this. Chicago was the first city he really cut his teeth reporting in as a young journalist. He broke the Laquan McDonald story MONTHS before any other news outlet. He’s got credibility here and let’s not forget that the city has been turned into a political football by the current WH occupant.

  2. rikyrah says:

    This COON Isn’t even from Chicago.


    Why is his 2 piece and biscuit self talking about anything in Chicago?

  3. Ametia says:

    Go take your violence town hall and shove it, Chris Hayes. Come talk to 3 Chics when you hold a town hall in rural America and address the opioid addictions, welfare, and all the so-called lone wolf murderers in America.

    Go take a flying BIKE!


    • Kathleen O'Neill says:

      Amen, Ametia. I’ve never been an MSNBC fan to begin with, except I should start watching Joy Reid. Love her Twitter feeds.

  4. TheWarner says:

    I won’t be watching.

  5. Liza says:


    “Trump is going to use Chicago to test drive a plan to break cities with military force. They’re going to try to normalize racist violence.”

    They are trying to manufacture consent, build their bullsh!t case.

    Any media that plays along is part of the plan.

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