But I Thought it was about the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL…oh, so THAT was a LIE too?

The GOP was all about…

“we need to get rid of the ILLEGAL CRIMINALS in this country.”

Those of us who didn’t believe them, and thought that this was bull have been proven right.

Stories of ICE agents showing up at churches and shelters.

Exclusive: Trump admin. plans expanded immigrant detention
03/03/17 08:13 PM—Updated 03/03/17 08:48 PM
By Chris Hayes and Brian Montopoli

The Trump administration is planning to radically expand the program and facilities for the detention of immigrant families seeking asylum in the United States, according to documents obtained exclusively by All In.

In a town hall with Department of Homeland Security staffers last month, Asylum Division Chief John Lafferty said DHS had already located 20,000 beds for the indefinite detention of those seeking asylum, according to notes from the meeting obtained by All In. This would represent a nearly 500% increase from current capacity.

The plan is part of a new set of policies for those apprehended at the border that would make good on President Trump’s campaign promise to end the practice critics call “catch and release.”

“If implemented, this expansion in immigration detention would be the fastest and largest in our country’s history,” says Andrew Free, an immigration lawyer in Nashville who represents clients applying for asylum. “And my worry is it’ll be permanent. Once those beds are in place they’ll never go away.”

Reached by phone, Lafferty said he was not authorized to speak on the matter. The Department of Homeland Security has not responded to a request for comment.

The plans for the expansion reflect the Trump administration’s planned overhaul of U.S. policy for dealing women and children seeking asylum, thousands of whom continue to show up at the southern border fleeing violence, vengeance and sexual assault in Central America.

Under the plan under consideration, DHS would break from the current policy keeping families together. Instead, it would separate women and children after they’ve been detained – leaving mothers to choose between returning to their country of origin with their children, or being separated from their children while staying in detention to pursue their asylum claim.

“How many human beings can look into the eyes of a mother or child seeking refuge and intentionally create this Sophie’s choice?” asks Free.



That’s who they are.

And, in case you didn’t get hip to it…THIS is the reason why the PRIVATE PRISON INDUSTRY is so happy….cause, who do you think is gonna fill up these private prisons?

Here’s another cASE….YEAH…cause, this Grandmother was a threat to the community.

Deportation of grandmother leaves a San Diego military family reeling
March 4, 2017

A grandmother known as the “backbone” of a San Diego military veteran’s family was sent back to Mexico on Friday, more than two weeks after she was picked up by immigration agents outside her house in unmarked SUVs on Valentine’s Day.

Clarissa Arredondo, 43, is the mother of Adriana Aparicio, whose husband is a Navy veteran working as a contractor in Afghanistan. The couple has two daughters, 2 and 3, and Arredondo, who came to the U.S. more than 25 years ago, helped take care of them.

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  1. Lord, come quickly and see about your people. Evil is running rampant.


  2. White supremacy won’t STOP. It’s STILL a #MuslimBan


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